Video - Bid Low Sell Normal

A follow up video for my auction house guide regarding Bidding low -> Selling Normal.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to make wow gold on the auction house and it will change your concept of "buy low -> sell high."

Enjoy and please turn the volume up, the narration is kind of low.


For more information on this topic, visit this article:

If you can't view this video for whatever reason, you can also view it at youtube:

4 comments: on "Video - Bid Low Sell Normal"

  1. When you put them back on the AH - do you mark the bid and buyout the same or very close?

    Do you put them on the AH at the current highest price on the AH, or do you put them slightly cheaper?

  2. I am really happy with people who have been commenting recently. Wish you guys would get blogspot accounts so that I could put a name to the comment :)

    Anyway, thanks for the question, it requires a very complicated answer and I will place it on my 'to write' list that I keep for articles on the site.

    The factors you should think about when placing bid/buyouts are: How often do people buy this item? How much competition is there? Can I lower my bid price to make the item appear first when sorting by buyout cost and still turn a profit?

  3. Hey. I have been playing wow for just about 2 years now. I have always struggled insanly at making gold. You probably get this message a lot. I have bought WoW Millions guide, And Secerets. But i cant seem to get anything out of it because it does not actually show hands on videos. Any one can say that make millions of gold on text, but i need to see videos, AkA you. I love the videos so far. I have only watched a few but i can already fell myself getting something out of it.

    I really need help with the auction house. If you can land me some things i should be looking for on there, that would be amazing.(

    Thanks !

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