Farming Frostweave Cloth - Aoe

I've found a great spot for grabbing tons of frostweave cloth and the best part is that the mob types + location are ideal for aoe farming.

[Update] Mobs have a mortal strike debuff and are immune to snares... but not stuns??? I do apologize to any mages that tried this spot... Next time I'll do a better job by testing multiple classes, Sorry!

The area known as the Conflagration (shown in video below) is the best spot I've found for grinding frostweave cloth. These mobs have a mortal strike debuff but other than that they deal very little damage and only melee. In the northern section of the Conflagration and off to the east mobs spawn as neutral but once they run down to the southern section they become red. These 'converted heroes' then stand in groups of seven or eight in front of flag bearers, brilliantly positioned for aoe farming. The mortal strike debuff would be dangerous if these mobs hit hard but they don't so any decently geared tank should have no problem downing these mobs. I am pretty sure that these mobs also only melee casters, but I have not tested that so anyone who fights them at range please let me know if they have any sort of interrupt or throwing ability.

If you are unable to aoe groups of mobs then your best bet is to head northeast and kill the yellow not yet converted heroes that wander around before running down to the southern part of the Conflagration. As a miner or herbalist you should try flying around the outter edge of this area for several max level nodes.

Where do you like to farm frostweave cloth? Be sure to post in the comments section and let me know about how this spot goes for your class/spec!

14 comments: on "Farming Frostweave Cloth - Aoe"

  1. I'm on my way there now, i'll tell you how it goes.

  2. They problem I had with these mobs is they are not CC able. They were immune to my frost nova, which means I got pulverized quickly when trying to kill them in the past. If you're melee and can kill them all at once, like death knights, they are fine, but more squishy classes might have a problem with it. I couldn't take them down on my frost mage, who is usually very good at AOE grinding but completely relies on frost nova to keep mobs off of her.

  3. Thanks for that, sorry I figured if they could be stunned then they could be slowed/cc'd.

  4. Tried it as an 80 DK Blood spec, and died. I got three down but my DK just doesn't have enough AoE to burn them down fast enough. If I pop Army of the Dead however, these things drop like flies.

  5. I just did this on my ele shaman, It turns out if you hit one of them with a ranged attack the others do not pull. I used chain-lightning to pull 3 at a time and just dropped a magama totem, thunderstorm, and chainlightning whenever it's off CD, so when you are pulling these mobs if you can't take a few hits from several of them,just pull one at a time, they drop like flies.

    They don't act like normal mobs There is no b/c u hit one near another doesn't mean it's going to pull all of them.

    Going to try and do it w/o killing the flag bearer solo first. Will post another response.

  6. Yup, if you want to pull all the mobs in a group you have to body-pull them or hit them all with a spell.

    they can be knock'd back. And the do some decent damage. Wearing mail really helps. Also the ability to self heal while CL is on CD helps too.

    Not a bad spot tho they drop about 20 silver each and usually a few frostweave, I'm sure in Uludar epics I'll be able to farm here no problem.

  7. Zarlin(terrokkar) said... February 8, 2009 at 8:55 PM

    Thank you so much Markco this is absolutly now my favourite spot to farm I'm a prot pally from terrokkar and when bubble is up I'm able to pull 3 groups together (op much?) it kindof gets ruff after a while but I find if your a pally using holy wrath (dps to all undead and 3 second stun) right as the 1 clicks down on the MS debuff you can back out and toss a holy light. Good luck everybody.

  8. Seems the DR on Frostweave in general got dropped across the board. :( Has anyone found a new spot to farm ?

  9. I have a Mage/tailor friend who I linked this post to. He confirmed that it was indeed very dangerous for a mage.

    We did learn, however, that this is an awesome spot for a Paladin+Mage duo. I ran in and grabbed agro, then healed through the damage while he burned the enemy down with AE. He was using two of the mana-back trinkets from Exalted Oracles rep so he had full mana the entire time. The slowest part of it all was looting the bodies!

    Not only did we get a lot of cloth, but also enough greens and greys to make us both happy. Thanks for recommending this spot!

  10. For mages: I've tried AOE farming this spot as a T7, and pulling the converted hero columns are just too tough. Even if you're very skilled, the wipes on every third of fourth pull will negate your profit on repair bills.

    However, if you go slightly south of the staging area there are tons of unconverted heros and scourge converters running around in fairly close proximity. I've gotten two BOE plate purps, lost of blues, tons of greens and stacks and stacks of Frostweave. It's been very profitable for me.

    Also, there are reported drops of the Jezze's Bell (sp??) trinket there, which could net you up to 10k on AH pre-Ulduar patch.

    Except on the Garrosh server. None of this is true there. :-)

  11. hot_boy_ronald said... May 26, 2009 at 1:21 AM

    prot pally heaven

    i pull 2-3 grps of 8 at a time

    in about an hout i get avg 130 cloth, 200+g vender and 10ish green items maybe a blue every now and then

  12. The problem that I have found with this spot (and it is a great spot) is that it has become very crowded. Just about everytime I go there I see a couple of Horde running around farming too. Where are all the Alliance? It seems like I only ever run into Horde.

  13. absolute gem for farming as a prot paladin. only problem i have is the groups leashing before i can pull more than 2 groups together, as it is, BoS+ SoL = no real danger of dieing + infinite mana, so burn down the groups, then FOL to full mana. The mana gains from BoS mean I dont care if I pull at 0 mana, its a beautiful blue rage bar. =)

    I make a point of doing some of this farming once i finish off citadel which can take some time, as groups are hard to find on feathermoon at times, no big worries though soloing chillmaw and the citadel are not a problem.

    DISCLAIMER T8-9 geared tank, with 40k+ health after BoS... so to you squishies out there, this may not apply

  14. You wanted to know about ranged attackes. I am an 85 hunter so I use a bow. The only buff they have is stun which slowes your movement but it doesn't matter since i'm ranged LOL

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