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Auctioneer is an addon which allows players to scan the auction house and create a database of information about their server’s auctions. In minutes a complete copy of all items and their current prices get saved to your computer, and as you perform more and more of these scans the addon will develop an average price for items.

The more you scan, the better your auctioneer will be able to predict the average price of any one item.

How will Auctioneer help me make gold?

Auctioneer has several awesome features that make selling/buying items on the auction house so much faster than what you are used to.

  • While hovering over any item in your bags or when you click on an item in trade chat, a new section will appear in the item’s display which tells you, among other things, the average price of the item on the auction house. You could be out farming somewhere and instantly know the value of that snazzy new blue you just found.
  • You can post items in sets rather then one click at a time. You could, say, post these one hundred items at 5 gold per stack and make the stacks contain 10 items each. Easy as that, done in a few clicks rather than hundreds.
  • Searching for bids/buyouts is even easier because auctioneer will look for items based on the scanned average value. You can set profit ranges and search away for great deals.

  • I received a tell in game a few days ago from a player who used my system combined with auctioneer to go from 100 gold to 6000 gold in two weeks. Now that's encouraging :)

    Amazing Video:

    A detailed guide for getting started with auctioneer can be found at

    The software development team’s website that created auctioneer can be found at

    If you have never worked with addons before and want auctioneer to be your first, here is where you can learn what addons are and how to install them:

    For the programmers out there who would like to make their own addons, check out:

    There are many alternatives to auctioneer, but auctioneer is the one I would recommend for all skill levels for making gold in wow.

    20 comments: on "Auctioner Review : Easy Gold"

    1. One important comment with regards to Auctioneer Advanced... I happen to know a way to reduce the scan time significantly.

      use the command /aadv getall
      This command will download the whole DB in less than a minute, and then process it. 2-3 minutes for full scan and processing. That is a true timesaver...

    2. scanned in 2min 30

      Great tip Tronden ;)

    3. I have tested this and researched the effects of /aadv getall.

      All I have to say is:


    4. Off-topic here, but Markco, that sure looks like Bagnon being used too. Are you using Bagnon?

    5. Bagnon is fine, though it can have issues with mining bags for w/e reason.

      There are a ton of no-bags mods out there, though I only use them on my auction house toons.

    6. I just got auctioneer two weeks ago and so far it's really helped me make money using the auction house, something I've always been very bad at. I love how it gives the recommended auction price for whatever I'm selling, both individually and by stacks.

    7. Anyway to make auctioneer only display Trade goods or something?

    8. I'm getting DC'd everytime I try the /aadv getall...any ideas?

    9. If it's not working don't worry about it. Apparently some addons can get messed up by it.

      My advice is to just scan the extra few minutes and don't sweat it.

    10. i've used auctioneer for a long time, and i agree that it's method for posting auctions is fantastic.

      but WOW auctioneer really clutters up your UI, and its configuration menus are VAST.

      there's another auction addon i've been trying out lately. it's called AuctionMaster and it seems like a fairly good alternative. it'd be cool to hear if anyone else has tried this out and what you all think.

    11. I gotta say this is a great addon! I have like 700 auctions at once! :P

    12. Hey I havent been able to figure out how you search for all auctions of say 2 hours of less left with 20% pct. doesnt have to be those numbers but Ive seen something like that in some of your guides and cant figure out where you do that

      who knows how to do this?

      thanks in advanced and ty tronden!

    13. Have you seen the appraiser part of auctioneer?
      Place your mouse to the bottom right of your minimap and a seperate set of options should appear.
      The send from the right looks like a magnifying glass and is the appraiser.

      While both the auction house and appraiser are open you can perform much more powerful searches. Try searching under resale to start off. Remember to scan the auction house before you try searching!

    14. 17.000 auctions in 35 secs ;)
      great tip!!

    15. I watched the video and done the same, so pretty much works but im stuck with a problem.

      I don't understand the meaning of the columns in the SearchUI interface where u watch the results of for example resale search.
      Like the profit column etc.

      How do i know which item is good to buyout and which not?
      Multiple times have bought nothing out of the entire searches from resale and arbitrage as the buyout prices are way to high and im unsure of which items could make me a profit.

      Thanks for great tips :)

    16. An item is good to buy out if the PCT is very low (in the blue) for uncommon items or mid range (yellow) for common items. See if that helps and let me know if it doesn't.

    17. Alright, Ive been trying this over the weekend and made some profit overall :)
      but i have ran into 3 common problems which bugged me a little.

      1)the PCT is always blue no matter how common or rare the items are. Ranged from 1% up to bout 50%, not sure what this means.

      2)A lot of times right after i scanned i see a great deal which sounds to good to be true so i just do a normal auctioneer search on that item and the bargain is never listed. Now i suppose the item got bought, but so fast on so many different types of items? Just feel sometimes the auctioneer searchui is bit buggy

      3)The search result always displays the same items and many of times i couldn't buy anything to profit from. Like the AH hasn't gotten any new items over few days lol.
      80% of the results are always gems, its all i see >.< lol

      All searches were based on 50S minimum profit and searched in Arbit and Resale sections.

      Sorry for the long text ^_^

    18. 1) In the SearchUI, the PCT column is always blue.

      2) I imagine some deals get snatched up fast. But you are right, it can't happen all the time. However, most deals are low bids. So things don't quite match up because the Auction screen shows the PCT for the buyout, not the bid.

      3) My experience is the same as yours. There are fewer and fewer real bargains and cheap gems and glyphs are mostly what I see. That could be due to fatigue on the part of gamers. Or too many people getting too smart to bid too low.

    19. Yeah i have to agree that most of the search result are blue/green gems and glyphs. And what makes it quite hard to work with these is that, stacks and stacks of certain items are being sold by the same person.
      Thinking that user is trying same methods like us :P

      I guess it depends on servers, some have easy markets to work with and some don't.

      I tried using the Disenchant search and ive never gotten any results, bah lol

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