Suggestion Box Friday (1/23/2009)

Attention blog readers, it's your turn to be the blog writer. Comments, concerns, ideas, questions... anything you want!

Have a video you want made?
A gold guide idea you've heard of that you want proven/disproven?
Any ideas about future patches/events?
How did you make out after patch 3.0.8?
Did the blog just suck this week or was it awesome?

Pretty much anything related to making gold in wow is acceptable!

Remember to change your name from anonymous so that everyone can respond to each comment by name.

As far as mail for the week I received tons of mail regarding the dream shards after patch 3.0.8. I am extremely happy that this worked out for everyone and I hope you made a great deal of wow gold!

I had numerous questions in my gmail which I tried to answer as thoroughly as possible and may come up as blog posts of their own. If any of these emails do become posts I will include the avatar name of the person who emailed me for each question as well.

Please feel free to continue helping each other out with the comments section of each post.

Several posters had excellent tips and here are a few of my favorites:

Bearr said...
Great blog and it has helped me alot. Found out a nice way to make money now after the 3.0.8 patch: On my server the normal price per Ink of the Sea is about 4g, price per Snowfall Ink is about 70g. Do the math and you can earn a lot of money. Just don't flood the market.

Bitwise said...
I've been using Auctioneer since pre-TBC before SearchUI was even introduced.
These are settings I use on Resale:
Minimum Profit: 50s
Minimum Discount: 50%
Minimum Seen Count: 100 (to be accurate on prices and profits I set this very high)
I check for both bids and buyouts but generally bids. I also filter it so only white items show up.

Tronden of Runetotem said...
One important comment with regards to Auctioneer Advanced... I happen to know a way to reduce the scan time significantly.
use the command /aadv getall
This command will download the whole DB in less than a minute, and then process it. 2-3 minutes for full scan and processing. That is a true timesaver...

Zularch said...
Haha love it this tip was spot on i sold all my dream shards that i bought betweem 9-13g for 40g each i bought over 100 Dream shards and they have all sold Money money money. Markco you are a master thank you very much if i could hug youi would *Hug* :P

Tronden of Runetotem said...
This.... do you have a JC alt? perhaps a JC friend? How about an Enchanter?
2 eternal earth makes a ring that can be disenchanted - stoneguard band. it disenchants to 2-5 infinite dusts, 1-2 greater cosmics, or a dream shard.
That, my friend, is BANK. if you are truly getting 12 crystallized per 2 mins, then you will have enough to make 18 rings in an hour. Depending on your server prices, thats between 200-500 gold for the hour. As always, your mileage may vary...

14 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (1/23/2009)"

  1. Thanks for sharing my comments on the main page, it is an honor to contribute.

    Also, I thought I would give a tip not related to any recent posts:

    There has been a recent influx of newbs who don't use an auction house addon. Using auctioneer, you can use the sorting mechanism to your advantage. Let me illustrate 2 ways.

    First is an obvious usage - sort by current bid. I used this to find some rediculous deals. 10 copper bars for 3c? Yes... I won that auction. There are many like this.

    Second might not be obvious - but intuitive nonetheless. Sort by auction owner. The same noob who posted the 10 copper bars for 3c bid most likely posted 15 rough stone at a 2c bid. Or how about the malachite I snagged for 1s? You will find the obvious mistakes all lumped together, and will be more reliably not a scam.

    To expound upon this - you must understand that people who don't have auctioneer can't be arsed or slip up on fixing the starting bid price. Its ok to take advantage, since its all laziness. They couldnt be arsed to cancel and repost a mistake, and they couldnt be arsed to download a mod that makes life trivial. Its not like the whole world doesn't know about auctioneer.

    Anyhow, I am putting a couple hundred bids out here and there - even on longer term auctions. Whats the worst that can happen? I get my bid back - no worse for the wear.

  2. I loev this blog! Since I first found it 2 weeks ago I've made more money than I have in 2 months. I would like to see perhaps some more auct./mod usage, farming spots of course are always welcomed, and really just hints at the next big thing. I think everyone here made a BOATLOAD of money from the Dream Shard rush, it was a good call. Plus, the overlooked glyphs page is nice, I'm stocking up on the "popular" tagged items.

    Here two tips of my own:
    1. When you see someone in trade saying "WTS", always respond with "I'll buy it". That way if its a good deal, you can be the first to get it. This way you can beat other people instead of running to the AH, typing it in, determining if its worth it, finding his name, etc.

    After you say I'll buy (you're most likely first), check the AH at your own pace. If you decide it isn't a good deal, either say "sorry" or "mt".

    2. Before you go to school/work, quickly log on and search for lvl 73-80 weapons/armor. On my server (post-patch), GCE go for 37-40g ea, Dust at 3-3.5g. My strategy is buyout all weapons below or equal to 20g, bid on others if the BO is too high, but the bid is still in the range.

    For armor I buy out all below 7g.

    My reasoning for both is for weapons, I usually get 1 GCE, a 15+g profit after AH cut. 2 is just icing on the cake. However, you'll someimtes get dust (around 3-4), which is a loss of about 6-8g. A little risky, but usually in your favor.

    For armor, there is a 75% of Dustx3.5 meaning I break even at 2, and make a profit in anything above.

    I look forward to your tips guys and further articles from you! I'll perhaps update this page with some farming spots.

  3. Wow! I never thought of sorting by owner if I find a good deal, awesome tip.

    I just had a question I forgot to post, is there a way to see when a new post has been made on an article? Once a day I scan the most 15 recent usually to see if anybody has some tips/questions.

  4. I decided to share nice tactics i have found many years ago that still consistently pays more now than ever before


    Crazy Right

    the fishing nodes in W Feralas along the coast on the beached area spawn as firefin, oily blackmouth, stone scale eel, and wreckage. All nodes drop boxes that contain Bolts of mageweave, runeweave, thick and heavy leather, greens 38-45, and upwards 10s-1g in i run of farming all nodes i get 12-25 boxes depending how many wreckage spawn.

    $$magewave i turn into Tailoring White Bandit Mask
    1x Bolt of Mageweave
    1x Bleach
    1x Heavy Silken Thread

    $$De to 2-5 Vision Dust and l-3 l nether.

    fish i r used in alc 20 Oil bm 5 strange kelp makes 5 Free action potions my most fav pvp potion.
    Use and sell a lot 6-12g per 5.

    The SS eel makes Greater Stoneshield Potion when combined with thorium ore. (i don't sell or make as many as i ketch but they do sell 5-6 stacks of 5 per week at 20g feed rest to my hunters pet,lol.

    The ff snaper make 2-1 Fire Oil that is a usable for easy enchanting lvls
    Scroll of Enchant Cloak - Lesser Fire Resistance
    1x Fire Oil
    1x Lesser Astral Essence
    It sells steady

    Leather i sell for 150% norm price it sells the ah runs out a lot

    Greens de'd

    I like doing the fishing run 3-4 times in a row they respawn hour from when u fished it often if your slow they will start respawing as you are done.
    i usually log and do a thorium run and come back.

    People do fish them but will oftn only fish the wreckage so i get way more wreckage nodes spawning when they all get fished.

    Cooking n Fishing

    With the new cooking dailies people are scrambling to lvl cooking. Cooking Otherwise useless fish is the easyiest way to lvl cooking.

    One who lvls cooking and fishing together and smartly could easly fish 3-4 chars to 375 by the time you get to 425+ fishing
    I like teach u everything easy about fishing

    Or you can lvl fishing using Deviate Fish that sell on average 1g fish cooked 60-80s raw

    These sell very very well on Neutral AH is sell 1@1.75 e 5@ 1.50e and 20 at 1g e
    (sometimes ill run around stv for few min on sat afternoon after selling lots and kill the opposing faction that are under the effect of what i assume to be my fish.

    IDK if good or bad for business but its fun

    All in all

    All in all i spend 2-3 hours fishing n mining a 1-2 times a week its easy rewarding addictive very easy going rarely see a person steady markets little competition.

    fishing is one of many things I turn to when other markets are stale, uncertain or just "yesterday"

    Hope the servers come up soon
    I must be getting bored i'm blogging

    guy who stopped by

  5. I'm stuck with my dream shards I bought between 9 and 11g. The market is cratering. I tried the first night to put them up for 27g but that failed as I was severely undercut. I put a 2nd batch up for 20g but the market moved down again. Last night there were shards up for 9.5g. Now, I suppose the smart thing to do would be to buy up all the cheap shards, but I didn't have the stones for it. :)

    I'm hoping this is just people hoarding shards and dumping them. The price HAS to go up right? As I'm writing this, I'm regretting letting those shards go at 9.5g.

    The frozen orbs are working out. If I were selling them, I'd be looking at a 100% profit. I'm using them in the icy prism recipe, so I'm glad I stocked up. I wish I stocked up on the crappy gems a little more though. The prices on them are 2-3x what they were before the patch.

  6. ye im kinda stuck on dream shards too.... orbs and GCE and infinite dust sell like crazy but the shards worry me cause they have sold none...

  7. Great posts!

    I read through each and I really enjoyed them. These are great strategies/tips/suggestions all around.

    For those of you worried about dream shards, HANG ON TO THEM. No matter what don't dump them at the current prices (if your ah has not yet seen them go up). I have a post written that should come out by monday regarding the dream shards.

  8. Yeah, I'm in it for the long haul with Dream Shards. The price can't stay the same as it was prepatch if the supply is going down (due to use in enchants) unless something happens to push up the supply a lot.

    Now that I've built up a little nest egg with my leg armor and gem sales, I might double down on Dream Shards if the prices stay low.

  9. Eyeball Knight: I'm struggling to find the best way to show recent posts/comments. The blog is getting big and it's only really been around for a month... I definately need to figure out a way to display for new users the most recent information. I get home from work and see 30-40 emails + new comments on the blog!

    So far all I've come up with is the archive on the left side of the page and my favorite AH guides on the left as well. I've been trying to code a 'related posts' hack for the blog which should prove really useful.

  10. I have a suggestion on a gold guide you should review (I think)

    I have seen some reviews for it that say its great but they all seem to be from websites that seem exactly the same so it makes me think its put up by the author of the guide. Just that hes made so much gold would make me think its a great guide but you never know, if you could review this that would be very nice and I'm sure there are other curious people.

    Thanks and great site!

  11. Myro: I personally frown on buying gold and gold guides are usually hit or miss in terms of quality. I will review the guide if the auther allows me to take a look at some of it for free.

  12. I'd like to know if there are bot-auctioneer mods.

    I _DONT_ want to use them - I want to know if they are being used against me. Tonight I was getting outbid on almost everything, almost immediately.

  13. Markco:
    I certainly agree with you about buying gold. It takes the fun out of the game, and I would never encourage anyone to do it.

    Also I usually would not even think of buying a gold guide but I saw it and just got curious. And if it truly is great then I'm sure it is a good starting point.

  14. There are mobs out there that gives your both leather and cold meat. if you combine farming these and mining its a steady income.

    Combine that with DE stoneguard band's that is crafted from Crystallized Earth and its well worth the effort.

    On my server cold meat sells about 1g-1g50s. 50% drop of 8k aoe farmable mobs. leather for about 50s-1g 100% drop.

    Mining is great, but I'll leave those numbers to others.

    The mobs I mentioned are lvl 77 neutrals. Just search up Cold meat on any wow database.

    Great when you are bored of fishing, DE og other types of farming.

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