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Vendors in world of warcraft will buy almost every item in the game in exchange for coin, regardless of the value another player would place on the same item. This is why you almost never vendor trash items that are white or better, since they will most likely be bought by players for a higher price than the vendor will provide.

There are times, however, when the vendor's offer will make you money.Three items in the game can often be bought off the auction house and then sold to a vendor.

Jaggal Pearl + Draenic Water -> Purified Jaggal Pearl

This can be pretty amazing since people often throw jaggal pearls on the auction house for dirt cheap. If you can buy the pearls and draenic water (costs 10s88c) for less than one gold, the materials can be combined into Purified Jaggal Pearls and vendored for profit. So if you see any Jaggal Pearls for under 89s12c, you should buy them out.

Thick Spider's Silk

These lovely silks vendor for 7s50c each but are famous for being posted for less than two silver a piece.

Netherweave Cloth -> Netherweave Bandages

Sometimes people are so desperate to get rid of stacks of Netherweave Cloth that they don't bother to see how much the cloth is worth when turned into a bandage. You can simply buy out the cloth, make Heavy Netherweave Bandages, and sell them to a vendor for profit! If you can get the cloth cheaper than 3 gold per stack you will make a profit vendoring it as bandages.

I know that these three are not going to make you thousands of gold anytime soon, but who doesn't like free money?

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  1. I would like to point out that this holds true for other things - like barbed gill trout, bonescale snapper... A stack of barbed gill trout vendors for 30s after cooking it. cooked bonescale snapper is 60s after cooking.

    Fishing is good - but gives you way too many crapfish... Cook 'n' vendor!

    Also, give the Borean Man 'o' War to your hunter alt. my level 22's boar eats em with pleasure - and I am free to sell my other meats for profit.

  2. how do I combine the water and pearls?

  3. The netherweave-cloth => netherweave bandages trick netted me about 500g when I was saving up for my epic flying mount last year. Nothing to sneeze at. In small amounts it may not mean much but over time it really adds up, and it's money for almost no effort.

  4. Scooter: You must be a jewelcrafter to combine them.

  5. I am now doing this while waiting for a summon/chilling in town for a few minutes. It nets me about 5g each time I do it, not bad!

  6. I bought one Thick Spider's Silk, 16s, vendored it for 7s. ??

  7. Anonymous: WHAT!? The idea is to buy it less than 7s and then vendor for 7s. I'm sorry if my post was confusing and you bought it for 17s, then resold for 7s :(

  8. To the guy who bought the silk for 16s:

    You're a fucking moron.


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