Joana's Guide Review

If you are serious about making gold in world of warcraft then you will definately want high level alts to help ease the burden.

I have 5 high level (70-80) alts that span all professions. Having the ability to cover every profession in the game allows you to take advantage of cross profession interaction while also 'eliminating the middle man,' so to speak. This is vital to any gold guru's repertory.

I could not have done this without the help of Joana's guide.

Joana's guide changed the leveling process from mindlessly searching for quests on various warcraft web sites to following detailed instructions and watching his videos. The best part is, you can get Joana's guide at any level and easily 'hop onto' your current level in the guide.

Leveling will become FUN!

With the release of Wotlk, Joana's guide came out with their new in-game leveling assistant which is hands down the best leveling program you can find. Unlike quest helper, this guide shows you which quests NOT to do which can be far more important than the faster route (you get that too anyway with Joana's in game add-on).

Along with the written guide comes a complete and total video of Joana's leveling so that you can learn by watching as well as reading. No other guide on the market actually SHOWS you how the leveling was accomplished so fast and no other guide has a player who has broken so many leveling records as Joana. If you really wanted the best leveling guide, why wouldn't you get a guide from the world's fastest leveler?

If you are interested in getting Joana's guide, visit the site at:

Sorry alliance readers, this is for HORDE ONLY.

If you are interested in an Alliance Leveling Guide, the only one I know of that is any good is Hawque's at His guides are easy to follow along and the best part is: they're all free!

A free guide to check out that looks really promising is at Thank you for the suggestions in the comments section!

11 comments: on "Joana's Guide Review"

  1. I use Zygor's leveling guide. Having tried them all, I think Joana's is the fastest leveling but I simply cannot adjust to other in-game leveling addons so I continue to use Zygor's guide.

  2. Regarding Spam: Spam will not be tolerated. Those first two posts were within minutes of each other and virtually identical.

    Bitwise: I haven't checked out Zygor's guides yet, I have heard very good things about them though. What I like about Joana's guide is that he is the faster wow leveler in the world and I find something fun and exciting about trying to mimick his skills. However I am interested in Zygor's leveling addon so I'll go take a look and email them for more information.

  3. and Jame's Leveling Guides. They are making them into addon form and are almost finished. Visit his blog for more info on how he's doing using the addon and such:

    Btw, i was he first anonymous before but i'm quit sure i only posted once. Great mind think alike (someone else got the idea).

  4. stupid keyboard. "quite" and "minds"

  5. Ah ok Bearr I apologize then. The person who posted after you wrote the same thing minus maybe two words. I'll be sure to check out and Jame's Leveling guides as well.

    I can assure you however that if you want to level the FASTEST then Joanas' guide is the best. I'll give everyone's suggestions a fair shake however and check them out. Keep posting the guides you all use so that I can take a look at them.


  6. I checked out and I only saw level 1-20 human leveling guide... is there more than that?

  7. Jame's guides are really excellent. You find not only his guides here:

    Jame's guides up to 80:

  8. Stephan: Thanks for the link! I'd never heard of this guy before today but he looks pretty legit.

  9. Thanks for the links. I want to have one of each class at a high level, so I am currently leveling up 6 alts at once. They are all between 30 and 35. It can get VERY tedious. Anything that make it go by faster is fine by me.

  10. The addon "Tour Guide" is my favorite for leveling. It combines an in-game guide with convenient waypoints pointing you right where you need to go.

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