Crystallized Farming and You

Like the Primals of the Burning Crusade, Eternals are an essential ingredient to all building professions. These items sell well and often so be sure to atleast try farming them to see how much you can make per hour.

Here's a detailed map *cough I can't draw cough* of where you can find the various crystallized elements in Wintersgrasp. For every 10 crystallized elements you find they can then be turned into eternals. Eternal Fires for instance sell for as much as 60 gold on my server, so if you want to make a good amount of gold per hour then Wintersgrasp is the place for you. Remember that if you are on a pve server that you will instantly become flagged for pvp while traveling in Wintersgrasp and that if you fly in you will become dismounted (but parachute safely to the ground). Normal mounts will not get dismounted.

You'll want to farm when your faction has control of Wintersgrasp because Revenants of the various elements will spawn throughout the map. These Revenants drop crystallized elements every single time and are ideal for maximizing your gold per hour.

Map of Wintersgrasp


Eternal Fires respawn very quickly because there are so few on the map. You can head west a bit to pick up airs while you wait on the respawn timer.

Eternal Airs are currently buggy in that the ones at the bottom of the map do not always appear within the Wintersgrasp 'phase' area. This means that you will see the airs but when you close to melee range they will dissappear. The white square with black lines through it represents this area which the next patch should correct.

Eternal Shadows are densely populated in the southwestern most part of the map and are a great place for aoe'ers to farm.

Eternal Water is simple enough to farm as you can start on the eastern most section and travel down the waterfall and through the river heading west the entire time. It's very easy to pick up several Eternal Waters doing this.

Eternal Earths are scattered throughout the zone and are also usually the cheapest Eternal. I would advise picking up these as you see them and focusing on the other Eternals.

Note that Eternal Lifes are best farmed in Sholazar Basin and I was unable to find any Revenants for Eternal Life in Wintersgrasp. Normal mobs that drop Crystallized Life can be found in the southwestern section (green area) next to the shadows but no Revenants spawn there. It is possible that this is a bug which will be corrected with the next patch like the airs.

[Update 9/14/09] You can right click the bg button at the bottom left of your mini-map to instantly teleport to dalaran. Perfect for when you are done farming.

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  1. Crystallized Life can be farmed from the plant creatures on the ledge at the western end of the zone. It's easy to miss, as you can't see it without climbing up one of the small the paths to it, or flying over from Borean Tundra/

  2. Confirmed.

    "Living Lashers"

    These are the equivalents to Revenants dropping crystallized elements.

  3. Thank you both for the helpful comments.

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