#1 Best Farming Spot in WOTLK

Of all my posts at Just My Two Copper, I think that this farming spot is going to excite my hunter readers the most.

In this article I am going to release my favorite farming spot in the game currently... Oh and by the way, not one gold guide IN THE WORLD knows about this spot, because it was not good until after 3.0.8.

To obtain maximum profit from the following location, you will need to be an engineer with goggles, miner, and have spamable ranged abilities (hence why a majority of hunters will like farming here).

Melee can still farm here but not as quickly as ranged. If the mobs die in the air they just fall to the ground, giving ranged classes an advantage in killing speed because they don't have to wait while the mobs slowly float down to them.

What are the mobs you'll be killing?

Scions of Storm. This is my #1 Farming spot in WOTLK. Did you hear me? I'm telling you the #1 Farming Spot in WOTLK! There are some caveats, but if you have the right professions/class then nothing beats it, in fact I dare you to find something that does. We're talking 400 gold every half hour as a bare horrible minimum. As an engineer, miner, and ranged class you would easily clear 1000 gold an hour farming these Scions of Storm.

Let's analyze the Scions of Storm, shall we?
They are annoying in that they float around looking for the souls of Taunka to disturb... part of a quest but that doesn't really matter. They have a ranged spell which can be reflected/interrupted and when they die their bodies fall to the ground, making killing them at range obviously ideal. Also, there are around a dozen flying outside the cave that require some sort of ranged ability to pull, less you want to fall a mile to your death.

They drop crystallized airs 25% of the time and relics of ulduar 33% of the time. The standard elemental gray that they drop stacks so it is very difficult to fill your bags in this place (that's a good thing). You also receive the +50% movement speed that air elementals give you when they die and it helps your kills per hour tremendously.

I raked in 4.2 eternal airs, 50 relics of ulduar, and 35 gold in grays during a half hour farming session. That comes to 385ish gold for my server. If I was an engineer I would of nabbed two of the floating air nodes just outside the cave, and if I was a miner I would of mined atleast four saronite nodes while farming (more if they respawned in both cases). If I was ranged I would have killed them twice as fast, actually more like three times as fast.

So where is this spot?

Thottbot puts the location at 64,44 in Storm Peaks, but there are multiple entrances via a flying mount.

This is hands down the best grinding spot in the game for a ranged class that is also an engineer/miner (some hunters maybe?). If any of you fit this description then please try the spot out and let me know how much you can make per hour.

Why again is this the #1 best spot in WOTLK?

Here's a comprehensive list for the doubters:

1. As a miner you will get atleast 6 saronite nodes per hour farming session depending on respawns. Saronite is great because you can sell it as bars individually for 300% more than you would get for them in stacks of 20. This means you get a nice amount of bars but not so many that you can't sell them all at once.

2. As an engineer you will pick up probably 2-3 floating airs outside the cave every hour. That just adds to the number of eternals you will grab per hour and you will probably sell them all in a single night.

3. You will easily pick up relics of ulduar which sell great on all servers currently as the only purchasable way to increase your reputation with a faction in Northrend. 30-40% of your money farming here will come from selling these, so if they go for less than 3 gold on your server then your gold per hour will take a serious hit.

4. The kill rate is insane for ranged and you have +50% movement speed between kills, which makes for even faster killing.

See what I'm getting at? Minimum amount of time, maximum amount of profit. Just one hour of farming will net hundreds of gold that is practically gauranteed by every auction house on every server.

How will my giving away this spot change the economy?

Many of you are probably worried that giving away this great spot also ruins the market for Relics of Ulduar as well as Eternal Airs. Well fear not! Let me spell out exactly what is going to happen to wow economies across the world... of warcraft.

First off, players are going to farm here and gather thousands of relics of ulduar which will of course lower the price on the auction house. By being a smart auctioneer you can watch for when these prices get too low, buy them all out, then resell at more 'normal' prices. By taking advantage of peak play times you will be able to resell relics of ulduar for fantastic prices eventhough the market will soon become extremely competetive. As prices fall, your buying oppurtunites for resale are going to go way up, whereas right now there isn't enough competition to make buying for resale profitable.

For help with learning when you should bid on items for resale, you can see my post here: http://justmytwocopper.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-to-time-your-bids.html

As always http://justmytwocopper.blogspot.com/ strives to provide you all with the best farming spots, auction house guides, and gold strategies on the internet.

Video Showcasing the location and mobs:

32 comments: on "#1 Best Farming Spot in WOTLK"

  1. You win! Not only do you give us a great farming spot, but you also tell us how that farming spot will affect our servers prices for items AND how to make a profit of it? Thank you so much!(I...errr.... also need to get my sons of hodir rep up, havent done any of there quests....../sigh)

  2. I'm curious Markco, what WoW economy blogs do you read? I noticed you made a post on today's Greedy Goblin entry and that's making me curious.

  3. I've been trying to read a new blog everyday as I'm looking to expand this blog's readership by linking to simliar blogs. After Tobold covered my post on dream shards I was able to look and see what other blogs linked to that post. So far I haven't found all that many decent blogs on wow economics, but I will post any that I find in the helpful blog section of the post directory.

  4. the relics of ulduar don't sell on my server at all for some reason. I keep listing mine and none will be bought.

  5. Another interesting thing to note. When these guys die they don't auto give you the 50% move-speed buff. You have to walk into the cloud of dust left behind over their corpse in order to get it. These "clouds" stay active for about 10secs so its enough time for anyone to run in from range loot and get the buff to move onto the next one.

  6. Awesome point jhaman, great job again!

  7. Relics of Ulduar sell pretty cheap on my server so it's probably not as worthwhile. I'm not sure I understand your reasons for posting this. The whole buy it cheap sell it normal thing can be applied to pretty much any good that has sufficient demand.

  8. You are correct cryptfiend, but when you combine auction house mastery along with targeted farming you can really make a ton of gold in this game. There aren't many farming spots in WOTLK that produce multiple items of value like this one does. Believe me, I've been searching for over a week for places like this and I share it with my readers as a direct result of their asking in me emails, comments, and in-game whispers for farming locations.

  9. I freaking love you. Didn't farm here for more than a few hours causally and made over 1000g.

  10. As a mining/engineer hunter, I decided to give this place a whirl. In 45 minutes I had gathered 18 Saronite Ore, 65 Relics of Ulduar and 7.2 Eternal Air.

    AH prices on my server:
    Relic of Ulduar (3g each x 65 = 195g)
    Eternal Air (15g each x 7.2 = 108g)
    Saronite Ore (2g per bar = 18g)
    Assorted junk: 25g

    Grand total: 246g, assuming everything sells

    That's really not bad for how little work I actually did but horrible compared to Markco's numbers. Am I doing something wrong, or are our economies vastly different?

  11. Kalchus, sell the ore as bars individually for 2-3x your normal auction house price. They will sell because of glove/belt gem slot enhancements requirements. Also, eternal airs sell for 18-25 gold on my server, which is a big jump from yours and relics sell for 3-5 gold so another large jump. Also, what class are you? Ranged or melee? Ranged will kill them far faster than I could. Also, did you include your grays that you sold? With your loot I'd assume you killed around 180+ mobs (which means you got unlucky in terms of airs collected also) and therefore you had tons of grays to sell. Was it really only 25 gold?

  12. As I said in my post, I'm a hunter with mining/engineering.

    I can't be sure if it was really only 25g... but it certainly wasn't more than 40g. Still, decent spot if your server's economy is favorable. Mine isn't. =/

  13. Aw shucks, well thanks for trying it!

  14. I personally as a rogue prefer killing the fire guys just south of them where you get the scalding scraps. They seem to have the same drop rate on the relics but instead drop crystallized fire which sell about 10g more as eternal fire than air.

  15. Since patch 3.0.8 goes live, I have thought of farming Relics of Ulduar (as Marks of Saeragas were sources of income in the past). However your spot also consists of mining loc as well!
    I tested this spot, exellent for ranged dps.
    Though, I think the most effective farmer here is a Mage with Mining skil because Hunter's pet is kind of useless to attack the Scion in the sky, thus lowering the Dps, and there's a node of Scions which are flying up to the air (reachable by 40 yard FF bolts, not sure about Hunters).
    Havent found much Clouds around but this cave has 1 open entrance which is accessible through air, great for flying around after hour of farming.
    Combine w. my JC/Enchanting, this is pure WIN post.
    Thanks for such a great post ;)

  16. So... this place is awesome... as DK I am already built to be the ultimate farmer. I heal myself by attacking and I have no mana pool so I can continuously farm any spot nonstop. This is such an amazing place for the already OP DK farming class.

    Deathgrip works on the scions so u can stand out on the ledge and continuously rip them towards you. If DG is on CD then just use icytouch (if u have imp ranged on it) and pull them that way.

    Awesome post Markco! Best wishes on the "hackage." We need you back so you can do all the work finding these spots and we can enjoy the benefit of doing nothing but farming =)

  17. Thanks for this! My hunter alt happens to be both an engineer and a miner so this will really work out for me. Just need to get her a few more levels and she can get there.

  18. Relics are selling for around 3g each, crystallized air is going for 2g each, and the saronite bars sell for 3.5g on a good day. Is it possible to make money with this spot? It seems a little low.

    Also my servers economy is....terrible to be nice about it. Basically in the past few months or so the price of a lot of things has taken a nose dive. I search things like trade goods and and the majority of things are posted for 20-25 pct according to auctioneer. What can I do short of buying it all out,reposting it as 90-100 pct and PRAYING things don't drop down to 20-25% and lose probably a good couple thousand of gold.

  19. Hey Marcko... i am currently using this farming spot and am doing the basics and exagtly what you say. I dont know what i am doing wrong but i am making only 200-220g a trip. I farm for 45 mins, Pick up everything i leave with about 50 relics 3 Airs 3 greens (Disenchanted) and about 60-80 grays. Am i doing something wrong?

  20. 220 is low but not horrible. Those 60-80 grays should be around 100 gold (assuming some of them are weapons/armor), the relics should be 150-250 depending on your economy and you were very unlucky with your airs having only received 3 (should be worth 45-75 gold depending on your economy). You can d/e the greens for some nice money too. Trust me you're not doing anything wrong, but I have seen people in the best gear in the game take these things down in three global cooldowns. Once we are all running around in s8 gear it will be much faster.

  21. This spot may improve on various servers depending on who is leveling up. It takes 1500ish Relics to go from Friendly to Exalted. So one day there may be 100 for sale, the next day 0. That is what happened on my server. When I noticed the 100 I grumped, when I noticed the 0, I RAN to my farmer so he could mail the 90 relics I had to my banker. Although I think I started too low.

    The same for Eternal Air. Watch for undercutting, buy the really cheap ones.

    Of course if your AH is truly flooded because enough people ground to Exalted already (I know I have), then you may be SOL.

    In any case this one tip has helped me understand the other tips about playing with price, watching the supply etc.

  22. Great spot, great advice, great blog.

  23. Thanks Forozen, welcome to the site!

  24. Unfortunately, it appears this spot has been severely nerfed.

    I've been hitting this spot every once in a while over the last week or two and got regular drops of Relics. I just hit the spot tonight and got one Relic out of roughly 20 kills. The Eternal Airs are also not dropping as much.

    Can anyone else confirm?

  25. Anonymous, I haven't noticed anything. I've been coming here maybe once a night for a few nights and I get relics of ulduar maybe once every 3-4 kills and cystallized air about the same amount. I'm not sure what the problem was with you.

  26. hmmm, not a single relic of ulduar after 25 minutes...8 crystallized air, and LOADS of hoary crystals...NOT the best farming spot, lol

  27. First Off all I would like to thank you for the tip on the #1 Farming spot in Wotlk! When I read your post my heart almost skipped a beat. I guess I really lucked out when I read that the best class/proffesion makeup happend to be exactly what my main character was. I have a Orc Hunter 450 Miner/Eng.

    I started farming this area only 3 days ago i have spent roughly 5 hours a day there averaging about 800g/hr. In total I have made around 11.8k gold. My only regret is that I wish I had know about this earlier in as I could have made even more

  28. GRATS! 11.5k gold, not too shabby!

  29. I must say i ran this on a 30 min trial and was pretty impressed

    3.8 eternal air ~ 40-50g depending on day/time ect
    45 relics of ulduar 1-3 gold
    18g of vendor trash
    3-6 greens (didnt keep track but i dont count them as revenue anyway but if i did :) 30-50g )

    so aproximately 270-500g per hour, and thats with me randomly milling around, couple of hours ill work out a good route. That said those numbers are alittle low i fell off a cliff 3 times trying to pull the flying ones ( i would advise skipping them if your melee, the ground ones spawn fast anyway)

    But i think after i get used to it a bit 350 to 600 is a definite possibility. Miners would have a field day in here.

    also judging by the spawn rate i think 2-3 people could be sustained here if they all followed the same farm path spread out equally along the route, ill test that theory later.:) regardless great spot, if there is noone there, better if the mines and the anvil are flooded with people like they usually are

  30. I don't understand what people are talking about. I farmed this for about 20 minutes, and BARELY got 10 crystallized airs. Also, I saw no clouds to extract from, and about 10 relics total. This has actually been one of the WORST spots I've been to. I was really excited, too, because everyone seems to be raving about here. Am I doing something wrong?

  31. To Anonymous from August, 26.

    Probably with the patches released since the original post, this spot is no good anymore.

    Anyway, I'm gonna test it out too and post my results here after.

    BTW Markco, I've been playing for 2 months now. I'm on my first char, a 80 (became 80 yesterday :D) rogue, and thanks to some of your tips my income has increased greatly. Thank you.

    Best regards,

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