How to reduce Latency

This is a helpful little tip to reduce your latency that I learned a year ago from the famous warrior Swifty:

(With warcraft exited and not running)

1. Click on start, run, then "cmd". In the window that just opened type "ipconfig" and press enter.

2 You'll see something like "IP Adress . . . . . . . .: [Your Ip here]

3. Write down the Ip address.

4. Next, Click on start again, run "regedit".

5. The Registry Editor will show up, Open "HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE", "system", "CurrentControlSet" , "Services", "Tcpip" , "Parameters". "Interfaces"

6. Now in interfaces look in each folder until you see the one with your IP address.

7. Right click(anywhere on the white area of the tab), New, D-Word Value, Name it "TcpAckFrequency". Double Click it. Put "1" as a value and press Ok.

8. Close the regedit. Now disable your connection, enable it and finally login to the game.

My connection dropped from 180ms to 33ms using this trick. You can see your latency by mousing over the little computer monitor icon which leads you to the game menu on your hotbar. MS stands for milliseconds, and is really the time it takes you to send information to wow and then get something back.

This will surely help anyone lagging in areas like Ogrimmar, Ironforge, and dalaran which will in turn allow you to sell your goods in the more frequented major cities..

Let me know if it helps in the comments section.

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  1. This just changes what you see, not your actual latency.

  2. I thought this old trick just made it look like you had 33ms but infact you still have the same delay :S

    Anyway, when is the best time to post items on AH? Friday nights? :S

  3. Thursday nights with 48 hour posting.

  4. Can you do a post on how to make more gold on a huge server -- E.G. Cenarius.

    FULL of under-cutters and when I search for resale, 70% of the stuff is not found anymore.


  5. I'd like help on the problem Jeff has got. I'm on Draenor-EU, which is one of the older servers of WoW. Therefore it very crowded and littered with people that seem to check this blog everyday :P

  6. I play on Gorefiend, which is one of the US launch servers, if I do recall - and my market is extremely competitive too. I rarely make a big profit, mine is more just kind of... small steps towards a bigger goal.

    I don't think I'll have my epic flyer for another two or three months at my rate, lol. :)

  7. Aye, Cenarius was one of the beta realms too or whatever. It has the best economy in some ways, but to be 'the man', it's the worst :(

  8. In regards to the latency it does help but not by as much as it says it does. Try doing a ping before and after to to see the small difference.

    Maybe I should level to twelve on some of these beta servers and try to make some gold?

    Let's say on a high pop server everything is cheaper. Does that mean that you still can't find niches from your professions? Absolutely not. Take a good hard look at your professions and try to come up with a way to mix them for good profit.

    Can you use any number of profession mixes to make gold? Perhaps you aren't looking in the right places if you can't. Not every money making oppurtunity is at max profession level.

  9. Not to advertise here or anything - but Gevlon over at is actually doing a challenge just like this - he had people submit the worst possible server/faction on EU servers they could come up with - and he rolled there to try and make gold...

    they came up with Magtheridon-EU Alliance side... terrible economy...

    This is a guy who's pulled in upwards of 20k per week since I've started reading his blog - and he has some good ideas...

    Just throwing this out there for all of you who are on "terrible servers" for making gold - you can always make gold - just takes a little ingenuity

  10. Thanks for the informative comment! I too enjoy greedy's blog. I'm hoping to interview him soon and I'll bring this topic up.


  11. @Jeff et al,

    I think you have touched on one of the key challenges when it comes to investing, whether in WoW or RL. Professional investors actually have a name for it. It's called the Efficient Market Theory,

    From the WoW player's perspective, as soon as an investing idea is "let loose" in the wild (internet), the information will cause prices to go up or down based on the information. That's why all good investment strategies quickly loose their value once they have been identified by others i.e. if most people know the strategies they are no longer unique (in technical terms they eliminated a Market Information Asymmetry).

    Is this always the case? Nope, not everyone in the market has the same knowledge, and these people can be used to make money. Like when you see copper bar stacks listed for ridiculously low prices on the AH. They call this the "greater fool theory" of investing. Someone with poor knowledge will make these mistakes which allows others to profit from their ignorance.

    Ever notice that you don't see too many of these opportunities on the AH? That's because there are 100's maybe even 1000's of people on your server doing EXACTLY the same thing you are.

    They are using the commonly available AH stat software AddOns (Auctioneer, wowecon etc.)looking for bargains and arbitrage opportunities.

    Do all servers have efficient markets? Nope, some servers have loads of naive investors, and it is very easy for savvy investors to make 1000's of gold every week. Usually the older and larger the server the fewer opportunities there are to make large profits.

    my two cents

  12. Nice comment, leave your name next time! Really great points.

    There is a way to find your own niches on every server, and I will be revealing the strategy in my gold making guide.

  13. Sounds pretty cool, know of anything along the same lines for a mac?

  14. dude this works like a charm!! ping reduced from 350 to 55!! amazing.. it now i play 100% lagg free :D!:D!:D!:D!

  15. bro it workd but afta 2 hrs i startd d game same old latency... :(

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