Rarest Item in the Game

Your targets are dustdevils in Westfall. They drop an item called Magic Dust which sleeps a target for up to 30 seconds... PVP INCLUDED. The item has no level restrictions but magic resistance and tremor totems will affect how long it lasts on a target. This item is an incredibly difficult thing to farm though, and once you have the dusts you are probably going to want to use them rather than sell them.

This is arguably the rarest usable item in the game and most players have never even seen it.

On my server they can go for as much as 20-30 gold a piece. Happy farming!

Thanks Bitwise for the suggestion!

(Map Courtesy of WowHead.com)

13 comments: on "Rarest Item in the Game"

  1. Markco:

    You accidentally linked another item I suggested called Restorative Potion. Here is the correct link for the nets:


  2. Aww, turns out the nets have been nerfhammered. They no-longer drop, because Blizzard terms them as too overpowered. =(

  3. Thank you Bitwise, it has been one hell of a week. Still no work on my account ban and now my internet explorer decided to kick the bucket. I apologize for the mistake and I'll remove the item from the post. Thanks for your help!

  4. Internet explorer? You don't use that out dated death trap do you??

    No wonder you got hacked man.

  5. You're probably right :)
    I should take the advice of 80% of my viewers who according to google analytics use firefox or some other browser besides internet explorer.

  6. Tip: Get Mozilla FireFox 3.0 and install an addon called "NoScript" (google it). Pretty much guaranteed no bad stuff :-)

  7. Also grab 'FlashBlock' add-on as well as 'AdBlock Plus'. I use those as well as NoScript for added win.

  8. I run with Firefox with NoScript and Adblock Plus, and between those and using a Mac (stuff can't install without me typing my account password) I have (almost) nothing to fear when it comes to hacks. It's an amazing combination for me. :)

    Seriously, though, IE is full of so many holes, it makes me sad when a website requires me to run it, as a few job applications have.

    I'm really sad that Blizz hasn't made a move for your account yet. :(

  9. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Hi Markco,

    first of all: I am enjoying your blog each day :-)

    Since I am a bit into PvP, too, I tried my luck yesterday with this dust.
    I did 3 rounds like the map suggested, killing 20-25 mobs, but none of them carried any of that dust.
    Wowhead says there is a 45% chance to drop, but I assume Blizz silenty removed it from the game.
    Did anybody make contrary experiences?

  11. Honestly they are that annoying to farm. I've had similiar experiences and normally I'll only see one dust per two trips around the zone. That's why I never want to sell them when I finally get them!

  12. the dust does still drop i actually have farmed this for years. But never get anyone to buy them i get on average .75 per circle less then 1 each run. i made a 30 hunter(can track elemental) and parked him in that zone. when i get bored i farm them. i used them on my twinks but they just to hard to farm for BGs i use to many of them. but i found them extremely useful in getting the Arena Master trinket. Also as a PVE healer i have saved the day more times to count with this on my bag.

  13. Isn't it ironic weston that the rarest item in the game is also the hardest to sell?

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