Farming Runecloth in Hellfire

Want to get in on the runecloth niche to make some gold? Here's your best spot... the Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula.

A 70 alt or your 80 main can easily farm this place very quickly for a ton of runecloth. Runecloth is a hot item right now for rep turn ins at every major city (the rep is useful for achievements such as "The Ambassador").

Simply start where I do in the video and work your way around the armory, weaving between the inside of the wall (where the buildings are) and the outside of the entire area. You will get TONS of runecloth this way and I've gotten as much as 300-360 in an hour on my prot warrior.

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  1. Tronden of Runetotem said... January 27, 2009 at 9:59 AM

    I am also a fan of farming in Stratholme. Not only can you get massive amounts of runecloth, but you can farm both reputation with argent dawn and baron rivendare's mount. Also, the orb of deception drops in there...

  2. I highly recommend bringing potions to remove the curses/poisons that those mobs can apply (the rats and the one armed undead). The one that stops all healing regen is ridiculous for melee. There's a level 60 potion you can buy to remove 1 curse, 1 poison, and 1 disease at a time. Good tip though as the orbs are still in high demand for twinks!

  3. Just to pick a nit, Runecloth won't help with The Diplomat. Actually, it's kind of the other way around. If you farm furbolgs in Winterspring (to help with your Timbermaw rep, which you do need for the Diplomat), you'll end up with a big pile of Runecloth.

    Getting exalted with all five of your sides' factions is what will get you the Ambassador of the Horde/Alliance achievement.

  4. Wow thank you. I think I forgot to drink my coffee this morning or something. Changing it to ambassador. Thanks again!

  5. I farm Stratholme frequently. To get rid of Cadaver Worms (the debuff that prevents you from healing and deals 9000 damage over 10 minutes) you can use either of these two consumables:

    Restorative Potion:

    Purification Potion:


    Remember that Runecloth is also needed for Death Knights to get their First Aid up in the beginning since that's the first thing that can make their skill go up.

  6. Also the Ogres outside Karazhan drop similar amounts of Runecloth - plus the +9 STR bracer enchanting recipe. Much less silver though.

  7. Ah yes the ogres! I haven't farmed them in years but I do remember that the +9 str enchant drops like crazy from them. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Used to farm cloth at the Armory when i just dinged 70. Was a good way back then to get around 100-110g per hour.

    Later on i moved to farm netherweb spider stuff. Selling them for over 7g per piece gave me around 200-300g every hour.

    Never found a place like that again though :O

    ps: Great blog. Been using the AH to create some extra gold for years. But still read quite some things i never knew :)

  9. Good to hear, thanks for that :)

    And don't worry I think I've found the hellfire armory of wotlk for frostweave cloth. It's coming in a post "Soon," to steal a saying from our friends at blizzard.

  10. I farmed the Expedition Armory ledge with my level 66 Feral Druid and since they were still green at that level got experience too. I could take the whole ledge in one go; pop Barkskin first, then body pull the first two, charge the third, walk backwards through the rest, swiping along the way, and when I get them all rounded up pop Berserk then spam Mangle until they're all dead. Swiping along the way is important to get the healing from Improved Leader of the Pack, and if you are losing health a bit too fast then pep Frenzied Regeneration to compensate. The 3 minute cooldown on Berserk gives the ledge time to respawn, and for you to get into position to do it again.

  11. I'm not convinced at all this time.
    Went there with my 80 warlock, the mobs do not drop always runecloth, and sometimes they drop it once every 6-7 mobs.
    I was really not convinced (done end february 09). Did they change something there?

  12. Jej: I did it on my 80 warlock and sometimes the drops are slow, but they do pick up. I had 12 stacks in under an hour. Just keep going with it.

  13. I tried this and only got, around 3-4 stacks in an hour. then i decided to give farming ramparts a try and got 20+ stacks in under an hour. at lv 85 ramparts is byfar more efficient.

  14. I was just at Stratholme and nothing but mageweave cloth dropped for me

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