3.0.8 - It's right in front of your nose!

One of the ultimate ways to make gold is often one of the most overlooked. Players look to the patch notes for changes to their class (good or bad), but the rich players always keep a keen eye on changes that will impact the economy.

Coming in the yet to be released 3.0.8 patch are several important opportunities. Starting from the top...

1) Players may now create death knights on any realm once they reach level 55.

Talk about a quick way to have a high level character for farming on any server. Markco showed you how to make 100 gold on a lowbie in under 48 hours. Imagine the potential on a level 55!

And forget about YOU making a new Death Knight... What about those influx of 55's coming to your server? They're gonna need items for leveling, enchants, JC cuts for instance gear throughout BC and when they hit 80, and inscriptions as well!

Now's the time to create a small store of supplies for selling specifically to the Death Knight audience. When that patch hits, visit your local AH.

2) Increased the material requirements to make high level frost resistance gear created with blacksmithing.

Make these items now if you can. Don't go crazy, but a few of these pieces in reserve before this patch hits mean you'll come out like a bouncing baby when the prices double on these things post-patch.

3) Living Lashers can now properly be skinned with Herbalism.

An obvious farming opportunity.

4) Undocumented changes...

While not guaranteed for this patch, remember that Blizz is working hard to push out dual-specs. What does this mean? Well, you're looking at A LOT of new gear, new enchants, new inscriptions, new gems, new leg armor kits, NEW EVERYTHING ON ALMOST EVERY PLAYER. There is TONS of gold to be made off this change.

Are you already preparing? Of course you are... ;)

2 comments: on "3.0.8 - It's right in front of your nose!"

  1. The tips & tricks on this blog are amazing. Adapting some of Markco's ideas on the AH, I've gone from vendor trashing a lot of stuff (not grays) to making over 2,000 gold in less than a week. All of the items were off of regular drops from leveling in Northrend. Buying and selling these items en masse required some capital to start, but has really paid off, doubling my initial gold investment. Also important to note is the fact that all of the items I initially invested, I was able to buy back at some point along the way; so that 2,000+ gold really is pure profit. Thanks Markco! Can't wait for 3.0.8.
    Your healing/shadow damaging friend,
    Ej the priest

  2. You are most welcome my friend :)

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