Fun with Plain Letters - AH Prank

This prank is absolutely hillarious and probably the only scam in this game that I approve of.

Step 1: Mail a letter from one character to another character (Mr. Smith to Mrs. Smith in this example). Be sure to write something funny on the letter, this is where your prank goes.

Step 2: Go log off Mr. Smith and log into Mrs. Smith to collect the letter.

Step 3: Take the letter out of your mailbox so that it's in your bag space.

Step 4: Post the letter on the auction house, be sure to check your auctioneer to see what a good price would be for it. Post it for around 7% or less of the nearest price.

If you don't have auctioneer, just check the current rate of Plain Letter (s) on the auction house. As long as you're way below the average auction house price your fellow auctioneers have a good chance of mistaking the item for an incredible deal.

Please don't abuse this, but it is very funny and I suggest trying it once and keeping it below 5 gold. I did this to two people on my server just to try it out and refunded them the five gold each, it was pretty darn funny.

In order to set up the prank, you may need to post several letters at incredibly inflated prices for a few days.

Be sure to leave what you would write on the [Plain Letter] in the comments section :)

10 comments: on "Fun with Plain Letters - AH Prank"

  1. The poll about fel hides made me think.

    Fel Hides are used to create the Drums of Panic[1] where there is no replacement in WotLK and they should still work.

    They should still be valuable but the receipt needs keepers of time honored, which sucks to farm at 80.

    Could it be useful to sell these drums? They are invaluable for druids in 5 man. Healer with AE fear? Tank with AE fear? Am I the only one using them?


  2. Hmmm a very interesting idea Kring, when I read your comment I was thinking of their use in pvp more than pve, since fearing mobs in pve is a fairly risky behavior. However, there are certain situations where a fear in pve is ideal (like boss fights with adds). Do you think that they have less of a chance of working on level 80 targets?

  3. It's only a 2 second fear (like death coil). That's too short to be a problem, but can give the healer 2 seconds to save you or can give the tank 2 seconds to taunt the mob (whatever your role is).

    They have a 0.5s cast time and I'm not sure if that means you cannot dodge/block/parry during this "casttime".

    And the item does not mention, that they have a smaller chance on level 80 targets. Unlike the stun bombs or the other drums which both have such a note in the description.

  4. This would probably be most beneficial when used as an o-shit button like you suggest, similiar to the tauren warstomp. If I'd have to guess I'd say you don't lose mitigation while casting it, but I honestly am just guessing... if I wasn't hacked I'd try this out right now. At the very least you would still have the ability to be missed while casting it.

  5. Hehe. Hilarious idea.

  6. lol i feel bad for using this method.. i send 3 letters to myself and the old why did the chicken cross the road joke on it... i sodl all three for 10g each.. im sur[prised they even sold

  7. Usedup you ARE SURPRISED that they sold? You dared to doubt the king of the auction house? You had the audacity to call into question the brilliant, nay, god-like strategies decended before you from the heavens on a white dove? You have the unprecidented gaul to ...

    Just kidding, glad they sold :)

    Anyone else do this and put something funny on their letters?

  8. I just can't believe that you sell fel hides for 50s on the AH and plain letters for 10g... something is sooo wrong with these buyers. :-)

  9. snap. i gotta try this. lol

  10. my favorite twist on this prank is to write a letter entitling the bearer to a small prize simply for the claiming. something like a stack of minor healing potions or something equally useless to kind of soothe the sting of paying 10g (or more) for a plain letter.

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