Saronite Saturday

Some of you may already know this but saturday morning is one of the best times to check for deals on the auction house. Well this morning I found thirty three stacks of saronite on the ah for 1.4 gold per ore and promptly bought them all. After a couple of minutes of prospecting I ended up with 144 green and 40 blue gems. These cost me approximately a thousand gold to purchase in total, but the blues alone will more then make up for the initial investment.

Be sure to keep an eye on markets such as this, and definately start stockpiling for the 16th of december when arena season five begins and the rush for gear upgrades hit. Remember to spread your investments and not put all your eggs into one basket, keeping in mind the types of items people will be wanting: Enchanting supplies, cut gems, and leg enchants. Have fun!

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  1. On a side note: While buying the ore I also posted several for obnoxiously large prices (120 gold a stack for instance) because there were so few on the auction house. Within twenty-four hours there were so many saronite ores posted on the AH that the price had dropped to 1 gold per stack.

  2. Before:


    Pretty good for a level 52 Eh ?

    I'd appreciate it a lot Markco if you reply to this. :]

    Note: I dont flood markets, I just try my hardest to make profit.

  3. Inferious I'm sorry but I can't see the images for some reason... is there anyway you could post them to another site, like photobucket or something?


  4. I have around 6-700 auctions up at any given time based on my gem business (I buy saronite ore, prospect it, cut the blue gems and put those up, then turn the green gems into DEable greens. I make ~1000g/day with this, it's nice.

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