Spider's Silk

Constantly I'm being asked via emails, in-game whispers, and the comment section of posts for what items I buy to resell on the auction house. Here's a look at a simple item which I love to sell.

Spider's Silk

All types of spider silk are good sellers, but the lowest level form in particular is extremely hard to come by. It's difficult to farm (I managed six in an hour on a level 70 mage spamming arcane explosion around packs of constantly respawning mobs) and most lowbies simply vendor trash them. These spider silks can go for 1-2 gold a peice and are used to make craftable twink items. Definately make searching for spider silk on the auction house a priority because so many players undervalue this item tremendously. Because of the lack of understanding how much these items are worth, auctioneer (going off of player made prices) will usually undervalue these items. This makes posting them by hand a must and you should try to buy these out for resale during peak times for a quick gold or two per. Depending on your server you can make a killing with these items, just be aware that only a few will sell per day.

FYI: Thottbot puts spider's silk as being worth 2 gold+ ! That's crazy for a white item dropped by mobs level 15-35.

Here are the two popular twink items you can make with spider's silk.

Tailoring: Spidersilk Boots
Leatherworking: Toughened Leather Gloves

Based on these two recipies, it would be wise to sell the silks in stacks of 2.

Let me know in the comments section how these items sell on your server, and if you see some great deals be sure to buy them out for resale!

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  1. Not a clue how it is now (seeing I haven't tried selling them silks for quite some time because of the very low selling rate), but during TBC I have tried to sell spider silk and the likes a lot. But on EU-Deathwing Alliance it was totally not selling at all. Not even when I put it up for a very low price, that is like less than 50s a piece for spider silk.
    Perhaps it has gotten better now, I'll check it out later on both Deathwing as well as EU-Silvermoon (also alliance side... not a surprise with Silvermoon).

  2. The demand for these items is quite low, but no one farms them so you can snipe silk on the auction house and then relist for several days until you get a buyer.

    You will need a healthy twink population to support the selling of spider's silk, but with the rarity of this item and inflation, I could see you selling these for double the price I suggested.

  3. You might want to switch the "tailoring" and "leatherworking", as Spidersilk Boots are a cloth item... and, well, those gloves say leather in the name. :)

    Even on Gorefiend US, a PvP server that I've seen a decent twink population on (I have one there myself), it's hard to sell those for more than 1g a piece. I think people would rather farm them themselves, but we can always try.

  4. At Aeryn-

    Yeah some people wouldn't mind farming it themselves but if you look at the things taht sell the most on the AH, Copper Bars/Ore are one of the highest sellers. I constantly bid on copper ore and resell it for slightly higher. I make a slow and steady profit. People would rather farm it themselves but most people are too lazy to want to go all the way to Hillsbrad and the like to farm Spider's Silk let alone Durotar for Copper Ore.

  5. Back in vanilla, I had a few key items that I sold to earn my money.

    Hillman's Cloaks, Green Whelp Armor (pre-nerf)... and another was spider's silk. That was back when 2g was HUGE money. I'd head out to wetlands and do laps of the cave there until I had a stack or two, and that would last me a week or so of auctioning one here and there.

    Good times.

  6. I have spider silk on my snatch list. I actually craft Robes of Arcana with it. These robes are needed by warlocks for a quest so they'll pay well for it. Not a particularly high volume item but worth doing since the recipe to make them takes a fair bit of grinding of a very specific type of mob.

    - The Crypt Fiend

  7. Nice site Crypt Fiend, good tip too.

  8. An item I have found to be in low supply and high demand on my server (Korgath-US) is elemental water. There are only a couple places to farm these as they only drop from Water Elementals, the most efficient of which is a small island just Northwest of Grom'gol. I have been posting these at ever increasing prices (20g at this point) and they sell each and every time.

    There is very little market competition, and it's easy to farm 15-20/hour. For anyone level 40 and above, this results in profits of 300-400g hour. let me know how the markets are for elemental water on other servers, i'd be interested to know..

  9. The potions to make the gloves sell for a RIDICULOUS amount in relation to the mats to make them, those and dusky leather pants are big money makers from lowbie items. . .

  10. I used to make a decent profit on spider silks, but over the past few months there seems to be a steady supply on the ah posted for less than they would vendor. I tried buying up all the cheap ones, but the ah filled back up with cheap spider silk. After several weeks of holding out I just vendored the bunch.

  11. Another thing you can farm if you are a lowbie is Small Egg. The next small egg rush will be when childrens week comes becouse of http://www.wowhead.com/?item=33925 wich will be needed for http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=1788. Bad example is required for the total children achievement for the rank. These eggs are EASILY farmed in Eversong woods on the Dragonhawks that are flying around wich has like 99% chance to drop these eggs. I think not so many people are awere of this use for the eggs wich are very populare ecpecially on Christmas. Even better is if you are a cook and have bothered to do the dailys and gotten the recipe(1% drop from cooking daily). Maybe you are on a low pop server and not so many have their and on this recipe and you have prepered and extreme amount of cakes. If there are very few people that have this recipe or the others dont even bother you can list these cakes for silly amounts and all the wannabe achievement hunter will probebly buy.

  12. Cool tip! :)

    I'll try to remind everyone for the next children's weekend.

  13. Long outdated post, but Ghostlands US has spider silk going for 7-14g. I pick it up below 4g. It's not a lock for a quick sale -- if nobody's looking to make the items right then you're out of luck -- but I've never lost money on it.

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