Banned By Mmo-Champion

Wow you won't believe this, my first ever forum ban! I'm so excited! /sarcasm

I nearly fell off my chair at the reason for banning: Personal information? Gold selling spam links? How ridiculously hillarious!

Anyway, I emailed mmo-champion to have this looked at because all I was doing was posting links to various guides on this site that had to do with people's questions or I made my own threads. I did this once per day for around a week, so maybe that is considered spamming on their site.

Fun times huh? It's tough giving out free stuff, everyone thinks you're just another scam.

6 comments: on "Banned By Mmo-Champion"

  1. This really hasn't been a good week for you :(

  2. I actually find the whole thing laughable :)

    Atleast I was lucky enough to think ahead and have a bunch of posts ready for something like this! I'm going to take the time to touch up some more video guides as well.

  3. Hehe i cant believe they banned you that is so funny Markco

  4. I got a 2 month ban by MMO Champion for having internet connection problems (yes, it's true and I have witnesses). I came back and made a suggestion thread about how the ban policy needs to be worked on because i've heard of others who got ridiculous bans from there and was permanently banned for "spamming and trolling."

    It's a shame because it's a very informative site, just run by people who are obviously complete idiots.

  5. Don't worry there is a better alternative to MMOC :)

  6. loll prolly a big mistake.... anyway there's way more option then player on small forum when you have a blog as good as your

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