The Angry Auctioneer

Well I broke one of my own rules: avoid auction house king pins!

This one character in particular, bowsmalone, an easily aggravated individual did not take too kindly to me placing infinite dusts and greater cosmic essences 3-5 gold less than what he could put them up for. I made fun of him for being mad over monopoly money, to which he responded: "I have boardwalk" and "I'm walmart."

Eventually he read my blog and found out how to create hundreds of infinite dust in a few hours of smelting/crafting/disenchanting. After a week of creating well over two thousand dusts (my estimates of what he had) he started dumping on the auction house like mad. 50 pages of infinite dusts!!! Now don't be alarmed or worried for my monetary safety, because I didn't have a single dust/essence left to sell so this did not effect me at all. I also realized what he was doing the day he stopped posting the dusts and promptly dumped everything I had to get rid of it. But the point of this article is that I caused a small minded auction house nut to go overboard and ruin a profitable market.

Since he had so much anger I offered to duel him for five thousand gold.

Here is the video of the duel and no he never paid up:

How could I have avoided this situation? I should of offered to raise my price and sold fewer items at a time each day. If I had done this I would still be selling dusts/essences for amazing 200-300% profit. To understand the method I was using, look at this post.

Did I stop selling dusts/essences because of him? NO. I currently sell my dusts/essences at prime times and I post around 60 dusts and 20 essences each time. They all sell and then I wait till the next prime time to post again. I don't think he even realizes my auctions are up before they all sell.

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  1. Hahaha, even if you broke your own rule Markco you sure are a winner. The comments on the video are pathetic as well, like him saying: "I am the auction house puppet master"

  2. Yeah funny stuff :)

  3. Thanks For posting Daily! Always good to read. Keep it up Markco

  4. I've had a similar experience which aggravated me recently. This guy is seemengly online 24/7 and has been undercutting me on some profitable items by 1c (yeah 1 Copper).
    Now this does not worry me per se if my auctions don't go through as I currently am capped and have probably half the cap amount in stocks too even though I haven't really been doing any real concerted effort to accumulate gold for the past several months.

    What aggravates me is the 1 copper 24/7 mentality, thinking that his sales will get through with a nice markup profit.

    I just undercut him by 100 Gold each time he reposted until I hit his breakpoint even if it's a loss for me (doubtful). He'll eventually get the message to let my auctions get through.

    He should have let my few auctions go through without the 1 copper undercut (yeah, I know, I've often undercut by a few gold myself too but I usually undercut and let nature do it's way, which is one thing, but staying 24/7 online undercutting everyone who posts by 1 copper is lame so the multiple 100g undercuts). I'll probably focus on getting his major sellers down by 70% cost this week if he persists (or I wanna bother).

    He knows I pinpointed him out as he went to the extent of deleting his Sales Alt (neither found on armory). Easily identified his new higher level Alt when I relogged. I can make him loose thousands if I want to, as, like most knowlegable players, I know an enormous amount of ways to make gold, so if I loose a few thousand gold in the process, lol like I care.


  5. wow. now that ^^^ is an a-hole thing to do. if you're at cap and preventing other people from making gold by "making him loose (sic) thousands", that just makes you a jerk. you had your time. move on.

  6. Ok let me put the picture straight just to clarify if I'm a jerk or not.

    1 - The guy is online 24/7 hints the use of Botting or a gold seller which most peeps do not view highly.
    2- the guy has well over 40 times my amount of AH sales which again indicates he's a gold seller else he'd be capped long ago and not bother AH selling, or drop to a casual rate as I do.
    3 - with his amount of sales the guy is preventing so many other players from getting into the AH game.
    4 - I opened a ticket for AH sniping / botting since I viewed him harmful to so many other AH players...not much help from GMs unless I had concrete evidence.

    I could keep on like stating that I may be going for the next milestone, 2 million, though I'm not and I did state that I am not doing any concerted effort for months now (indicating I moved on lol) but Point 3 is the main factor that pissed me off (reread paragraph 4 of my previous answer) so you be the judge.


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