Mammoth and Worm Meat Farming

Check out this great mammoth/worm meat farming location in Storm Peaks. I consider it more of a 'pitstop' between daily quests but if you wanted to you could farm here as described below.

There are two mammoth packs running around outside the cave where you do a hodir rep quest (southwest of the hodir faction area). My advise is to swoop down and kill both packs, go into the cave, then head back out and kill both packs again.

For a skinner you're going to get not only meat but excellent level skins and the chance for artic furs. Even if you are not a skinner, these meats sell very well and can be cooked into great food for raiders. It depends on your server however, as to which will sell better: Meats or Cooked Food. On my server the worm meat sells better cooked and the mammoth meat sells better uncooked, but your server might be entirely different and the days in which you post will also effect your results.

It's always nice to sell food in stacks of five at a time to players who are in need of grabbing food just before a raid begins. The meats I sell in stacks of twenty because people trying to level cooking often buy as many as possible for their skill ups.

Enjoy the video!

3 comments: on "Mammoth and Worm Meat Farming"

  1. Unfortunately, as a holy paladin, I have to use every worm meat I get. (CURSE MY NEED FOR SPELLPOWER)

    However, I could probably make good money selling the mammoth meat. I never thought to kill the mammoths. :D

  2. Aeryn: You should sell the worm meat and the raid should provide feasts to give you spellpower buffs. Or you can provide the feasts for the raid. Either way, raids need to have feasts. It's stupid (i.e. expensive) to do anything else.

    If you're not doing raids you really don't need buff food.

  3. There are fish recipes that have pretty much the same buffs. With all the fishing achievements, people are gonna level fishing (which takes FORVER) and are going to have a LOT of left over fish.

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