Interview With a Greedy Goblin

A prominent member of the wow economic community, Gevlon from the, has agreed to sit down with Just My Two Copper and discuss his blog:

JMTC: Hello Gevlon, thanks for agreeing to meet with us.

Gevlon: Thanks for the opportunity to talk about my blog, and let me congratulate you to yours.

JMTC: Thanks, coming from you that means a lot! Ok well first off, I've had multiple readers ask me in email or in comments how they are supposed to make gold on 'high population' servers. I've tried my best to assure them that making gold on these kinds of servers is entirely possible. What advice do you have for these players?

Gevlon: High population servers have many businessmen, covering lot of fields, but not all.
There are materials that are not produced/buy-and-sold by anyone. Find them and use them. You can also pick a market and try to take it by force. You can win since a richer competitor can easily say "this field does not worth my time to fight, I let that noob have it"

JMTC: What is/was your favorite way to make gold, even if the method is no longer possible?

Gevlon: Selling glyphs. While I did it, it generated 12-14K/week with 2-3 hours/week work + 1-2 hours AFK work (while appraiser listed the items)

JMTC: Could you inform my readers of the kinds of posts you make on your blog? How helpful is your information to players trying to make gold in wow?

Gevlon: I have mostly two kind of posts. At first direct WoW moneymaking advices like "buy eternal fire and sell it as 10 crystallized". Secondly I post "philosophy" posts about the "way of the goblin", the ruthless and efficient businessman who lives by Cpt Sparrow's idea: "Take what you can, give nothing back!"

JMTC: Are you preparing for dual specs with lots of glyphs? If so, how much money do you think you will make on patch day?

Gevlon: After 150K G I stopped trading with my main, so I no longer care about glyphs. My current moneymaking campaign on a new alt does not involve glyphs. BTW I don't think much (like 5-10K) money could be made on patch day. I use to call it "small egg effect". Everyone and their mother-in-law will be selling glyphs that day (don't forget that glyphs can be produced in great quantities by a single click). However the following weeks can increase the income of glyphmakers.

JMTC: I agree with you on the 10k gold number. When I made 20k the first weekend of inscription I was also able to get max level so fast that I was the only person posting every glyph. This time around things will definately be different. I saw on your site that you've been pulling in 20k gold a week for a solid string of several weeks, what was the most gold you ever made in one week? What did you do to get that much gold?

Gevlon: The top was 155K, when I stopped trading with my main. I do nothing big with that money. I made that money for the blog, as a proof that trading can be done, to encourage others to start. Of course slowly the money will go away as I have enchants, gems, BOE stuff to buy and no income. I guess somewhere around lvl 110 I'll have to start trading again :-)

JMTC: Thanks for agreeing to this interview Gevlon, I hope my readers check out your site and learn from your excellent advise.

Gevlon: Thank you for the opportunity and I hope the people who check it out won't be disappointed.

Be sure to check out The Greedy Goblin and write what you think in the comments section.

5 comments: on "Interview With a Greedy Goblin"

  1. Hey Gevlon and Markco, great interview!

    I agree about forcing out a richer competitor. I made most of my money starting out by bid/buying level 36-40 armor from the AH for around 1g, then selling off the Vision Dust/Lesser Nether Essence/Small Radiant Shards that they disenchant to for a decent profit.
    I stopped doing it on one server because a competitor started listing Vision Dust in singles at about 35 silver or less, and posting about 150 of them (50 per page, 3 pages...yeah, 150). I didn't feel like competing with someone that fanatical, so I got out of that market.

    I'm not at your guys level in gold making, evidently. My Scribes only have made about 10-16k gold each since Inscription came out. How do you guys do it? The regular glyphs don't sell for anything, and you lose money by making them.

    I've been making my money by flipping Minor glyphs, with occasional uses of an alt posting glyphs at a higher price to make my glyphs seem like they have a great price. Granted, my highest Scribe is level 40 with 300 Inscription, next is level 20 with 225 Inscription, and my first Scribe Twink lvl 19 at 150 Inscription.

    Are the high level Major glyphs really worth that much now? Or has the market been beaten to the ground by the mob posting at cut-throat prices?

  2. Glyphs are nice if you focus on the valuable ones and don't flood. You definately need a max inscriber for the best selling glyphs.

  3. I"m on a decent pop server... with a decent number of inscriptors...

    I make 3-5k gold a week from glyphs depending on how much time I put into it... I also make another 2k or so a week from posting snowfall ink...

    Find the right price for herbs and buy them all for under that price- and take the ink market by force...

    Last time I posted glyphs, I posted 5-10 each of every glyph that my auctioneer valued over 10g. That amounted to around 700 glyphs total that I auctioned.

    On easily 80-90% of these - I was the only one posting the glyph... meaning the market belongs to me pretty well...

    People are inherently lazy - they don't want to spend the time it takes to find and make all the glyphs - much less the ink involved...

    It's definitely worth it though - most of the glyphs I sell are 15-25g per... I spend a max of 8g per (if IotS is 4g each - and it takes 2)
    that's a minimum of around 7g profit per glyph...
    you do the work every other day (every day if you notice certain glyphs selling better than others)

    It's definitely worth the gold - remember that people are lazy - they may move into the glyph market a little, or certain glyphs - but they will get bored eventually

  4. i keep seeing Gevlon talkinga botu getting gold from trading.. what he mean by that?

  5. Check out the section of his blog about how he makes gold.

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