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Wanted to give a shout out to Hawque of Ner'zhul for completing his FREE Alliance Leveling Guide. He has announced that a horde one will be coming soon and released in three stages: 1-60, 60-70, and 70-80. Congratulations Hawque and best of luck with the guide!

Visit to see his work.

Cobalt Ore Gold Mine

My apologies for the lack of posts as of late, I've been having a blast with relatives/friends. I'd like to take a few minutes to share with you an awesome way to make gold that will be dissappearing with the next patch. You may remember my post a ways back which talked about a lengthy process for obtaining infinite dusts and greater cosmic essences cheap. Basically if you have access to a miner/blacksmith/enchanter you are going to make tons of money.

Step 1: Get cobalt ore/bars from the auction house (I don't like to gather but you'll make even more if you do). Remember that 1 cobalt ore = 1 cobalt bar when figuring out the cheapest price. If you can find 4 cobalt ore/bars cheaper then 2 infinite dust on your auction house (prices are going to vary from server to server) then you will make money regardless of your luck when disenchanting later. Odds are you will make 4-5 dusts but the cheaper you can find the ore/bars the better.

Step 2: If you bought some ore then smelt it into bars.

Step 3: Take your stash of bars and make Reinforced Cobalt Chest Pieces (level 77 green). These will take 4 bars per chest piece.

Step 4: Disenchant the chest pieces and sell the mats on the AH.
You will see 4-5 dusts frequently, shards rarely, and around 18% chance for greater cosmic essences.

The reason that this will no longer make you money after the next patch is that they are buffing the number of dusts recieved from green items that get disenchanted. Therefore there will be too many dusts on the AH and most likely 4 cobalt ore/bars will become more expensive then 2 infinite dust. [EDIT: Blizzard is increasing the number of shards required to enchant items and reducing the number of dusts/essences on many enchants.]

I have made 20k gold in two weeks (while on vacation) and played maybe 14 hours total.


Frostweave Cloth Farming

In need of farming some frostweave this christmas for clothing? Well you don't have to look any further than Sholozar Basin, where a giant green chick named Freya is fighting off hordes of undead skeletons. These skellies drop tons of cloth, especially if you have the passive tailoring chance to get additional cloth off humanoids.

Friends of mine were farming there and they reported two cloth per minute as the norm without aoe'ing anything. So if you need some frostweave, give it a shot.

Thanks DeadTired for the tip!

Make an unlimited amount of gold tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the 16th. For some that means Christmas is nine days away, but for others Christmas just might be coming early this year! That's right because tomorrow is the chance to make oodles of money that only comes once an arena season... the honor gear spree!!! Every single player in the game that plays pvp (most if not all) will purchase the 'free' blues and maybe even some epics on day one. Then they will rush to the auction house to enhance their gear. You will see an instant shortage of yellow, orange, and green gems (bracer and kneck gem slots are yellow) as well as enchanting mats for various peices. Literally ever single item will be bought off so you should price several gold above the lowest person, knowing that their items will be gone shortly and that yours will then start selling.

If you are short on either gems or enchanting mats or both, then I have two methods for making an abundance of them. First off, buy saronite ore if it is cheaper then 3 gold a peice. If you prospect the ore and get a blue gem it can be worth 50-100 gold cut and you have about a 1/4 chance of getting a blue every five ore. Second, buy all the cobalt you can get for 2.5 gold a peice or lower. If you bought ore then you'll want to smelt it and turn the bars into reinforced cobalt chestpeices. These level 77 greens take 4 bars to make and disenchant at the very least into 2 infinite dust. But if you get lucky you will see 2x greater cosmic essences and you should definately see many stacks of 4 or 5 dust as the norm.

Invest now, make a killing tomorrow.

Crystallized -> Eternal

Hello all, here's another money making tip!
Crystallized earth, water, fire, life, shadow, and air are constantly circulating through the AH at prices that vary greatly from day to day. I'm not one to speculate on items so I won't go into the eb and flow of the AH or bidding low on monday and pricing high on thursday. However, you should always be on the lookout for a market which has materials of higher value then a final product. Eternals are a great example of this.

Look for any occurence of crystallized mats x10 selling for less then an eternal of the same type. For instance, if you see 3 crystallized earths for 20s a peice and the going rate for eternal earths is 6 gold, well you want to buy these out since 10x20s = 2 gold.

Pay attention to these markets (I'd check once per day for each) and you will snipe some great deals here and there.

Saronite Saturday

Some of you may already know this but saturday morning is one of the best times to check for deals on the auction house. Well this morning I found thirty three stacks of saronite on the ah for 1.4 gold per ore and promptly bought them all. After a couple of minutes of prospecting I ended up with 144 green and 40 blue gems. These cost me approximately a thousand gold to purchase in total, but the blues alone will more then make up for the initial investment.

Be sure to keep an eye on markets such as this, and definately start stockpiling for the 16th of december when arena season five begins and the rush for gear upgrades hit. Remember to spread your investments and not put all your eggs into one basket, keeping in mind the types of items people will be wanting: Enchanting supplies, cut gems, and leg enchants. Have fun!

No Money Sink Too Deep!

Well I decided to buy the Korin Tor ring today, not just because it will be nice for dps when pvp starts again but because I wanted to be able to say that I'm done with every major money sink in the game. The mammoth, ring, epic mount, and cold weather flying... that's approximately 32 thousand gold!

If you are still behind on these crazy money sinks... have no fear, Markco is here! LoL. But seriously, here's my money tip for today:

How to avoid flooding. Last time I posted on how to use flooding to influence markets and drop prices, but this time I'm going to show you how to avoid changing a market you are happy with. An example of a market you might not want plumetting might be greater cosmic essences. Are you disenchanting greens and making a killing off the essences? Well then you definately do not want to have that price drop any time soon.

To avoid flooding it's very simple, but so many people post too many items at a time because they don't understand how markets work. If you post two greater cosmic essences at 30 gold a peice and the going price is 34 then they are going to sell that day for sure. If you post ten greater cosmic essences at 33 gold you are going to get undercut and nothing will sell (maybe one or two but as soon as someone sees what you've done you're going to get pwned). As the example shows it is better to post relatively few items (1-2% of the total market in any item) with a modest undercut then to post a crapton of it at a minimal undercut.

In closing, if you're going to undercut by less then a gold I would advise posting very few items since you are just encouraging someone to undercut you by just as much. Keep in mind that especially in this exaple that in the enchanting market it costs nothing to cancel an auction and undercut you. So now you know how to maintain a market through non-flooding and from last week you know how to flood a market to control pricing. Go pwn some markets!

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