Sons of Hodir – Make Money from Rep Grinding

Learn how you can make a respectable amount of gold on 3.0.8 patch day from your Sons of Hodir rep grind!

Bornakk responded to my post on the wow forums regarding this topic.

WowInsider covered my post as well.

Many of you have been farming for A MONTH to get your Hodir rep to revered/exalted and pick up the rewards this faction has to offer.

How would you like to make some gold from the time you spent building your reputation?
I thought you’d say that.

Before I explain in detail, I’d like to share with you some facts:

  1. Relic of Ulduar currently can only be used to buy a few consumables, the most common one being Iron Boot Flask.
  2. In patch 3.0.8, these relics will no longer be soulbound.
  3. Instead of costing 10 relics for a flask, it’s going to cost 200+.
  4. In patch 3.0.8, you will be able to turn in Relics of Ulduar for reputation with the sons of hodir.
The Relics of Ulduar can be earned by killing certain mobs (full list) and in particular you will get these off of Stormforged Infiltrators 82% of the time. These mobs can only be faught by doing the quest Spy Hunter, which has you follow around a wolf and kill the Infiltrators as they spawn. This quest requires that you are honored with the sons of hodir.
Ok, So How Does This Help Me?
First off, save your relics and don’t spend any of them. If you stockpile now then you will see them sell like crazy for about a week after the patch is released. Many a rich wow player will shell out the cash rather than farm rep with this monster of a faction, and you will most likely get exalted yourself running quests to pick up the relics.
So go ahead and complete your Hodir rep quests every day and save your relics for patch day.

16 comments: on "Sons of Hodir – Make Money from Rep Grinding"

  1. "In patch 3.0.8, these relics will no longer be soulbound."

    Im sorry to burst your bubble but that may be false. Even as Bornakk stated in your thread "Yes sir, the data on the relics is inaccurate. While things can still change, they may remain soulbound."

    So there is only a chance you will be able to make money off of these items. It's not definite. If they do become un-soulbound that'd be great :D

  2. Could you make a guide on prediction? Like, how do you do your research generally? What are the best ways to find out what the next 'hot' item will be?

  3. Bitwise, that is an excellent question. I will add an article responding to your question on my 'to do' list.

  4. The flask will still only cost 10 relics, check the latest patch notes, the 250+ cost on previous PTR builds was an error.

  5. Thanks Markco, i'm looking forward to it!

  6. Anonymous, can you please source where you found out that relics will potentially stay soulbound, as well as where you saw that the 250 relics was an error?

    I couldn't find either of those things.

  7. OOPS found the bornakk comment. gotcha. THAT SUCKS ATM.

    But the flask thing... havent seen it recalled as an error.

  8. I do like the way you did your write up.

    In your next tip explain how to read patch notes for profits.

    A good example is the change to enchanting mats. The cost of most of them is going down. Some places the essences are reduced by 3/4 but will also use Dream Shards.

    So the essence market is up in the air. You need less of them so the current demand will drop, but they are cheaper to get so demand will increase. I don't know where the market will fall.

    But dream shards have no value now and will have some value after the patch. The market for them will go up.

    I have already sold off my essence and invested heavily in shards.

    Ink of the Sea, Frozen Orbs, and some minning markets will shift around. Blue gems may drop.

  9. Grats on making it to

    Your forum post is currently their top story.

  10. Amazingly they gave no credit to

  11. Ahh don't sweat it, WE know who did it!


    JK, keep up the interesting articles. I'm making gold now :)

  12. Jordan turns, he shoots from the foul line, buzzer sounds... IT'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOD BULLS WIN! BULLS WIN!

    LOL I am so happy that this prediction came true as there is now a reputation item to grind for gold. Now the trick is finding the best place to farm it...

  13. On my server (Korgath US-A), these are selling between 1.5g-2g, usually in stacks of 10 or 100. I have been putting them up at this price, but having trouble getting them to sell as I see a lot of people grinding through Revered alreay have a ton stored from the dailies. Anyone else having this problem?

  14. Currently the demand for these items are next to nothing because people have been playing with the assumption that these items would not be sold on the auction house. Because the relics are available but no one is ready to buy them the demand is super low. It may be wise to buy up the relics, though I'd caution you because determining if that is worth it depends entirely upon your server economy.

  15. Disregard that, over 1000 of my relics sold last night! Maybe just one guy needed a ton of rep, but I'm still going to farm the crap out of these guys. I found a nice spot with a concentrated amount I can AOE farm, being a mage. The good thing is the whole Terrance of Makers (huge area) is littereed with pockets of these dwarfs. The frostweave, potions, greens/grays, and Relics should net a nice amount of money. Did I mention the gray fur sells for 50s ea? Super easy to get a stack, free 10g.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

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