Suggestion Box Friday (1/30/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer.
Comments? Concerns? Gold guide ideas? This is your chance to be heard and give your opinion on basically anything regarding wow gold.

Did you feel that the blog was enjoyable this week? Or did you find yourself reaching for the nearest oil can and box of matches?

Blog Changes:

1. Added the "Related Posts by Category" feature. This gives you a list of related posts if you click on any individual post and check just above the comments section. Let's say you want to find farming posts: You could either search using the "search my 2 copper" google search bar or you could click on any farming post to see a list of simliar posts by that category just below the end of that post. Thanks to all who participated in the poll regarding this new feature.

2. Removed recommended auction house guides list. There are just too many to list!

End of the Month Stats:

45,000+ page views, 15,000 individual viewers, and 4:58 average time on site. Thank you all who have continuted to contribute to the blog via posting comments or by emailing me with your thoughts, questions, gold ideas, etc. Without your opinions this blog would be an empty shell and without the support of your mail I would have trouble maintaining my daily posting regimine.

Whisper in Game:

I received this whisper in game from Deshumay-
"hey mark, I would like to thank you for your gold making guide. It helped me get to 5200g from 100 in about a week! btw, did that hunter you destroyed in the duel ever give you your money?" - Naw Deshumay he never paid up, and sorry I was afk when you whispered me! That is awesome news that you made so much gold from the guides on this site, aren't you glad you got them for free? Thanks for reading and thanks for whispering me in game, it made my day! Good luck and keep in touch.


More mail on the dream shards. Sit tight and save them, let the markets correct themselves. Sadly, I can't give you a time frame on this, but to quote blizzard "Soon."

I really enjoyed the success stories of people who have made hundreds to thousands of gold already from reading this blog. Nothing is more satisfying than reading these stories because I get a feeling for which posts are actually helping people make the most gold.

Favorite Post Comments:

Krazykral pretty much summed up my feelings on the shards quite well with this post:
Krazykral said...

Same here :) I sold about a stack of them on patch day for a reasonable price (around 25-30+ gold each) and within a few hours the price sank to 15-20. I've not sold a single one since patch day, however I've not panicked once :p

People ALWAYS need shards, and if you followed the guidelines you could sell them all for 12g each and still not come out a loser. Just hold onto them for a bit longer and your price will return to something nicer :)On a side note, my AH is still hovering around 10-12 gold each and there's around 150 auctions up constantly. People are too stupid and keep undercutting and flooding the market. As soon as they make a quick buck I'll swoop in and make a large buck :p

Bitwise commented on another great place to farm runecloth: Stratholme. (old world)
Bitwise said...

I farm Stratholme frequently. To get rid of Cadaver Worms (the debuff that
prevents you from healing and deals 9000 damage over 10 minutes) you can use
either of these two consumables:

Purification Potion:

Remember that Runecloth is also
needed for Death Knights to get their First Aid up in the beginning since that's
the first thing that can make their skill go up

Yarr said...

I realize this is a PvP post but i'll throw this out anyways since we are talking about potions/elixers and i acutally have seen a couple of ppl pop this in PvP. Elixir of Deadly Strikes aka Cash Cow.I don't know why this sells so well or for so much but the amount of money I bring in on these is insane. I sell maybe 10-20 a night and make anywhere from 10-20g per elixir on my server. Being an elixir master only sweetens the deal.

5 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (1/30/09)"

  1. hey,

    just wanted to say that i also farmed my epic flyer in just over two weeks using your tips. i am by no means a 'hardcore' player, it took mere minutes per day.
    The two cash cows i had were the cobalt chest (not anymore) and the eternal earths, which i was buying for 100g/stack and since infinite dust were going for 5+ per, i never made a loss:)

    Thanks again

  2. I'd like to see a post about various race/class combinations and how they can affect farming and professions, whether it be positively or negatively. Eg. Tauren have a racial bonus to health (+5% of their maximum stamina), Death Knights have low down-time, Draenei have a quick heal ability that can lower down-time, and Trolls have a regeneration racial that adds more health regeneration. Things like that can seriously affect your speed when killing mobs, and is great knowledge to know when rolling and leveling a profession alt.

  3. Elleza: Thank you and I hope you don't mind but I added your comment to the testimonials section :D

    Bitwise: Great point. Certain racials really do come in handy when farming. In fact, sometimes a racial gives the character/class a tremendous advantage when farming particular mobs. I'll look into this.

  4. Looking for a few extra gold to make while running between mailbox and AH? Try using Titanium Skeleton keys to open lockboxes for tips. On Suramar, keys are well under 1g per and tips range up to 10+g.
    Liljeff- Suramar (US)

  5. Liljeff - That tip is spectacular.

    To my knowledge not one gold guide on the market has come up with this idea and you deserve some credit if I turn it into a post.

    Thank you for your excellent comment!

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