Suggested Icecrown Mining Route

Well I received another email regarding farming in WOTLK and it looks like the player Bane scores twice in one week! (He was the one who recommended that I check out the mobs here)

Bane suggests using the yellow route as that's what he uses when mining here.

Thanks for the suggestion and if anyone else has guest posts, farming locations, or other gold guide ideas feel free to email them my way and I'll be sure to give you credit.

For the comments section: What's your favorite place to mine in WOTLK? Is it not even in northrend at all?

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  1. IMO the best mining place in the game right now is the thorium spot in Winterspring by the elite demons to the very south of the map. There is no competition at all at any time of the week or weekend; the stack is currently selling for 55g a stack.

    This is how I manage to get my 7K gold for my flying mount + riding skill + ability to fly in northrend in 2 - 3 weeks


    Here? :)

    How many ores do you get in a run normally?

  3. Markco, I get about 30 ores a run normally from the winterspring run.

    Instead of selling the ores on AH straight though, I've found that on my server the gems I get from Prospecting the thorium ores actually sell for more on average. So I prospect the ores and then sell the gems for about 10g more then I would have made had I just sold the ores straight.

  4. If that's true, perhaps you could buy Thorium ore from the AH, prospect it, and make a profit. Any jewelcrafters want to try it?

  5. I make a 25-50% return on my investment prospecting Thorium, last week or so has been towards the lower end as price of the ore had been slowly creeping up.

    Selling the gems isn't a problem -there is still a mad demand on my server (Al'Akir EU) from people or power-levelling JC.

  6. Leveling JC was what put me on to selling lower level gems. I had leveled JC around the time someone else did, and everything was insane prices. I wanted to get in on that insanity. :)

  7. Wasn't really sure where to make this post, but my server (Aegwynn) has a shit economy. Ok lets take a look at one of the BEST ways to make gold, playing the AH. I have been using Auctioneer for about a year now and do regular scans. So just a few minutes ago I did a scan, then went about searching the AH for good deals. I used the Resale searcher with 1g minimum and let it do its job, come back a few minutes later and I have plenty of results... only problem is most are bullshit Rough Blasting Powder for 22s that will net me a 33g profit? >.>

    And most of the time the items going for a "low price" are actually normal price, a decent chunk of the items on my server sell for around 30-50 pct. How the hell do I make money in this type of economy? Do I just erase my Auctioneer data and get with the poor times? Or pay cash to swap to a better server? Tell me what to do almighty Markco!!

  8. I would do anything to get on your server!!! 30-50 PCT !? That's awesome! Here's what you do:

    Look for items which can be crafted/modifyied through your professions that are in that 30-50% normal price range. Then craft/modify those goods into items which sell really well. If you're server is old than you will have lots of buyers!

    Try this, take a common item like runic mana potions. Could you craft these and sell them? How about deviate fish? Get creative and look for your market niche!

  9. Don't think you really understand... there aren't any niches. Everything is going to crap and believe me if I had the capital to take over an entire trade good I would. But A.) I have nowhere near enough gold and B.) there is a good chance after a bit the market would bounce back to it s crappy market. Anyway my profs are mining (450) and Scribing (200 or so) so there isn't that much that I can make that is in demand.

    Also server pop is low.

  10. Have you tried buying out ore to resell as bars?

    This works wonderfully with saronite if you sell it individually. There's a post in the archives on it if you need an explanation.

  11. The price of Saronite ore is 1g and the price of a bar is 2g, not much profit >.>

    Like I said, its terrible.

  12. Prospect the ore maybe? BTW selling for 100% profit is very good ;)

  13. 90% of the green gems on the market sell for 20-30 pct, and some blue gems sell bad too.

    2 ore = 1 bar. I'm sure your just groggy :).

  14. Oh my bad I thought you meant that 2 were going for one gold.

    I think my brain is foggy from going through emails and comments without my coffee... need coffee...

  15. Aegwynn's shitty economy has bested the economic guru Marcko. This is a sad day for.... well me I guess. :(

  16. So eventhough saronite ore sells for 2g50s for 5 you can't make money prospecting it? Have you tried cutting the gems after prospecting? There must be blue gems worth 40 gold on your server... bold crimson +16 str go for 100 on mine.

    Eventhough you say that the gems sell 20-30% (of what? suggested wowhead values?) you can't make a profit off them?

  17. Most greens sell for 20-30 percent based off my Auctioneer scans (which I have been doing for a lil over a year and semi constantly)

    But I guess the thing is I take 100g worth of Saronite ore (I either farm it or buy it) I prospect it and there is still a chance of ending up with 10g worth of crap green gems. I guess I could bother a JC friend to do a bunch of cuts for me. Any idea what I should do with Inscription? I'm kinda iffy with it but it seemed like a nice profession. Anything else I should take instead?

  18. Inscription is a marvelous way to make money simply because so many inscribers have given up on the profession (thank god!). You are skill level 200 so I'd say look for level 15 glyphs that 80's will buy (this will take some research) and I'd say start with your own class.

    Post 1-2 of each glyph and post new ones only if they sell. Find 10-15 valuable glyphs to sell and suddenly you are making 10-20 gold per glyph x 30. It's all about diversifying!

  19. Well I kind of meant should I lvl it or drop it for something else, but from the way you talk I should keep it :).

    Would it make some nice gold to mill for profit?

  20. Ok Markco I invested all my gold in Saronite, I bought a a couple hundred ore, had it all prospected, cut some gems, stuck a few raw gems on the AH, had a few greens turned into rings then sent em to an enchanter friend to DE and send back (something I picked up around the wow forums :P ) and I have stuck it all up on the AH, my grand total for remaining gold is 66 copper. I have some gold stashed away on a banker alt for w/e (about 200g) but anyway I'm a little bored now. Nothing to do but wait for auctions to get bought up, so any advice besides "grind" on what to do now?

  21. Don't FLOOD!!!

    Post one or two of each gem and only post new ones when some get bought out. If anyone sees what you are doing they will flood to push you out of the market.

    Good luck!

    (Click farming in the post directory for some good farming spots)

  22. As a 450 miner who has financed my epic flyer and my wife's off of that route I can attest to its juicy goodness. The real great thing is that you skip the lower left corner, which seems bad except that there's not too much ore down there and skipping it lets you get the jump on anyone else who may be running an Icecrown loop ahead of you. I have pissed off so many Allies by cutting them off and then sniping all of the nodes around the circle because they just went from being in front to being behind. :)

  23. To the last anonymous poster: the good thing about the yellow route is that it allows you to quickly move to another part on your route when you find that you are not alone.

    Besides that, I found a post (and then forgot where) about grinding for ore during daytime and at night. Due to the respawns depending on number of people in an area, there should be "best time" to grind. Daytime is as good as at night. This has been proven by actual hours of grinding on my part.

  24. It's mind-boggling to me how people say they mine in Icecrown and it is profittable. I usually hop on my flier in Dalaran, fly down to Icecrown, do one rotation on the yellow route then fly down to Sholozar because it is SO MUCH BETTER.

    I find with mining and engineering (mote extracting), I make a little over 400gold/hour on my server selling saronite ore at about 20g a stack.

    After reading this post, I ran 30 minutes through the yellow route, muttering under my breath how sorry this was, and managed a mere 38 saronite ore, and a lot less crystallized elements. Horrible. If you are mining for profit, nothing beats Sholazar. Just be prepared to be going against some tough competition.

  25. I mine in Sholazar and usually in roughly an hour or less I can come up with 200 plus saronite ore, some titanium ore, 6-8 eternal fire, an eternal air or water or two, and 6-8 eternal earth and shadow.

  26. To Anonymous, yeah you really seem to be in to ur ankles there, what i have found giving good money is milling, Icethorns and adder's tongue gets down to 30-35g/stack on my server sometimes, then i just buy out them all and the day after they are at 40-45g, this is not how i make my money tho, i get my friend ( Who is a herber) to mill them and get pigments, ( 1-2 icy pigment per stack, icethorn tend to give best tho ( Lichbloom has insane prizes on my server and is NOT worth it so ) and u get azure pigments as well, take the icy and azure pigments and make Snowfall Ink out of it and there you go, snowfall ink for 40g+/each, so thats 1-2 snowfall ink PER stack of herbs 99% guaranteered ( with 70+% chance of gettin 2 snowfall ink's u start to get alot of them )

    Now you have two options, get eternal lifes ( buy or farm ) and make deck's out of em ( Noble deck's wich can sell from 500-2k on my server, THO THIS IS A HIGH CHANCE RISC, for around 1k g ( my server ) i can make 6-8 deck's, 1-2 noble deck and the money is payed in, BUT u can end up with NO nobles deck, and "worthless" deck's for 400g. OR You cud end up with 8 Ace of noble ( 2k gold each, but thats abit of a "royal" flush )

    If you choose to do decks i strongly suggest you wait till Darkmoon faire arrives at you'r server, then it will be 70-***% more worth, ( Ace of noble went up by 1½k over night when Darkmoon faire came last at my server ) so if you ever feel like been a hardcore inscripter, diffently take herbalism with it, or ally ur self with a good one :)

  27. Sadly I have no epic flyer, but I am a paladin with Crusader, and I just discovered running a loop around Wintergrasp to be the most profitable so far for me. I don't have to worry about taking longer than other loopers in WG and I find plenty of Rich and normal Saronite and a fair number of Titanium nodes. Not to mention I clear the fire revenants in the SE corner, as I do my loop, for some Crystalized Fire.

    Something to consider for those of us without fast wings.

  28. a Question is there a cata post some where T.T

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