Undocumented 3.0.8 Glyph Changes - Profit Incoming!

Incoming with 3.0.8 is a plethora of undocumented glyph changes, most of which are being met with much anticipated glee! (Well at least for a fury warrior like myself!)

Besides the pure mechanics update I'm giving you, "Just My Two Copper" is meant to give you a hint towards financial fortitude. So remember, if you're Mr. Inscriptioner, get ready to glyph away as people switch to optimize their characters.
And although we're now being told dual specs are going to have to wait for at least one more patch, glyph sales will be EXTREMELY profitable once that change hits, given that every player will have a second spec with a fresh glyph sheet to be filled.

Below are the changes to the glyphs that will hit in 3.0.8.
(Red text indicates Just My Two Copper "Big Seller" predicitions)

Death Knight Glyphs:

  • [Glyph of Unbreakable Armor]: Unbreakable Armor grants an additional 15% armor. (Old - Unbreakable Armor grants an additional 5% parry chance but no longer increases your Strength.)
  • [Glyph of Frost Strike]: Reduces the cost of your Frost Strike by 8. (Old - Your Frost Strikes have a 10% chance to Freeze the target for 8 sec.)
  • [Glyph of Rune Strike]: Increases the critical strike chance of your Rune Strike by 10%. (No longer increases runic power cost)
  • [Glyph of Obliterate]: Your Obliterate strikes for 20% additional weapon damage. (No longer decrease bonus damage per disease)
  • [Glyph of Vampiric Blood]: Increases the duration of your Vampiric Blood by 10 sec. (Old - Your Vampiric Blood also heals you for 3% of your total health.)
  • [Glyph of the Ghoul]: Your Ghoul receives an additional 40% of your Strength and 40% of your Stamina. (Old - Your Ghoul receives an additional 20% of your Strength.) - Most unholy DK's will have this already. But if they don't they will most likely want it after the patch.
  • [Glyph of Death Grip]: When you deal a killing blow that grants honor or experience, the cooldown of your Death Grip is refreshed. (Old - Increases the cooldown of Death Grip by 10 sec but stuns targets for 1 sec.)
  • [Glyph of Rune Tap]: Your Rune Tap heals yourself for an additional 10% of the effect, and also heals your party for 10% of their maximum health. (Old - Didn't benefit the DK and only healed the party) - Yet another self heal for DK's.
  • [Glyph of Death Strike]: Increases your Death Strike's damage and healing by 20%. (Old - Your Death Strike's damage and healing increase by 2% for every 5 runic power you currently have. The runic power is not consumed by this effect.)
  • [Glyph of Raise Dead]: Your Raise Dead spell no longer requires a reagent. (Old - You generate 20 runic power whenever you summon a ghoul) -Very nice glyph for unholy.
Hunter Glyphs:
  • [Glyph of Serpent Sting]: Increases the duration of your Serpent Sting by 6 sec. (Up from 3 sec)
Paladin Glyphs:
  • [Glyph of Flash of Light]: Your Flash of Light has an additional 5% critical strike chance. (Old - Your Flash of Light heals for 50% less initially, but also heals for 140% of its inital effect over 12 sec.)
  • [Glyph of Holy Light]: Your Holy Light grants 10% of its heal amount to up to 5 friendly targets within 20 yards of the initial target. (Up from 10 Yards) - Incredible PvE, 5-Man PvP Glyph.
  • [Glyph of Hammer of Wrath]: Reduces the cost of Hammer of Wrath by 100%. (Old - Increases the range on Hammer of Wrath by 5 yards.) - A neat change. Good for Ret PvP.
Shaman Glyphs:
  • [Glyph of Windfury Weapon]: Increases the chance per swing for Windfury Weapon to trigger by 5%. (Old - The attack power bonus on the additional attacks granted by Windfury Weapon is increased by 40%.)
  • [Glyph of Fire Nova Totem]: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Nova Totem by 3 seconds. (Old - Increases the radius of Fire Nova Totem's effect by 2 yards.)
  • [Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem]: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire Elemental Totem by 10 min. (Up from 4 minutes)
  • [Glyph of Astral Recall]: Cooldown of your Astral Recall spell reduced by 7.5 min. (Up from 2.5 min)
  • [Glyph of Renewed Life]: Your Reincarnation spell no longer requires a reagent. (Old - All stats increased by 5% for 1 min when you Reincarnate.)
Warrior Glyphs:
  • [Glyph of Bloodrage]: Reduces the health cost of your Bloodrage ability by 100%. (Up from 50%)
  • [Glyph of Cleaving]: Increases the number of targets your Cleave hits by 1. (Old - Reduces the rage cost of Cleave by 5.)
  • [Glyph of Mortal Strike]: Increases the damage of your Mortal Strike ability by 10%. (No longer reduces the healing penalty) - Huge PvP Glyph.
  • [Glyph of Bloodthirst]: Increases the healing you receive from your Bloodthirst ability by 100%. (Up from 20%)
  • [Glyph of Whirlwind]: Reduces the cooldown of your Whirlwind by 2 sec. (Old - Increases the number of targets your Whirlwind ability hits by 1.) - Amazing PvE Glyph.
  • [Glyph of Victory Rush]: Your Victory Rush ability has a 30% increased critical strike chance against targets above 70% health. (Old - 90% health)
  • [Glyph of Rending]: Increases the duration of your Rend ability by 6 sec. (Up from 3 sec)

4 comments: on "Undocumented 3.0.8 Glyph Changes - Profit Incoming!"

  1. Nice post thunderer.

    Keep in mind guys that some of the popular glyphs were made better, problem is the players aren't going to buy something they already have!

  2. The Deathknight glyph for Vampiric blood may be a big seller in my opinion. With the Blood tanking buffs you may be a number of Deathknights respeccing, and with the glyph change it is now a very powerful glyph for blood tanking.

    Also it is currently pretty weak, so even current blood tanks may not have and may want it come patch time.

  3. I, a DK, am Unholy and I don't have the Major Ghoul Glyph because of the Death and Decay glyph. It is far superior in its current iteration (20% Chance to fear) as opposed to the 3.0.8 one (20% increased damage). I am probably going to be picking up the Major and Minor ghoul glyphs for PvP.

    Also I don’t think the glyph of runetap is going to be as big a seller as you say. Remember it’s an additional 10% of the effect which, when talented, is 20% of your maximum health. That means the glyph is giving you 2% more of your maximum health NOT 10% more. The secondary effect is the larger part of that glyph, healing your party members for 10% of their health every 30 seconds.

  4. As a Mage, Arcane Blast glyphs are selling like hotcakes because of the recent changes to Arcane and an Arcane bug allowing very high dps in raids.

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