Frostweave Cloth Farming

In need of farming some frostweave this christmas for clothing? Well you don't have to look any further than Sholozar Basin, where a giant green chick named Freya is fighting off hordes of undead skeletons. These skellies drop tons of cloth, especially if you have the passive tailoring chance to get additional cloth off humanoids.

Friends of mine were farming there and they reported two cloth per minute as the norm without aoe'ing anything. So if you need some frostweave, give it a shot.

Thanks DeadTired for the tip!

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  1. I found this to be very helpful i used my holy pala to try this out as all the mobs in that area are undead which allows me to use alot more spell. From were she is standing i garthered all the mobs on a mound at the far edge of the lake to the right of her, there are loads of plant adds there to help you but a holy pala or healer will have an easy time here, then all you got to do is aoe and heal your self at one time i could have 10 mobs on me with 5 adds helping. Not to sure what the drop rate is but the do drop greys and coins and in the hour i farmed they droped me 80 frostweave cloth

  2. I wanted to point out that I can get about 10 stacks every ~40min of frostweave in Ice Crown where the converted heroes are. It may just be a druid thing but what I do is plant three wild mushrooms and then aggro the group and when on top kill them all really quick. If you have some type of good aoe then at 85 you can easily get about 10 stacks in about 40 min. Plus in that time you get about 50g worth of greys.

  3. The freya spot doesn't seem to be working anymore. I tried it a couple of weeks ago, and didn't get anything, not even any coin.

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