Prices are going to drop... look for deals!

As more and more players reach 80 you will see an abundance of gathering items hitting the shelves. Now is the perfect time to look for deals and low-ball pricing by people. Make note that a vast majority of items will be OVER-priced so be careful when making your purchases.

Markets you should watch for low-ballers trying to dump their new items:

Enchanting dusts/shards/essences, Leather, Cloth, Ore/bars/gems, and meats. Remember to always check meat to food pricing as well as ore to bars, uncut gems to cut gems, scraps to leather, etc.

If you are an enchanter then look for any items which meet this criteria:
Level 70-75 Green Armors that are less then 2x infinite dust price.
Level 76-80 green Armors that are less then 3x infinite dust price.
Level 70-75 Green Weapons that are less then 4x infinite dust price.
Level 76-80 Green Weapons that are less then 5x infinite dust price.

Disenchant these items and you should make a profit off the dusts/essences gained.

Making Money at Level 9

Want to start making money as soon as you hit level 9? How would you like to make 5 gold and some xp in like thirty minutes? Well the method is simple, just kill boars outside of Orgrimmar. That's right, kill the boars that everyone else ignores. Why you ask? Well because they drop boar meat (wow head average of 20s a piece) which is used by all players who want to level cooking quickly and efficiently. You can easily sell these for 10 silver a peice, making it the best method of making money for sub level 10, even better then mining copper ore or picking peacebloom/silverleaf (which is limited until you hit 15ish and the mobs ignore you).

Level 15 and need some money? Well how about you go get some clam meat from the turtles scattered in pools around the barrens? The clam meat they drop (inside the clams which also drop pearls) is as valuable and usually more valuable then the boar meat you farmed at level 9. The turtles respawn quickly and you will rack up meat fairly quickly. There is also a small chance that you will pick up the deviate savory delight recipe, which is an instant 10-15 gold on most servers (wow head lists it as selling on average at 100 gold).

Remember that the secret to making money in any game is the same as real life: First find something people need, and then provide it better then anyone else.

Just My Two Copper

Markco of Onyxia here! I've made countless thousands of gold in wow using simple practices that I'd love to share with you all on this blog. Every week I will post a bit of my knowledge to help you start making crazy amounts of gold in wow.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of money I make in wow:
Bought the 3 person Mammoth mount as soon as I got to dalaran at 76.
Purchased epic mounts for my main and several of my alts (the gathering ones).
Most days I'll post auctions before I go to work and come back to see several thousand gold in the mail each day.
Purchased all black smithing mats when I wanted to power level for the storm herald (close to 2500 gold on my server).

In other words, making money in wow is a joke for me, and it can be for you as well!

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