Warning! Cobalt Cash Cow is Gone!

I don't normal put exclamation points in my titles, but this one deserves not one but two since it is a warning message. With the latest patch blizzard changed reinforced cobalt chest pieces from 4 cobalt bars to 8 cobalt bars + 2 crystallized water.

Bye bye cash cow. :(

Bars cost 2 gold per on my server and the waters cost 2 gold per as well. To make money you would need greater than 24 gold off a disenchant. Only way that is happening is if you get two greater cosmic essences and that has less than thirty percent chance of happenning.

Sorry guys but the golden goose has finally been brutally murdered by blizzard.

3 comments: on "Warning! Cobalt Cash Cow is Gone!"

  1. ya I am pretty sad about it

    i had made 4k gold in 10 days.

    Sorry i dont have a blog account.

  2. Meh, I'm not too worried. What I am worried about is the 20 scarlet rubys I have. Should I cut and unload now? Supply it seems should be going up because of Heroics and the Icy Prism, but demand is always there from new items. Perhaps unload this Tuesday or next patch? Dual-spec?

  3. This is just from my personal view on marcko's server about the gems, all the gems cut and uncut are dropping pretty fast, scarlet rubies are very very very slowly declining, that being said this same thing happened a few months after tbc came out, and they just kinda capped off at their respective levels

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