The Gold Rush of 2009

I was recently surfing the web for wow gold blogs when I came across a brand spanking new blog that looks pretty promising.

The site is the internet journal of an aspiring wow player who is trying to make as much gold as possible while leveling and still maintain a decent days /played. He's not trying to break any records (there are none in this category) but he was curious enough to make a character alone on a new server and try his luck.

To help him out, I gave him a free copy of Markco's Gold Guide (still in the editing process but I gave him the most recent draft) and I'm hoping that he'll show everyone just how powerful this guide will be.

Have you tried making gold while leveling or did you give up from frustration?

Check out rush's site: Warcraft Gold Rush.

Tell him what you think about his 'quest.'

6 comments: on "The Gold Rush of 2009"

  1. This is a great idea! I usually do not worry much about money as I level, but I also do not like finding my characters "unfunded," so I generally will kep somewhat of an eye on the AH. I recommend having some sort of addon that gives VT pricing for quest rewards. After all, if the reward is useless, you are only costing yourself if you do not take the most valuable one.

  2. "I gave him a free copy of Markco's Gold Guide"

    =[ ... are you going to turn into one of those dudes selling guides for like $20-50. Hope not because your guides are the best!

  3. Anonymous: What if instead I turned into one of those people who sold the cheapest guide on the internet and maintained a free blog full of helpful tips and kept posting farming videos on youtube and kept responding to emails?

    Would it be ok if I became one of those people? :)

  4. Just how much is cheap? and I think that it would be ok =]. Btw, i'm new to wow and started using your tips to help me obtain 2k gold in a fresh server. We'll see how it goes and again... thanks for your tips.

  5. Doesn't look like this blog is being updated, I think the blogger gave up.

  6. Yeah, what a shame :(

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