Selling Individual Items Instead of Stacks

Learn why it's usually better to sell items one at a time rather than in stacks of twenty at the auction house.

Many items in world of warcraft sell better when broken up into smaller groups, rather than in sets of 20.

Not every player is going to want to purchase twenty items at a time, and because wow is filled with people who want to be instantly gratified, I will show you how to take advantage of this mentality.

In this video you'll see my level 17 orc on Twisting Nether (no main remember, he's running around solo) buying out Saronite Bars in stacks of twenty and reselling them individually for as much as 33% profit.

The idea is that you can purchase a stack of items (or bid on them) and then resell the items one at a time for a greater profit than selling the whole stack at once.


If for whatever reason you can't see the video, you can watch it on youtube here:

11 comments: on "Selling Individual Items Instead of Stacks"

  1. I do like this idea but there are so many players on my server Argent Dawn (EU) doing this that there is a never ending list of single items and the prices just get lower and lower i usually do this in stacks of 5 with herbs and ore just because i think that players will buy small stacks for prospecting or milling. Thanks again for creating this blog im trying a few things you have on here just got to wait now and see if the money comes in

  2. You are most welcome. I can't wait to start posting my favorite WOTLK farming spots! Let me know how you make out.

  3. I like this idea. Especially because I just made a gnome on grizzly hills who could use some income. I am wondering to start though, you said that you can kill boars outside orgrimmar for the meat, any recommendations on where an alliance character should go for boar meat(Im level 15 lock). Or are there easier money making stratagies for the low level alliance???

  4. Unfortuneately I have played 100% horde in wow. Maybe try these guys:

  5. Hey, this is that dude who commented on your bid low/sell normal thing.

    This tip is excellent, I think I've sold more in lower stacks than stacks of 20. Depending on the item, I sell in stacks 1-5. Made some nice money with Mithril (got 80 bars for 4g, the price for 4 bars on my server) and sold them in stacks of 5. Sold like hot cakes.

    I think I'm willing to invest all my 1.5k gold into this strategy. Though, in your last post, it seemed like you had more info. I'll email you later.

    I really love your strategy. Looking for good deals is a lot more fun than farming.

  6. This tip right here has been the single greatest cash cow for me for the 2 days that I've been trying it. Buying Stacks of saronite bars at 33-37g per stack and reselling the bars at 3.5g (inching higher every day, still selling faster than i can put them up). I've made my initial return back of 300g in 2 days with another 400g worth of bars waiting to be put up.

  7. Congratulations! Very good to hear!

  8. Remember, Herbs and Ore in stacks of 5 sell great for Inscription and Prospecting!

  9. There's the other side of it: Non price-sensitive people always buy stacks of 20 because it's a pain to buy 20 individual stacks.

    I find this the case with ore. eg, I'd posted a couple 20 stacks Truesilver for 8g. A few hours later, undercutters posted ore for as little as 4g in stacks of 1 or 5.

    A few minutes later, my auction had sold. Surprised, I checked the truesilver ore posts. Sure enough, the smaller stacks were still on the market.

  10. "Non price-sensitive people always buy stacks of 20"

    Wrong on my part. More accurately, "Some non price-sensitive people will buy the larger stacks out of convenience."

  11. This is a really good tip, and it does work quite well. Although some things sell better in full stacks (e.g. Cloths) and some in a carefully considered stack quantity (e.g. your suggestion about selling Spider Silk in stacks of two to correspond with its use in certain recipes). One profitable market niche I've found in the AH (at least in my server, US-Bonechewer) are the selling of Primals, particularly Fire and Water. I usually buy several stacks of cheap motes on the AH, say for example fire motes which sell for 10-50s a piece. 10 Motes of Fire = 1 Primal Fire, and based on the AH prices, I would basically be paying a minuscule 1-5G for a Primal Fire that would sell for 20-25 Gold EACH! That's a maximum of 24G profit right there, per individual Primal Fire sold - and they sell fairly well. (Occasionally though, some Primal Fires that sells for 10-12 gold pop up in the AH. Simply buy them out and resell for a good profit.) I find Primal Fires and Waters to be the most profitable, although the others could also turn in a profit, albeit smaller.

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