Where to Farm Thorium Ore

Use this guide to farm thorium ore without having to run around mindlessly searching for respawns. Look for half an hour in these three locations and find atleast 8-12 nodes. Eventhough this is a level 60 item, death knights and other characters leveling blacksmithing, jewelcrafting, and/or engineering would prefer to buy this item rather than farm it.

Mid level profession items, the ones that get you levels 220-300 in any profession are often very hard to come by. Thorium, for instance, is one of the worst profession material sinks in the game because of how many are required for jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, and engineering. A blacksmith will go through 500+ of these easily on his way to skill level 300 and that’s a market you don’t want to pass up.

Here’s my guide for farming Thorium ore:
Step 1: Park a miner in Everlook, Winterspring.
Step 2: ??
Step 3: Profit.


Park a miner (level 69+) in Everlook, Winterspring.

  1. Make Everlook your home.
  2. Head east to the Yeti cave; there are a handful of nodes that spawn there.
  3. After the cave is cleared, head south to the Owl Wing Thicket and look for nodes in the owl caves (you don’t have to go inside any caves for the nodes to be visible on the map).
    Head south to Darkwhisper Gorge.
  4. As you enter the Gorge you will pass two demons and there will be a little hill on your right (west). Go up the hill and enter the cave to purchase Gromsblood for super cheap off the demon there. He sells some rare cloth as well but it doesn’t sell anywhere near as well as the Gromsblood.
  5. Go through each cave in Darkwhisper Gorge and into the clearings to search for thorium nodes. You will find no more then two nodes in any one clearing, and in some of the smaller ones never more then one at a time.
  6. Log off your alt. Every 30+ minutes come back onto your alt and check all the clearings for nodes again.
  7. When your bags are full hearth to Everlook where you will have access to a bank, guild bank, and mail box which will make transporting/storing the ore much easier.

Thorium bars go for as much as 65 gold a stack and usually the ore form is more expensive because jewelcrafting needs thorium ore in stacks of 5 for prospecting. Also, any other profession can buy ore to be smelted into bars. Even though this is usually true you should still check for deals by bidding or buying out ore then smelting it into bars to be resold. The bar to ore ratio is 1:1. You should also pick up quite a few gems while farming the thorium, which will sell for over 10 gold each depending on your AH.

The beauty of this strategy is that you don't have to farm for hours on end, but rather, you can farm once or twice a day and continue playing your other characters as usual. Have a raid and need to kill twenty minutes? Just log onto your mining alt and farm this location while you wait.

10 comments: on "Where to Farm Thorium Ore"

  1. if you stick to just the demon infested area you'll do even better

    I log out in two different places, the cave at the entrance, and next to Earthcaller Franzahl

    see this map for the route


    login, run the route once from one star to another, log out, login 20 minutes later do it again, rinse repeat

  2. perhaps this has changed since wotlk released, but on my server EPL was leaps and bounds better than winterspring for farming thorium.

  3. if you also have an alchemist, don't forget to look into transmuting the thorium + arcane crystals you're mining into arcanite bars. these are very useful for some profession-leveling ranges, and there is no longer a cooldown on the transmute, so it's a viable option, depending on your server's prices.

  4. Jeremy, you are correct that EPL has a competetive number of thorium veins, however, it does not have a location with a bank/guildbank/mailbox. If you are simlpy mailing the items then EPL is a fine place to farm, but if you want to simply dump them into a guild bank for easier trasnfers, then Winterspring is ideal.

  5. Also, you can smelt them right in Everlook.

  6. Annonymous regarding transmute arcanite bar: Awesome tip.

  7. How does this compare to Silithus?

    There are several Rich Thorium Veins in the tunnels of the Silithid "nests", but most you can scout above ground via Radar. There are also a few Small Thorium Veins above ground.

    A circuit, including all 3 nests takes about an hour and yields 3.5-4 stacks plus gems. The local outpost has a mailbox and forge, with Gadgetzan not too far way for a bank.

  8. Your suggestion is an excellent alternative! I have a soft spot for this location because I liked how close together the ore spawns were in the gorge, but a place like silithus can be just as good if winterspring is crowded on your server.

    Thanks for the great comment!

  9. EPL lastely has done nothing good for me its over farmed and for new people that lvl mining when their lvling them selves isnt a good idea to be in EPL becuz their r quite alot of elietes etc in some parts.

  10. oh my god get a life. stop wasting your life like this.

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