Farming Righteous Orbs in Stratholme

In this video I'm going to show you how to avoid all the undead side mobs in stratholme, thus eliminating the need to have some way of removing their debuff when farming there. This strategy requires a level 80 character to avoid every mob, but if you have a level 70 character you can avoid everything just like in the video except for the first two pulls.

In this particular run I made:

4x Righteous orbs
Alexander's Battleaxe
Bottom half of armor
Plans: Serenity
113x Runecloth
6x Dust
8x Shards
Greys/some gold
If I was doing this run for Crusader I would of made enough for two enchants worth.

You can do it much faster than I did, remember that the mobs to focus on are the humanoids in live side, because no other mobs drop Righteous Orbs. Don't skip the bosses either since two of them have a 50% chance to drop a Righteous Orb.

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  1. Not sure if this is only happening on Drak'thul, but the price of Dream Shards is going up slowly. Up to 15 now from 10 gold.

  2. Yes these shards are going up and down very fast within hours.
    Stormscale eu Large brilliant shards are 1-2g and you can find them in the night about 6g..
    Eternal essences are about 14-20g always..
    Righteous orbs have falled down to 20-40g...

  3. I made some nice cash running the dead side over and over while trying to get the baron's death charger. Runecloth, vendor items, and DE the greens can net you a very nice profit. I was probably averaging 300-400 gold per hour while farming for a rare drop. Not too shabby.

  4. Hey this comment is not directly related to your post, but rather a thank-you. Yesterday I purchased my epic flying training solely from your bid low sell high advice and a little thorium farming on the side. I gave an alt 500g and using your techniques managed to make over 5000g from the AH with over 2000g of items still left in my alts inv. All this took about 1hr on the AH each day for about 2 weeks. Easy money for a casual player.

    The highlight was bidding on arctic furs for 5g and winning then reselling for 75g.

    Thanks alot Markco and keep up the good work.

  5. Garax: Woo-hoo another satisfied customer :D

  6. *Garax - I am pleased you have made lots of money, but I think you misread Markco. "Bidding low -> Selling Normal." is the principle and there are 2 articles about how to do it.

  7. I must say that i was from the least ppl that was farming righteous orb before that vid comes.So when it came , stormscales Auction house got filled of righteous orbs:P
    From 40-70g that they where before now they go 25-40.Markco you destroyed me ! Sarcasm xD

  8. Anonymous: On the flip side, if people start skipping the undead as I suggest, then those that farm the undead will be able to sell their cloth and argent dawn rep items better!

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