Gold to be Made in PvP

There are several items which many pvp players purchase off the auction house to give them a competetive edge in world and battleground player vs player fighting environments. The goal of this article is to outline what consumables pvp players will want to spend their gold on and the mats required to make them. If you are an alchemist, this will be the #2 way you make money; #1 being raid pots which some pvper's will buy anyway.

Below is a list of alchemy potions and two popular engineering grenades. Next to each name are a possible 5 stars depending on how well I feel the item sells on the auction house.

Swiftness Potion *****

Requires Swiftthistle, Briarthorn, Empty Vial

Health Potion *****

Requires Goldclover, Icethorn (2), Imbued Vial

Mana Potion *****
Requires Lichbloom (2), Goldclover, Imbued Vial

Free Action Potion ****
Requires Blackmouth Oil (2), Stranglekelp, Leaded Vial

Resistance Potions ***
Requires Khadgar's Whisker, Purple Lotus, Crystal Vial

Invisibility Potion **
Requires Ghost Mushroom, Sungrass, Crystal Vial

Catseye Elixir **
Requires Goldthorn, Fadeleaf, Leaded Vial

Swimspeed Potion *
Requires Swiftthistle, Blackmouth Oil, Empty Vial

And for the engineers:

Frost Grenades **
Requires Icy Blasting Primers, Fel Iron Casing, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts

Adamantite Grenades **
Requires Adamantite Bar (4), Handful of Fel Iron Bolts (2), Elemental Blasting Powder

New Items

Kaliope runs a blog focused on trade skills in wow and he recently wrote an article discussing some of the new potions which came with 3.0.8. I think pvp'ers and players in general will be interested in these new items. Check out Kaliope's post on the subject here.

The Glassfin Minnow is used in the new Ethereal Oil which Kaliope describes in his post. The Ethereal Oil can be used to turn your character semi-transparent or be combined six at a time to make Elixir of Water Walking. These fish have had no use since they were implemented but now they are the primary ingredient for the new potions. For farming locations and item information visit here. You'll find the fish in the river that flows beneath the floating city of dalaran. I definately advise fishing there to make some gold because these potions are going to be very popular. Oh and did I mention that it takes a whopping SIX FISH for one elixir?

Kaliope's blog is a great resource for more information on all professions. His writing style is down to earth and written as a conversation rather than a list of information for readers to process.

6 comments: on "Gold to be Made in PvP"

  1. There is another item that I believe PVPers probably would buy if they saw it. It isn't a well known item, but take a look!

  2. You bring up a great item. Those restoration pots are perfect against death knights.

  3. I realize this is a PvP post but i'll throw this out anyways since we are talking about potions/elixers and i acutally have seen a couple of ppl pop this in PvP.

    Elixir of Deadly Strikes aka Cash Cow.

    I don't know why this sells so well or for so much but the amount of money I bring in on these is insane. I sell maybe 10-20 a night and make anywhere from 10-20g per elixir on my server. Being an elixir master only sweetens the deal.

  4. Another great PVP item that isn't well known:

    Ridiculously useful since they will net any level player.

  5. Have you seen these?

    Puts any level target to sleep :)

  6. Yep. Those drop around the same area as the nets. I prefer nets since you can still attack your target while they're netted.

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