The 1.5k Gold Trinket

Bane emailed me with this interesting idea:

"Just some new grinding spot if desperate for gold:

Nascent Val'kyr in Storm Peaks have a 100% chance to drop Dissolved Soul Essence which vendors for 65s 3c each, thats a total of 13g 60s per stack.

Also these are the only recognized mobs on to drop the Tears of Bitter Anguish BoE trinket which usually sells for aaround 1.5k+ gold on my server.
Credit to other ppl. have fun


Interesting, anyone try this out?

11 comments: on "The 1.5k Gold Trinket"

  1. And if you are a mage, attack the other mobs because they eventually buff themselves with a buff which you can steal and give you +25% crit chance and a huge damage bonus. It lasts 2 minutes.

  2. They also drop a BoP jewelcrafting design. I wasn't sure if grinding these would be worth my time, since the design didn't drop, but now that I know that at a minimum the loot is decent gold, I think I'll head back.

    Of course saying that, the recipe will probably drop on the first kill. :)

  3. Nope, not the first kill.

    The second one.

  4. Another reason to kill the other humanoids besides the buff is that they drop Relics and Frostweave Cloth.

  5. great spot , great blog , subscribing :D

  6. Hey marcko you seem to understand blizzard very well, if blizzard purposely made these spots, intended for farming, why would they stealth nerf places such as these?

  7. I think blizzard has tried extraordinarily hard to remove 'farming' from the game. Now you go and kill mobs for a specific item (such as eternal). There's very few boe items in the game that you can get from farming.

  8. I farmed this for a half hour and I think I like the Scion of Storms cave better. More ore, more relic drops, the same amount of greens.

  9. Nice grinding spot, within the third kill, I got a Tears of Bitter Anguish, which sold for 2.5k gold. I'm hoping to grind there ALL day tomorrow, get two ToBA and then pay for my epic flying, finally. Or level up my Blacksmithing to Full and get Enchanting which ever comes first.

    Keep up the good posts,

    Neglected - Prot Pally - Aszune (EU)

  10. Dan, having killed a ton of these on quests, I've never had the trinket drop, which is why it probably sells for 1.5k ...

    On the other hand, not a bad place to grind.

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