Back to Basics - Auctioneer Recap

In regards to using auctioneer, how has it worked for you guys?

I am consistently pulling in 1000 gold daily with around a half hour of work each night(Emptying my mailbox takes up most of my time because it can only load a few dozen items at once). I am seeing 500-800 auctions per night with around 60-80% sales.

This is just from using the resale and vendor searches, I'm not factoring in any material manipulation with professions.

For the newer users, I recommend scanning twice a day for four days minimum and being sure to atleast get one weekend included in those four days before trusting your auctioneer's prices.

None of your bids are going through? Check out my mini-guide to bidding at the right times.

Auctions not selling? Read my guide on what items to focus on with auctioneer.

If you still haven't grabbed the FREE add-on, here's a link to my review.

Here's my (slightly outdated) guide to using auctioneer in 22 steps.

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  1. I can't seem to get my resale addon in adv auctioneer to work. Trying to search with it doesn't find anything.

    Would have been awesome if you could have made a guide or something that teaches us how to use the different addons :)


  2. I have found when I take the time to scan and look for things to resell it works well. I usually can get 2k sales a day on the weekend which is where I try to focus on since I have the most time. I have been doing some mats selling during the week when the price of what I want to sell gets high enough.

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  3. @TheBankJob - He did a guide that shows how to run the searches. Auctioneer Guide

    It is slightly outdated but it explains how to use it well enough.

    Bank of Amorob - WoW Gold
    Making Blog

  4. @TheBankJob - Try scanning first then searching under resale.

  5. Does auctioneer keep the data from different realms separate?

    I assume it does since markets vary from server to server, but I've been hesitant to use it on other servers with the fear it may skew the data on my main.

  6. That's what I've been doing. Yeah I saw the guide after I made my post ;)

    I'm scanning now, think I'm gonna try some of them steps afterwards :)

  7. Thanks amorob for the posts

  8. I am making 500-1000g each day from selling glyphs. I have about 300 listed on the AH at any given time. I really suggest making a guild bank and putting the spare money in there. It reduces the temptation to spend the gold on trivial things.

  9. Hey Marko! Love the Blog, and even bought the guide, both have helped me get going with making more gold in WOW.
    I've following the guide and this site for about 3 to 4 weeks and have seen my gold grow from just about 1500g, which I got mostly farming and selling heavy borean leather in stacks of five from the apes and mammoth Sholazar Basin, to 8k from buying and reselling on the AH. I stick mostly to herbs and ore and old world essences like you suggest, I have also started crafting low level greens and DEing them for profit because the price of linen is just ridiculously low on my server. I also use the disenchant search and usually buy up a good portion regardless of the level of the item becuase all enchanting mats sell eventually.
    I am just starting now to use the snatch feature of auctioneer as a real tool. I started with just netherweve cloth under 5g a stack and turned that into 16 slot bags for 10.5g. That market is seeing a lot more competition this week selling bags at 8g a piece and posting over 85 of them at that price, so I am just hoarding cloth and see what happens there. I am now looking at snatching the mats for the LW leg kits so we will see how that goes.
    My question is what do you usually snatch from the AH?
    Also I bring in anywhere between 700 to 1k gold, but I am usually buying 300 to 500g off the AH is that what you would expect or am I buying up too much?

    PS Sorry for the long post

  10. For a long time I was making 500-750 a week playing the auction house for an hour a night vendoring and reselling on the trade goods market. Problem was that it seemed I was fighting half the server who were doing the exact same thing.

    I’ve been slowly leveling my profession alts and I have to say they make a huge difference, being able to disenchant armors alone brings in a extra 100-200g a day easily when I resell the materials.

    One question I have though is if anyone knows a good profession to compliment enchanting on my alt? I’ve heard there are some good BoP recipes for BSing that can be DE’d profitably but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions before I put in the effort.


    I spend a similar amount nightly between the Vendor/Disenchant/Resale searches. As long as continue to get more selling your investment then you spent initially you can’t be doing anything too wrong

  11. Bluesoldier said... April 8, 2009 at 1:25 PM

    Markco I'd Recommend getting a mail mod, I use Mailget to take all my mail at the same time without having to click 100+ times.

  12. Cathal- you're doing it perfectly :) I will often invest 1/2 my earnings right back into the AH after collecting my sales. Good to hear how well you're doing!

    As far as what I snatch on the AH, I look into frequently purchased items (Mostly whites) and auctioneer gives me the flexibility to go into any market I want whenever it's open to me.

  13. @Pseudo

    From what I have read (here on JMTC I think) the best companion for enchanting is JC especially on the high end because there are two rings whose mats are cheap and produce lots of infinite dust etc I can't remember what they are but I'm sure I could find it on here again. In fact here you go,

    If this alt is just a bank toon then I would suggest that and see how it goes.

    I'm of the opinion now to try and get all my alts maxed in all professions. That way when reselling raw mats are not profitable I can craft and resell or craft and DE. Right now I have a 438 LW/450 skinner (lvl 80 balance druid) and a 405 alch/410ish herb (71 shadowpriest) and 400 tailor/375 enchanter. I have a low level JC/miner and then some low level gatherers. I think my DK is going to be a scribe (or inscriptionist if you like).

  14. Marko how do you look into the most purchased items? Do you look on bean counter to see what you've sold, or is there some trick to AAV that I am not aware of? (the latter is quite possible)

  15. Auctioneer is very nice! I've downloaded it yesterday. My Priestess-Twink is now lv 16. From lv 10 on, I've sold all my linen clothes I've found and several greens.

    And guess what: I've made 7,5 g per stack linen cloth and even 1-2 g for some low greens. Within one day, I've grabbed 60 gold with my twink. Very nice!

  16. I just use common sense, but yes I do look at how many times I've seen an item if I don't have much experience with it.

    Also, I look at what items I or my guildmates need and see if I can fulfill that need on my own.

    For instance, the first time I bought a belt buckle I decided to check that market and quickly made hundreds of gold in a week providing belt buckles during peak selling times.

  17. @cathal

    Stoneguard band (2 eternal earth) and Shadowmight ring (1 earth, 1 shadow) are the two rings you're thinking of. They're both lvl 77 greens and if you can get the eternals in bulk then you'll net a tidy profit by disenchanting these.

  18. hey, i've been using auctioneer since i started reading your blog, however all the deals it shows up in resale lately i have seen go down in price staedily so there loosing gold over the last week or so. Do you think this is due to patch 3.1 and people have more spare time ? or would it appear im bad at using auctioneer :o

  19. Depends on your resale numbers, as well as what kinds of items (values change on a weekly basis)

  20. WHat do you do about people that consistently deep 6 all parts of the market. some guild just dumped all their Abyss crystals - like 40 on the market for about 30g under the next highest person and now it's totally tanked the abyss market. also glyphs don't sell well on my server because it's really small and there aren't a ton of horde players. there are only 3 horde guilds that even raid naxx25. I'm stuck trying to find stuff to sell because nobody is buying anything. Gems have hit down to like 10g-20g for the rare quality. Even frostweave cloth has tanked to about 5-7g a stack from up around 14-20 like it was.

  21. WOW I would of bought those crystals so fast!!!

    Red and yellow gems are great sellers so if they drop below 50% normal price, pick them up for the patch. It appears that epics are going to be unique and limitted in the number any one character can wear... this means that blues might actually retain some of their value after the patch.

    I dunno about frostweave, it's extremely volatile (random players buying the whole ah to level tailoring at any moment).

  22. To be perfectly honest, on my server (Cairne), the post about using the Auctioneer searcher to find stuff to vendor has all but killed that approach.

    Since that article went up every bid I make is outbid within minutes. I'd have to basically baby sit the AH 24/7 to make any money now using that approach.

    But I do make a little extra cash looking for greens to DE and so on, so that tip helped.

  23. I gave up on the resale approach when I was constantly placing 200-300 bids per night, and picking up 200-300 outbid messages the next day. Towards the end, I was considering myself lucky if I won 1 or 2 items.

  24. @Anon: Did you also try buying items to resell?

  25. I seem to be one of only a few people doing resale on my server, and the income has been great.

    I'm interested to know how many items there are on other peoples auctions(shows after you click scan). 29000 here

  26. Occasionally I'd see a good deal and buy it up for resale, but that opportunity doesn't present itself that often. I think the failure of this approach for me has more to do with the free time I have to play WoW. I had a look at your bidding chart and discovered that the only available time I have to play is marked as red :)

  27. when you under the resale tab searching for items to bid on and when you filter it to separate the bid items from the buy items is it worth it to just bid on the items that auctioneer recommends you buy instead of bid? another thing is that i cannot trust auctioneer enough to just buy the items it says to buy and resell them because last time i did that my my auctions never sold and i was out 500g :( . suggestions are appreciated :)

  28. Just seconding the guy who suggested using a mail addon. I use BetterInbox -- it's on the short list of addons I'm miserable playing (and especially auctioning) without. It makes my inbox scrollable, so I can easily glance through the 50 that blizzard allows in there at a time, and adds options for grabbing everything, all items, all gold, selected items, or selected gold, in one go. Saves me untold time and finger-pain! Plus it adds a summary of how many mails I have in the box, how much gold, and how many stacks comprising how many total items. It is brilliant.

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