What Sells on the Neutral AH?

Selling auctions on the Neutral auction houses (the ones operated by goblins and accessible by both factions) has always been looked at as taboo. Learn how you can make gold off the neutral auction house today!

Neutral Auction House Locations:

Auction House Deposits are much higher at neutral locations. For instance, you will pay 75% of the vendor price just for a 12 hour auction! If you're going to make money off the neutral auction house then you need to be absolutely certain that your auctions will see prime time and be of value to the audience who uses the neutral auction house.

What Items Sell the Best in the Neutral Auction House?

  • Green Hills of Stranglethorn Quest Items
  • Armor/Weapons for levels 35-45 (Tanaris and Stranglethorn levels)
  • Enchanting Dusts/Shards for leveling the profession.
  • Pets the opposite faction cannot normally aquire.

When selling in the neutral auction houses you have to remember to keep your audience in mind. What level characters will be viewing my items and how much gold will they have? What will those characters be looking for? What items will sell well enough that I will actually make more gold than a normal auction house?

The Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest items are a no brainer. Players visiting their mail box in Stranglethorn will be two inches from an auction house and will most likely take a look to see if any green hills are for sale. That is an easy way to get your items to sell and people expect these items to be on the neutral auction house.

Armor and particularly weapons can be dreadful items to put on the neutral auction house. However, some blues are worth putting up, just be sure to put them up during prime time (4pm -midnight).

It is always worth it to place a few enchanting mats on the auction house, especially since they will not cost you anything to post.

Pets for the opposite faction are the #1 gold maker at the neutral auction house. Post during prime time and put up items like the brown snake from ogrimmar or the cockroach from undercity. People looking for the pet achievement will buy these up for reasonable prices and they don't cost much to post.

As you can see it doesn't hurt to have a lowbie toon in booty bay or another neutral auction house for the sole purpose of posting a few items each week. If you currently are using an alt in winterspring for mining thorium then it is no big deal to have that toon post your items for the neutral auction house.

11 comments: on "What Sells on the Neutral AH?"

  1. Don't forget that Tanaris is next to Un Goro crater. There is a quest there that requires a Mithril Casing.

    This is an engineering made item, and can be sold for 5g each without an issue in Tanaris - not so easy to do in your factions AH.

    if you see them for cheap on your factions AH, buy em up and repost em in the neutral AH.

  2. www.warcraftpets.com/ for a list of Alliance-only and Horde-only pets to sell!. Also rare ones you can farm for gold if you feel like doing that.

  3. Hey, has anyone verified whether or not the Chopper or the Mechanohog are usable cross-faction? I realize there is considerable investment there, but IMAGINE the market! That mount would be more rare than Ashes of Alar!

    I will attempt to get verification on this in the meantime. I have a buddy who has almost saved up all the materials. We will post it on the neutral AH at an obscene price and get a mouseover horde-side to see if it is red (unusable) or not...

  4. I would like to see the AH cut of that sale ^_-. What would you be pricing at? 20k?

  5. I am thinking of 30,000 * 1.15 (the AH cut).

    I am also thinking that I would put it up for 75,000 for the first time - because the point isnt to sell it, just to verify usability. If someone buys it while it is up at 75,000... Well, that would just be a WIN. lol.

    The end point is that people whine and complain in trade chat "thats too expensive - I can just buy a mammoth" and then turn around and spend 100g or whatever on an opposing faction pet that cost the poster 5s to purchase.

    As it was stated before, you have to know your audience... Those looking for exotic pets from the opposing faction have gold to burn in their pockets. The truly well off ones would want it.

    With the right advertising, someone could buy it. I bet I could get 50k for it on opposing faction.

    This being said, I dont expect to sell more than 1 or 2 every 2-3 months... but you never know

  6. This is an amazingly cool idea, maybe a post on the wow forums will answer the question of whether these items are cross faction useable. Especially with the recent all mounts all races for each faction.

  7. Whats the price to put it up on auction?

  8. I was thinking about listing cross faction cooking recipes on the AH.
    The Chef de Cuisine achievement needs 160 recipes and I don't think it is possible to do the achievement without them.

    There are 8 horde recipes I am after and so far I've paid about 240g for 4. The horde have it worse with 16 alliance only recipes.

  9. Rexkicker: Neat idea! I'm going to look into this further, thank you! Let me know if those sell well, and I'd try using the forums to sell them since you'll get better visibility and avoid the nasty goblin 75% vendor price cut.

  10. Sorry for the late comment, I just found your blog and have been reading back through the old posts :)

    As an Alliance player, I can tell you that I check the neutral AH regularly for the Deviate Delight recipe. If I ever saw it I would be willing to pay a good price for it. So for you Horde looking to make some money, try putting these up!

    A specific pet that also sells really well to Alliance is the Black Tabby cat from the Dalaran mobs in Silverpine forest. These mobs are green to Alliance, so they cannot get this pet without help from the neutral AH.

  11. Great suggestion and welcome to the blog!

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