Eternal Earths Going Up in Gold Value?

There is currently only one way to make an item that will disenchant into more expensive items than it took to build it. Those are: StoneGuard Bands. (There is also the Shadowmight ring but same principle). Due to this fact, many servers have seen a rise in the cost of the materials to make these rings (they cost two eternal earths each). Eternal earths have risen on my server from 5-6 gold to 11-16 gold a peice since so many jewelcrafters have been making the rings to have them then disenchanted into mostly greater cosmic essences. The eternals are reflecting about half the cost of a greater cosmic essence since jewelcrafters are willing to pay that much and they still end up making money off their disenchanted rings.

Maybe you all should go farm some eternal earths for easy gold :)

If you have access to a jewelcrafter and a disenchanter then by all means craft some rings and make those greater cosmic essences, which by the way are going up in value tremendously. Those of you who took advantage of the cobalt ore gold mine that blizzard nerfed should have tons of dusts/essences to sell at the new inflated prices. Dusts are currently at 7.5 gold on my server (up from 3.5) and essences are as high as 26 gold (up from 19).

For information on where to farm eternal earths visit:

Mining is a great way to gather eternal earths as well, so maybe think twice before selling your eternals instead of crafting/disenchanting the rings.

How expensive have the dusts/essences gotten on your server? As well as the eternal earths?
Has anyone seen any of these items actually drop in value?

Keep in mind that you can craft the Shadowmight Ring which costs one shadow and one earth, so if eternal earths get too expensive you can do this as well. Expect a rise in eternal shadows due to Jewelcrafters disenchanting this item too. Don't forget to check the auction house for both of these rings! Many players make them for skill ups and just sell them for a minimal profit.

In closing let me just say that I feel I've let you guys down big time. Had I foreseen the possibility of blizzard changing the costs of cobalt chest pieces/helms I would have immediately advised you to buy out every single earth/shadow eternal you could find. You all expect the best from me and although Blizzard has never changed the mats of an item to prevent disenchanters from making a profit prior to this patch I still thought it was definately going to change at some point down the road. Don't worry though, there are plenty of valuable gold guides to come and thankfully for you enchanters blizzard left the rings the same. Sillly Blizzard.

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  1. I wanted to tell you that because you of and your guide, I am personally making more gold than I ever have! I went from 25g to 1500g plus probably another 500g in liquid items, in just a little bit over a week! I am going to try and work this new cash cow you've found. One last thought I wonder how long it is going to be until you have such a big influence that all you have to say is item X is going up in value because of Y and that item goes up on every server JUST because you said so! You have a huge influence on everyone and I'm sure everyone here is thankful they found this place!

  2. I tried farming eternal earths at zim ruhk for around an hour and had trouble killing the elites there. As a warlock they hit me for around 4k a hit and I can't life drain or siphon life so it really isn't that great a spot for me so I've been forced to buy them from the AH. Also the drop rate really wasn't anything spectacular imo.

  3. Empriss: You are most welcome and grats on all the gold! I'm really greatful for these kinds of comments, they make the hours I spend each day on this blog worthwhile.

    Richard: I'm sorry, in the comments section of the Zim'Rhuk farming post it says that warlocks and shadow priests really have trouble farming here and I apologize for not mentioning it in this post. Although I have seen 'dry spots' of four or five kills without a crystallized, I also have gotten an eternal in three kills.

  4. Markco,

    I've just recently discovered your blog, and, I'm pretty new to WoW as well. I just want to give you big props and say THANK YOU for the information and help you give us! I've only "picked at" the tips you've given on my main character (trying to focus on leveling, but still spend a bit of time at the AH), and I've made quite a bit of gold from playing the AH game ;)

    So don't feel like you've let us down, your tips are *really* helpful and appreciated!

  5. Earths on my server are aroud 7.5g each and shadow is cheaper at 6. Been buying them up and from making 20 of the jc rings I look to make a profit of 130 gold. I just keep getting undercut so i'm sitting on all the mats at moment. I never payed much attention to AH before so is undercutting worse at weekend? I also tried the earth farming in zul 'drak, my rogue in most naxx gear could hardly kill 1, my prot warr got killed on 3rd mob when a patrol one joined fight, they may drop a lot of earth but from my exp it aint worth it. Just how good is your gear?

  6. Here is my armory link:

    Whether I'm in pvp or prot gear I still will kill these without falling below 90% health. Are you able to stun lock them and pop evasion? Not sure if little things like blind/bandage will help.

    I can understand them being a pain if they hex you and get a good 2-3 unmitigated hits in.

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