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List of valuable food buffs from Casual Raid Leader can be found here.

What can this list do for you?

Help you make gold of course! Take a look at what items give the same/better stats of the same type, this will help you decide which items to buy/avoid on the auction house. For instance, Nettle Fish can be cooked for +30 crit/+40 stam but Spiced Wyrm Burgers are worth +40 crit/+40 stam. Obvioiusly raiders are going to want the Wyrm Burgers over the Nettle Fish.

Another thing I wanted to bring up: did you notice that the feasts (useable raid wide) have no crit rating on them? This means that foods with crit rating are going to sell better than ap/stam/spell power foods since the feasts will cover these areas and there is no reason to eat these foods over a feast.

Hopefully these tips will help you focus on which items you want to farm for fishing/cooking up some WOTLK delicacies.

4 comments: on "A Post to Feast Upon"

  1. Not really a comment to this post, but more of a thank you and a report :-)

    Thank you a LOT for your truly awesome guides and tips. You are the person who made me able to start making gold on the Auction House :-D

    We've talked some and on my (now) 33 Druid I've gained 820 gold in 2 days from tiny 3 gold from the beginning!! :D

    Thank you, love your blog, love your guides and tips!

    Have a really nice day Markco!
    Best regards,

  2. lol i believe its probably what server im on..Auction house thing is not working for me.. but it still great guides none the less

  3. Usedup: Send me an email and I'll help walk you through it.

  4. Jacob: Thanks you too!

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