Borean Tundra - WOTLK Farming Spot for Arctic Fur

I had a whole list of posts for this week but the amount of email I've received regarding farming spots, crafting ideas, and the like has been so great that I want to post them instead of what I had originally planned. Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas, keep sending them my way and I'll do my best to get through them all.

I've tried this spot once on my hunter but never seriously gave it a real 1-2 hour farming shot like I think it deserves. Here is the email I received regarding rhinos in Borean Tundra:

My Charcter name is Jimmyboot on sargeras i use to be a big time farmer. [...] in Borean Tundra just south of the AMBER LEDGE there is the Rhinos. You can AOE pull 14 at a time as a Level 80 Shadow priest and skin them and get about 6 arctic furs a hour or more and this doesnt include the Rhino meat and the Leather you get it is a great spot. Email me back and tell me what you think thanks.
Renze the Shadow Priest and Jimmyboot the Druid"

Have you guys tried the rhinos? How much do rhino meat and rhino dogs go for on your server? Enough to make this spot good?

Let us know, leave a comment :)

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  1. Well I haven't tried farming here for cash, but if you're looking for rhino meat I doubt you're going to find a place that even approaches how awesome this spot is. If you're a skinner it is going to be even better because of people like me that just loot the bodies and leave corpses all over. The only downside is the DEHTA debuff that might make you feel a little guilty, but that's it. =)

  2. I've never tried farming the rhinos for arctic fur, but the mammoths (W, NW and N of DELTA camp) are amazing to farm.

    Mammoth meat sells for 40g/stack on my server. Meals go for 50-ish and mega's go for 120. You can AOE pull TONS of mammoths in this area (the babies have an even higher meat drop rate imo). They hit like children and drop like flies.

    I spent two days farming there as a rogue, roughly 3hrs total just to test it out. I got: 4 greens, 3 arctic fur, 6ish stacks of meat and a ton of trash, worth well over 100g (not sure exact amount). Discounting the greens, that's 100g (trash)+ 3 fur (30g*3= 90)+ 6 meat (240g uncooked, 300g cooked, 360g megas) = roughly 500g / 3hrs. Not the best farming spot for money, but if it's furs/meat you're after then it's not bad at all.

  3. Sorry- I forgot to mention the actual skins/leather you get. They have a high scrap-drop-rate, so it's far from the best skinning place. I'd guess maybe 100 borean leather over 3hrs? As I said- not the best, but money is money.

  4. my main is not a skinner, so i can't speak on the skins or arctic furs. but......

    for rhino meat, i can speak on. NOTE: i am not a farmer. i despise it. i make my gold buying things on AH to resell, or buying mats to craft and resell or DE. so the act to go to an area to farm mindlessly for an extended period of time is not my cup of tea. i understand how it's a gold maker, so i don't have anything negative to say about anyone who might do it or find it enjoyable. it's just not my thing. i buy from the farmers, they make gold, they're happy. i take their product and make a different product for profit, and make my gold, and i'm happy. and the cycle continues...

    anyways, back to topic....the cooking daily recently was the mustard dogs one [requiring 4 cooked rhino dogs]. typically when this might be the daily, i'll go buy 4 meats or 4 cooked dogs for my daily. yes, people exploit the prices on AH on days when this is the daily. but i piss gold. so 15g for 4 pieces of meat is worth my time saved to not go kill rhinos. i'll overpay for the rhino meat and just make that 15g gold back in 28.26 seconds of AH work. my daily is done, and i never left dalaran / ironforge [i'm a mage so that's 17 more seconds].

    as i said, the other day, the rhino dogs were the cooking daily, and there was no meat on the AH, none. and there was only one set of 4 dogs on the AH, for 550g. ok, so i piss gold, but i'm not paying 550g for a 4 set of dogs for a daily that yields 10g plus a cooking award which equals 10 spices which equals another 10g plus the 2-3 spices you get in normal reward as well [hence......15g for 4 dogs is worth my time you get it :) 15g < 23g] but 550g >>> 23g....

    so i did it.....i got on a flight to the airstrip in borean tundra and went rhino hunting. as an 80 mage, i pulled three groups of the 71ish rhinos. a couple arcane explosions to secure my tags over the local competition, one frost nova, and one blizzard later. 21 dead mobs. 12 rhino meat. woot. daily done. and 8 meat in the bank for future rhino dog dailies.

    why did i type you this long awesomely crafted story about how i don't farm but did this one time? to give kudos to the orginal author of markco's post. he/she is correct. this spot is a good drop rate of a meat that sells well for food/buff food - and especially on days when it's the cooking daily.

    so, all you farmers. spot is verified as "farmable". go get your meat, your vendor grays, and throw in the fact that you're a skinner......

    now, WTB stacks of [Saronite Ore], 22g each, COD anytime. kthxbai

  5. never tried the rhinos. i've been killing mammoths there for over two weeks now! the chunk o' mammoth sell for 42g a stack on my server! i also get between 7 - 9 arctic furs an hour and sell the individually on AH and they always sell out. borean is a cash crop for skinners even though its the lowbie area of borean. :D

  6. I am not a skinner, but when I need Rhino meat this is the spot I used, TONS of Rhinos everywhere and you never run out of them. The only thing to look out for is Ned, lord of Rhinos if you can't solo him.

    Since I'm not a skinner I can't comment on whether or not it's a good place to skin, but it really seems like it would be as good as any other spot.

  7. This is just a question. Once you search the auction house with Search UI and you set all the restrictions to what items you want to show up. Then you start to click the item to bid on it.

    Is there anyway to skip the "Are you sure you want to buy item X" prompt?

  8. Nope, you'll be thankful it's there when you accidentally try to buy a 1,000 gold Training Sword of Stamina.

  9. I have used this spot for about 2 hours.

    The respawn of the rhinos is amazing, no doubt on that.

    Regarding the drops :
    - 4 Arctic furs (sells 75 gold) - total 300
    - 6 stashes of Rhino meat (sells up to 15 gold, no problem) - total 90 gold
    - 7 stashes of Borean leather, 90% of this leather is made with Scraps that the Rhinos drop) - stash of 20 goes 13 golds - total 91 gold
    - Ton of crap : 20 gold

    Total (more or less) : 500 golds

    So i'm a bit skeptical on this spot.

    You constantly have to 'build' Borean Leather with the Scraps. The Artic fur drop rate is very very low, and i'm convinced i've killed more that 200 rhinos (warlock using AoEs).

    It's a good spot, but it's a lot and lot and lot of kills for this (i was constantly out of mana :)).

  10. I leveled my ret pally from 68-71 using the rhino's in borean. Took me about 3 days or about 7 hours play time to do all of this. I got about 25 stacks of borean leather, 17 arctic furs, 3 frostweave bags full of rhino meat, and several hundred gold of vendorable tails and such. I was going to try some mammoth farming next to see how it was, but the rhino's are legit.

  11. Great spot. I make about 3 Furs per hour on my server, however, there was enough rhino meat to make a bundle. I would like to add, for those that are hardcore money makers; go to Nagrand, just south of Garadar. You wont get Arctic Fur drops, but Knothide Leather stacks sell from 40g - 50g a stack on my server. Sometimes they even reach 75g at times. Very easy to get, and the talbuks respawn pretty fast.

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