Farming Crystallized Earth in Zim'Rhuk

So your team doesn't own Wintersgrasp and you need eternal earths to make some gold or craft an item... well no worries! I know just the place!

The square area of Zim'Rhuk you'll see in the video is surround by 76-77 elite Guardians of Zim'Rhuk, which happen to have a similiar drop rate to the revenants in wintersgrasp.

They drop as many as 3-4 crystallized earths each.

You simply run around the square (does that make sense?) following its edges and looking for the mobnames.

I was getting as many as 12 crystallized earths per two minutes and I'm prot. I can't imagine how fast a real dps could do this. Simply kill one mob, mount up, then fly to the next. An added bonus is that they should be respawning by the time you kill them all.


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  1. This.... do you have a JC alt? perhaps a JC friend? How about an Enchanter?

    2 eternal earth makes a ring that can be disenchanted - stoneguard band. it disenchants to 2-5 infinite dusts, 1-2 greater cosmics, or a dream shard.

    That, my friend, is BANK. if you are truly getting 12 crystallized per 2 mins, then you will have enough to make 18 rings in an hour. Depending on your server prices, thats between 200-500 gold for the hour. As always, your mileage may vary...

  2. The Stoneguard Band is what you're talking about:


    Even if infinite dust is only going for 4 gold a piece (like on my server) you will still have the odds in your favor to make a lot of gold in the long run.

    Good tip, also it's easier to sell dusts/essences/shards than it is to sell the earths.

  3. Oh woops I didn't see that you mentioned the name of the ring.

  4. question - you said you are prot... are you prot paladin? if so you could aggro 3 or 4 of them and AoE kill them in the time it takes to kill 1 1/2. I ask because I am a prot paladin - and I don't like to kill anything less than 5 at a time or I will run out of mana :-)

  5. I haven't checked out the spot yet (time is money friend!), are the elites as spread out as you hint at? ("flying" to the next elite)

  6. Yeah I should of filmed longer, about 40-60 yards between each.

  7. This spot really sucks to farm as a warlock since they are immune to siphon life and life drain

  8. Richard: Dang that does suck, I'm really greatful that you informed everyone of that information though.

  9. I've tried farming here for a bit now as well. I'm in full plate as a 80 DK with most of my stuff from 25 man naxx. They still hit me really hard for like 3k each and they are not dropping crystallized earth enough for 12 every 2 min for me.

  10. I'd like to point out an error my my earlier comment. I'm a DK using the DW spec, I'm sure any unholy or blood spec would be much better at farming these due to how much health they get back with deathstrike

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