Hacking Update - Some Gold Returned

Thanks everyone for the encouraging emails and support while my account was locked. Some more good news on my hacking: They gave me 13,000 of my gold back! Apparently they caught some of the people who bought the gold and I'm grateful to get some of it back.

It just goes to show that investing in items is the best way to protect your gold! Had I just kept all my money in one place (like so many people do to brag about how much they have) I would have lost all of it save for the 13,000 returned. Instead I spread my gold out by investing in items whose values change over time.

Speaking of investing, I would like to go over something for the people struggling with making gold on the auction house.

This was how last week looked for one of my banking alts on the auction house (Note that saturday my account was locked by mistake)

Started with 1,000 gold...
Tuesday, Day 1: 0 gold from auctions / -600 gold investments (400 gold)
Wednesday, Day 2: +1,200 gold from auctions / -1,400 gold investments (200 gold)
Thursday, Day 3: +2,300 gold from auctions / -800 gold investments (1700 gold)
Friday, Day 4: +1,400 gold from auctions / -1,500 gold investments (1600 gold)
Saturday, Day 5: Didn't log in.
Sunday, Day 6: Check Auction House: 3,300 gold from auctions (4900 gold)

As you can see I LOST MONEY on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday during the week.

But was I really losing money? NO. I was gaining items which had fluctuating values of their own. If you have 200 gold on your character and a stack of saronite bars worth 5 gold each when sold individually, then you have 300 gold on your character, not 200. If the price of bars drops to 4 gold then you have 280 gold on your character, not 200.

See the difference? Hope this helps those of you struggling with the auction house!

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  2. i've been losing gold for over 2 weeks. anything that has a good value for profit one day just ends up being money spent. no one go on skullcrusher. its a terrible market

    its also nice to see that you got some gold back :D

  3. hey marcko. love the guide

    just wondering about any suggestions of high demand items that u find are commonly sold cheaply in bulk other than the saronite bars guide

    also with the new patch coming out with dual specs and more raiding content, wat do u see teh price of enchanting materials shifting like?

    is it worth stockpiling with teh hope that they increase as demand increase with people enchanting new gear?

  4. Cool bake, glad you like the blog!

    Check out crystallized fire as another poster suggested on a previous post. :)

    In regards to your other questions, dusts and essences are going to go up for sure with new instances and new arena seasons.

    In regards to dream shards just sit on what you have and be patient for your server's supply to inevitably drop below demand.

    With dusts and essences, I am seeing them increase each week on my server by around 10%. Might be a good time to buy, but only if you're willing to wait a LONG time for Ulduar and Arena Season 6.

  5. also wondering, even tho i dont have an insrciption toon, would it still b worthwhile for me to stockpile inks, as most players will prefer to get the mats than buy the inscription straight out, because the cost would b so much less.

    so with dust/essence, ur advice is to buy low, and hold onto them as the price is going to go up for a while? any reason y now and not say 3 weeks ago?

  6. If you are going to buy inks, only buy/sell inks of the sea because they can be traded in for any other ink.

    Because you're asking now, I showed everyone how to make an unlimited amount of enchanting mats through disenchanting cobalt chest peices and you can still disenchant the jewelcrafting rings for profit, just not as much.

  7. Also - to kind of piggyback on your note on materials having a value - and people overlooking said value... a good addon to download is bigpicture - it works with auctioneer and assigns value to the items in your bags/bank that you could sell based on auctioneer market price - then gives you a total net worth (also broken down by bags/money/bank/guild bank)

  8. That sounds so cool!

  9. Don't have the armory handy, but there's an Arena Master prot warrior (2200 in every bracket) floating around somewhere...

  10. Billtehcat did it, but he was arms then he went back to prot for pve. As far as I know there's not a single 'pro' prot warrior unless you could show me one that I could get pointers from :D

  11. This guy:


  12. Ooooo I like how he did his gear! Maybe the best way to deal damage as a prot warrior IS shield block instead of attack power. I always figured you would be better off getting the ap/resil gear with lots of crit, but he's going with 31% block (probably 2,500+ block rating) and 0 resilience.

    In comparison (he has better ilevel gear to begin with) but I have +300 ap, +8% crit, +571 resilience in exchange for that 20% block rating and 1,500 block value. I rely on 6k conc blows, 6k shock waves, then 4-5k shield slams back to back to kill people. He's probably doing 5k conc blows and shocks with 12k shield slams.

    That's pretty cool stuff :)
    I'll have to build a block set of my own and give this a shot!

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