Farming Fel Armaments

Here's a video on where to farm fel armaments, marks of sargeras, and netherweave cloth.

Back at 70 I farmed here for three days to get my epic mount. Anyone who doesn't have their rep with Sons of Hodir or is trying to get rep achievements will pay good money for the fel armaments and marks of sargeras. I suggest selling the fel armaments in stacks of 8 and the marks of sargeras in stacks of 100.



In case the video does not load, here's the youtube link:

10 comments: on "Farming Fel Armaments"

  1. Nice. Is there an equivalent place to get Scryer reputation items?

  2. Scryer doesn't even compare to this place. You'll want to farm bloodelves in netherstorm for scryer rep items.

  3. Your video didn't load for me. Would it be possible for you to describe the farming technique in text or just pop up a map? Thanks.

  4. SORRY! I usually place a link to my videos if they have a youtube counterpart for this very reason.
    Let me know if you still can't see the video.

  5. Spent a ton of time farming these Armaments, made well over 500g from 2 days worth of farming. Thanks for the advice =D
    ~Ashx of Kargath.

  6. These seems like a great spot, but do people really still buy these? it seems like a good that is stale.

  7. They will sell less and less as wrath moves along, but the new dk's who want exalted rep achievements will need these badly as well as any new alts who do not have shoulder enchants.

    Fel armaments aren't the main item you're getting here though, the cloth alone makes the spot awesome.

  8. To Bitwise...
    Best place to rip through and get alot of of Scryer rep goodies would be the southern ramp before the Black Temple. You'll know it when you see nothing but Blood Elves lined up on the hill, they respawn decently quick and the only downtime is having to fly back at the bottom of the hill.
    To Marko...
    Love this site, very informative. Well done and thanks a million dude.

  9. To Baneslayer:
    You're very welcome, thanks for the helpful comment!

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