Ink, Herbs, and Cash in 3.0.8

Patch 3.0.8: You can now buy all inks for the price of 1 x Ink of the Sea, Snowfall Ink costs 10 Ink of the Sea.

These are two large changes for the inscription profession, the AH, and the woweconomy.

Many inks are needed in order to create the multitude of minor and major glyphs that swamp a scribe's recipe book. Before 3.0.8 you would have to either buy your inks/pigments/herbs from the AH or farm them yourself. This entailed going back through lowbie zones on a 100% speed mount, for the non crusader aura types, and picking little lowbie herbs one by one. This drove the price on many servers sky-high for the 35-60 lvl ranged herbs from vanilla WoW. A stack of Gromsblood for 40g? No thanks.

With this new change Ink of the Sea is going to be the new ink for every single inscription, all you need to do is exchange them for the right ink when someone orders a glyph or when you decide to make them for AH/Trade profit.

Those overpriced low-zone herbs are now worth next to nothing when u can farm a stack of icethorn on your epicflyer in 10 minutes with an epic flier.

The other change, "Snowfall Ink costs 10 Ink of the Sea," is another large point. Northrend inscription research is now taken care of no matter what herb you get. And those cards that so many people spam in trade? Yeah you're about to see alot more of them. The price for goldclover is going to go up because it will no longer matter that its droprate for snowfall pigment is lower than lichbloom. I'm not quite sure if lichbloom's price will fall or increase but because it kills two birds with one stone now it will most likely continue to remain the king of herbs.

Ink of the Sea is going to be the only non-rare ink selling on the AH from 3.0.8 onwards.

5 comments: on "Ink, Herbs, and Cash in 3.0.8"

  1. so what should we stack up on?
    ink of teh sea>??

  2. You got it. You will be able to trade ink of the sea for any other ink.

  3. where you say "the price of goldthorn will go up," i *think* you mean goldclover -- the common northrend herb -- instead of goldthorn, the STV-level herb. ;)

  4. LOL, I'll fix it for thunderer, I'm sure he won't mind. Thanks!

  5. I'm dumb. Thanks for the fix. Got to stop typing so fast!

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