Markco and Ej on Onyxia have been hacked. Be advised that if you receive whispers from either of these characters that they are not themselves! I'll do my best to get the accounts locked and taken care of as quickly as possible.

[Update] - I um... may no longer be Markco of onyxia... lol.

Thread regarding my issue:

Have you ever been hacked? Share your story :)

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  1. That sucks .. I hope you'll get every thing back in order :)

  2. Hmmm... keylogged? And you got your friend's account hacked by the keylogger too? That really sucks. Good luck to you!

  3. Thanks, yeah I think this happened possibly from my work community while posting on forums at lunch. Right now I'm running scans and can't find anything, so it must be from that pc.

    No worries though, the worst that could happen is one week of no Markco. Whoever hacked the account probably is jumping for joy right now at his gold mine, I have a feeling that whoever did this is trying to transfer the character and pass gold to another realm.

  4. Haven't posted before, but this really sucks, i hope you can get back on track and keep Just My Two Copper running, it's ever so useful.

    Good luck mate.

  5. Alex: Never fear, I have a good 20 posts saved for something like this. I'm holding on to the best farming spot in the game, an interview with Zuggaming, tons of reader-submitted ideas for guides and a pile of other goodies.

    Don't you worry :)

  6. This is most likely a direct result of you saying you have over 30,000 gold on your Markco character. That's a lot of gold for a hacker to blow away, and, while i'm disappointed, i'm not surprised.

    Best of luck to you! Hopefully Billing will get your character restored.

  7. So sorry to hear this :( I hope it gets resolved ASAP!

  8. Man, that's rough. Nice seeing you keeping your positive attitude though.

    Man with a plan. ;)

    Good to see you managed to bring it up with Blizzard so fast too. Hope you get lucky with that!

  9. I had been hacked once.

    I was doing daily quests suddenly a msg poped saying you are have been disconnected. i try to relog but password error. then i check my email noticed that my email of the acc had been changed. I picked up my phone right away and phone Blizzard Customers service. Of cuz its impossible to stop him immediately but he was trying to transfer my items , i stopped him while he was doing it. however all of my gold were gone ><

    i get back all stuff inorder gold with in a week. thats not too bad.
    i think i got hacked cuz of unknown addon from CGaming.

  10. I do not know if they are available in your region, but I use the Blizzard Authenticator. For six bucks, it's worth not having the hassle or worry about being hacked! Ecspecially considiering the amount of wealth you have and that you publically advertise it! =)

  11. I looked into the authenticator today, pretty cool stuff! For six bucks that is a great deal.

  12. Hey Markco, I've been reading your blog here for a while but have never posted.

    I just want to say that you -NEED- to buy an authenticator from blizzard. It's the BEST security from being hacked. Look into it, $6 in real life to avoid a ton of headaches later is SO worth it.

  13. best thing u have to do, blizz site, retrieve password so that it locks the hacker acess. dont look into ur mail from ur computer so that the hacker dont get it too before u scan n clean the computer 1st.

    never had problems with stuff like that till the day i lend my pass to a friend so he could try wow in northrend since he left almost as BC came. Bad felling on that night, account hacked day after,,,

    around 4k G in that day lost plus every piece of gear...

    thou blizz works fast and if u have no bad history in ur account u get all items in same day.

    pain in the ass anyways,,, autenticator now rulez... i think blizz should use some matrix sistem like the banks do, send a matrix card with each account so that the matrix got some confirmation code. something like autenticator in a way.

  14. after posting i went to see ur post on blizz foruns,,, and u say he changed ur e-mail... now that gotta be a pain... guess my hacker was a bit stupider... or his target not so wealthy =)

  15. Wow that sucks man. I hope you get everything back

  16. Hey, I visit here daily and have posted a few times. Really sorry to hear this, hopefully blizzard will resolve the issue and you can get back into the game on Markco :).

    GL mate

  17. Hi Markco my account was hacked about 8 months ago i couldnt believe it happened to me i was so mad at myself for letting this happen. Blizz sorted the accout out for me really quick as i was able to tell the that i have never used Wow on any other Computer. When Blizz finally sorted everything out (A few days later) i checked my mail and everything that i had before was given back also i was so pleased with Blizz as they gave me twice the amount of motes, cloth, dust and nethers that i had. I know you will get your account sorted but i hope you also get some free stuff

  18. Thanks all, really appreciate the feedback as I've never been hacked before. Ha! Some free stuff would be great! The only thing I'm really upset about is my arena team, but they'll manage to save it I hope and I probably lost the 600 arena points I would of gotten for this week.

  19. If someone stole my account I would pay someone to find the hacker, then i pay some someone to visit that hacker and cut every single tendon on his hands.

    Sorry, but I spend 4 years of my life on this game.
    I wouldnt stop looking for you til i find you and then I mess you up really well.

    Marcko, love your blog, feel sad for you, but you will get it all back.

  20. Ok this guy is who you want with you when the chips are down... I may be hiring you as my body guard lol.

  21. I just got hacked yesterday. The thing that made me the most upset was I was going to ding in Zul'drak, without having been to storm peaks, and the basin, or... the other one.

    He flew my character to K3, and did 12 quests in Storm Peaks, to leave me a fraction from 80. He sent me mail on my alt, and said grats. I left you 600 extra gold, but you have a bunch of people mad at you. Sorry...

    Turns out he scammed a ton of people, but left me all my gear, and extra gold. I <3 My life. I'm asking Blizz to roll my character back so I can do those quests. And I'm in talks with the people that got scammed to pay them back.

  22. Hi Markco,

    Did you ever figure out how you got hacked?

    I was hacked over the weekend and I'm still waiting on Blizzard to contact me about it as of course it happened on a Friday night and their account admin and billing is not opened on weekends.

    Do they call you?

    I was able to get back control via the recover password feature. I ended up losing gold and items but they also were able to change the email address of the account and I'm trying to figure out how as the pw for my registered email on the wow account is different than my wow pw.


  23. I had fallen for a trick email. Be patient and pester them with phone calls when they ignore you.

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