3.0.8 Dream Shards Going Up in Value

In this article, see how you can use new information about patch 3.0.8 to make wow gold off the auction house.
Most recipes for enchanting currently require a large amount of infinite dust and greater cosmic essences. However, come patch 3.0.8 the materials required for many enchants will be changed. The number of infinite dusts and greater cosmic essences necessary for most enchants will drop significantly while the number of dream shards needed will be increased. What does this mean for Justmytwocopper fans who come to this site for awesome wow gold making tips?



Dream Shards currently are worth very little and I expect them to double or even triple in value after 3.0.8 goes live. Be the first on your server to stock pile these currently inexpensive items and I guarantee you a huge profit margin.


“Many high level enchantment recipes have had the amount of Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence requirements significantly reduced, but with Dream Shards being added to them.”

To show how confident I am in this endeavor, I'm going to buy every single shard on the AH, every day, for less then 15 gold a peice. My prediction on my own server is that these shards will sell for around 20-30 gold before dropping down to around 18-22 gold about a week after the patch goes live. In doing this I will create a little bit of inflation to help boost the price on patch day and thus boost my profits in the process.

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  1. When is the patch supposed to go live? About how many Dream Shards would you expect to be able to sell at patch-day price inflation?

  2. That was some excellent advice :) I practially bought out the Dream Shards for as low as 8g each up to around 13g. That was this morning, now they're up for 25-30g each already :p I'm going to hold on to the ~30 I have already and keep buying them when these prices drop over the next few days. If they can flux like that in a few hours, imagine on patch day! I'd estimate 35-40g each on my server :D

  3. I started working the shard market hard a week ago. I submited this tip to this blog well alfter I had my stash of 250 shards.

    I created some artificial inflation that moved the listing price up from 9-10G to 16G. I have been watching it closely and if the patch is not tonight, I bet it will crash back down.

    Lots of people are listing shards at the moment but nobody is buying them except me (when they are under 12G). I know this because I keep bids on shards at the different price levels.

    At the moment a ton of people know that nobody is buying those stacks of shards they have on the AH. So they are starting to price them to sell again and the market is all ready falling back to auctioneer normal.

    Something else I did was keep all my shards on the AH at 100G each. This inflates the average that Auctioneer sees. So when I say back to Auctioneer normal, its the new normal I trincked it into.

  4. KevMar - When they crash, buy them out again :)

    This is an excellent comment and I'm glad you mentioned 'tricking auctioneer' as I am in the process of writing an article about doing this.

    I really appreciate tips, but don't have a uniform method of receiving them at this time. I'll try to set up an email account for this purpose soon.

    Again, great comment!

  5. I hope you're right about these i've invested around 2600g into these i am only level 62 ( Just rerolled horde)

    Im worried now if the server doesn't go up on europe this week as I have only around 300g left and i think i have around 200+ shards all bought between 9-15g as stated

    How exactly will i go about making a profit on these?

  6. When the patch hits, the majority of enchants will now require Dream Shards where before they will not. Overall, the enchants will be easier to make, meaning a lot of people will be waiting for the patch to do their enchants which will cause a huge price rise on the shards :)

  7. i don't seem to be able to buy out every dream shard tho every day i buy them then the next day theres just as many on again and I don't have unlimited funds :p

    Also when the patch hits am i best selling 3 at a time ? or shall i make 2 chars and sell some too?

  8. Currently on my server (fairly low pop), the avg price for dream shards is 9g bid, 12g buyout.

    I just bought all the dream shards from my AH at an average of about 10g per shard.

    I re-listed them all at 100g per shard. I'm going to try and inflate the AH price as much as possible.

    I want to try and get an average price of 30g when the patch gets released, that way I can try and double my money.

    The only problem is going to be ensuring I have enough capital to make sure I can continue to buy up as many shards as possible before the patch goes live.

    Basically i'm going to concentrate on massive amounts of mining to fund my shard buying operation...

  9. The day has come for the new patch meaning the next few weeks should be $$$$ payday from all the dream shards i bought. I hope you all stored your Dream shards and didnt give up hope and just sell them back to AH when your funds were low. Thanks for all the tips Markco i made 2000g within a week pre patch has helped all my characters master there profs so even more money will be rolling in ^^

  10. Haha love it this tip was spot on i sold all my dream shards that i bought betweem 9-13g for 40g each i bought over 100 Dream shards and they have all sold Money money money. Markco you are a master thank you very much if i could hug youi would *Hug* :P

  11. That's awesome news! *HUG*

    You know what's funny, my PC is currently under the effects of a virus so I am unable to log into wow. I have like 400 shards sitting in my bank and I can't auction them.

    How pathetic is that!?

  12. 1600 gold down the drain for me. =(

    Logged on several times a day each for about a two weeks leading up to the patch to buy any shards under 15g, but apparently everyone else had the same idea. Firetree's AH is now flooded with dream shards, and the price has actually dropped 3-5 gold.

  13. If the dream shard value has dropped on your server don't fret, the price will go up once demand gets higher. I mean how many people got enchants the day of 3.0.8? I'm assuming not that many. Try to post on your server's popular raid nights and also tuesday afternoon for enchants. I have 400ish shards currently and haven't sold a one, with the price on my auction house staying around 19-25 gold each. I'm going to wait atleast a week to see how high the demand gets. Keep in mind that guild banks had hundreds of these things because nobody but enchanters were buying them, so the supply is super high for the time being.

  14. You can make your own cheap dream shards if you are a blacksmith/enchanter. Make you own Legplates of Conquest, cost is 3 x Saronite and 2 x Crystallized Earth and then 99.5% disenchant to dream shards, cost should be around 6g each.

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