Getting 1k gold at level 16

Hello everyone, hope the holidays were a blast and that all your morning afters weren't too bad!

Anyways, I decided to do something really fun and maybe show you all a thing or two about using the auction house! I have created a character on Twisting Nether (I have no mains there) and leveled him to 17. Nothing special so far right? Well I plan on getting him one thousand gold all by himself. No professions, no farming (cept to start out), just the auction house. Crazy, right? Well I'm going to do it!

Here are screen shots of Day 1 for my little orc warrior. He started off with 5 gold which he obtained from killing boars outside orgrimmar and selling the meat, as well as from questing. His gold was low because I had been buying him green items off the ah (probably spent around 10 gold there) but that's not important. What matters is that he is already off to a great start! Take a look for yourself.

Now for some quick analysis: You may have noticed this already but I'm focusing on trade goods. My main method for obtaining the goods is something I call price sniping: Look for items(particularly rarely sold goods) being auctioned off with very low starting bids and hopefully with little time left on the auction. The three best trade goods for sniping are herbs, minerals, and leathers. Remember that it never hurts to bid on an item as your money comes right back to you if you lose. The first block at the top are the auctions I still have bids on and am waiting for them to end, while the block just below it displays auctions I won this morning and reposted. Looking at the price of my auctions and my current gold in my bags, I will go from 6 gold 96 silver 99 copper to 15 gold 54 silver 99 copper if all my auctions sell. Not bad for a level 16! I will continue to analyze this character's progress and highlight key events which I feel will help you make gold in wow.

Post some comments/questions if you want! I will do my best to respond to all of them.

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  1. Comment removed because I will not tolerate that sort of posting on this site. Let's keep it constructive people.

  2. HI
    I'll just start by stating I'm a complete noob - only 10 days playing time, just killing and questing.
    Your saying the best way to make money is to buy stuff cheep with time about to run out then sell for a little more?
    Or should a noob get a profession and work? if so whats a good noob profession ? I'm a hunter if that matters.

  3. StoneHead- Great question. If you are only concerned with getting cash NOW, go with any gathering profession (skinning, mining, herbalism) and gather as you level. That being said, I would advise you attempt to place bids on items which normally sell for about 1-5 gold but which have bidding prices as low as 1-50 silver. Trade goods are a great place to start looking.

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