LOL Bowsmalone Gets Owned Again

Remember Bowsmalone? Well since I was booted off the server I thought now was the best time to try and make peace with the egotistical brat. Here's the conversation:

If you can't read this it says:
Markco: "Hey man I wanted to apologize for before."
Blowsmyload: "How the **** are you not on my ignore ?"
Markco: "... wow I dunno"
That last line that is hard to read is "Bowsmalone is ingnoring you."

I nearly fell off my chair laughing :)

Guess something good came about from my being banned after all: I had been removed from his ignore list.

Here's what happened the last time we met... he bet 5000 gold that he could beat me in a duel... he never paid up :(

4 comments: on "LOL Bowsmalone Gets Owned Again"

  1. hahah i like how in the transcript you changed his name to "blowsmyload"

    and glad you got your account back

  2. hahaha. blowsmyload...thats hilarious.

    you would've payed up if you lost, am i right?

  3. Everyone should roll a toon on that server and /whisper him telling him to pay up.. ;)

  4. I think I'm gonna do that tonight in fact :D

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