Suggestion Box Friday (2/06/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer. Anything goes here, whether you want to discuss what I bring up in this post or write anything about making gold in wow is up to you.


Lots of exciting events took place this week for the blog: I interviewed Derek from Zuggy's Gold Guide, wrote a guest post for Tobold's blog, was featured on Kaliope's Wow Crafting Blog, and the site saw an all time high in pageviews (17,000+). This is shaping out to be a great month for Just My Two Copper and I'd like to thank all of YOU for your comments, emails, and support. Please keep sending me strategies you'd like to see tested and all your excellent gold making guides; I will do my best to get all of you in at some point in the near future.

As far as the hacking goes, I'm currently working on getting my account back and the only thing I'm really upset about is that I will certainly lose my arena teams and enchants. Thank you all for your support, it is really appreciated.

Poll Results for most popular ways to make gold:

    • Farming - 14%
    • Auction House - 36%
    • Speculating - 1%
    • Mixed Farming + Auction House - 38%
    • Begging - 2%
    • Trade Chat Spam - 1%
    • Using Professions in Major Cities to Modify Goods - 9%
Something to think about, I've noticed a large jump in the number of visitors to my thorium farming page, possibly because of new death knights wanting blacksmithing?


Kiseki wrote...
"One thing that I've been meaning to do when I finally get some time is take a small group of friends to farm Molten Core for This old school enchant is in high demand as the only useful caster enchant available that will work on heirloom weapons. I see people broadcasting in trade all the time "WTB old school spell power enchant - have mats and 100g tip!" I've seen people look for hours at a time.

I'd imagine a lot of people reading your blog already have it, and those that don't likely know enough people (I'd guess 3-5) to make farming for it possible. I have been meaning to write up a guide to it myself, but classes just started back up, so I don't know when I'd have a chance to do it myself. I'd imagine that people who had it would be able to make a mint either by just grabbing the odd customer from trade, or by actively making enchant scrolls to sell."

To Kiseki: Great email again, I decided it was best to share this with everyone. I'm sure we've all seen posts in trade asking for this enchant before and it definately is worth picking up. From what I've seen the only way to farm for it is to just kill the bosses in MC over and over. If you can't find a group your best bet is probably to find people who are trying to get exalted achievements and run with them. Thanks for the email!

Jaybee sent me some great information on all aspects of the auction house. In fact, if I were to post it here you would be reading for the next thirty minutes :). I'll do my best to get your thoughts into a post Jaybee, really great stuff. Probably the best email I've received in terms of knowledge of the game, and I look forward to anything else you might be willing to contribute! Two of his points which I'll mention here were: 1. Death Knights are being created all over the place again and 16-18 slot bags are selling like hotcakes for him. 2. Put speed to boots on your banking alt or a riding crop if you sit in thunderbluff on your mount. Great tips!


Annonymous said...
I just looked up my mailbox and took out a total amount of 1000 gold just over one night.I spent about 200 gold for reselling and vendoring. Thanks to you and your great guides!

To Annonymous: Whoever wrote this, could you elaborate some more? I'm sure there are a lot of people scratching their heads going what items did he buy/bid/resell? Why not share your story, and thanks again for posting.

Mark said...
Regarding Selling Saronite Bars Individually:

"This tip right here has been the single greatest cash cow for me for the 2 days that I've been trying it. Buying Stacks of saronite bars at 33-37g per stack and reselling the bars at 3.5g (inching higher every day, still selling faster than i can put them up). I've made my initial return back of 300g in 2 days with another 400g worth of bars waiting to be put up."

Bitwise said...
Regarding my post on Kaliope's Wow Crafting Blog:

By the way: In your guest post you said make a tab for all whispers. I'd recommend getting the addon DialogChat, which automatically separates each person's whispers with you in separate windows, much like instant messenger. You simply click the window when you wish to respond and a little box opens for your to type in. Its a lifesaver.

Jesse said...
Regarding Rune Cloth Farming in Hellfire:

I farmed the Expedition Armory ledge with my level 66 Feral Druid and since they were still green at that level got experience too. I could take the whole ledge in one go; pop Barkskin first, then body pull the first two, charge the third, walk backwards through the rest, swiping along the way, and when I get them all rounded up pop Berserk then spam Mangle until they're all dead. Swiping along the way is important to get the healing from Improved Leader of the Pack, and if you are losing health a bit too fast then pep Frenzied Regeneration to compensate. The 3 minute cooldown on Berserk gives the ledge time to respawn, and for you to get into position to do it again.

Jhaman said...
Regarding the frostweave aoe post:

I just did this on my ele shaman, It turns out if you hit one of them with a ranged attack the others do not pull. I used chain-lightning to pull 3 at a time and just dropped a magama totem, thunderstorm, and chainlightning whenever it's off CD, so when you are pulling these mobs if you can't take a few hits from several of them,just pull one at a time, they drop like flies. They don't act like normal mobs There is no b/c u hit one near another doesn't mean it's going to pull all of them. Going to try and do it w/o killing the flag bearer solo first. Will post another response.
Yup, if you want to pull all the mobs in a group you have to body-pull them or hit them all with a spell.they can be knock'd back. And the do some decent damage. Wearing mail really helps. Also the ability to self heal while CL is on CD helps too.Not a bad spot tho they drop about 20 silver each and usually a few frostweave, I'm sure in Uludar epics I'll be able to farm here no problem.
Remember, you can post about whatever you'd like, so have fun and maybe we'll all learn something from each other. :)

Be gentle about the frostweave farming spot, I apologize to any clothies that were injured in the process... hopefully not too seriously... To make up for my mistake, on monday I will be releasing what I think is the #1 farming spot in WOTLK. Stay tuned!


5 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (2/06/09)"

  1. I was wondering about this new Hunter change

    "Consumable ammunition has been removed from the game (!). Arrows and bullets no longer stack, but are not consumed. Ranged attack speed bonus gained from quivers and ammo bags will be preserved in a different capacity."

    I know its very vague right now but what does this mean for Engineers making bullets? What do you see?

    Great Money maker for me!

    I have found that I can buy Netherweave for about 3g a stack process that in to Netherweave bags for a total price of 3.5g to make each back, and then sell the bag pretty easily at around 9g, its Great money and easy to do. The problem with this is, it is VERY easy to flood the market, so you must watch out for that!

  2. Great tip on making bags, those are more popular now that DK's are being made on every server without mains to support them. The ammunition issue is very interesting and I came across this as well. Makes you wonder what item will take their place and will engineers be able to make it. Will the bullets themselves be changed to have +% speed built in? It's all very interesting and I'll keep an eye on it.

  3. You can do the same with Imbued Netherweave bags, but with a higher investment and sell price. On my current server they sell for 60 gold, the mats can be gotten for around 20 to 25 gold.

  4. I have a question:

    An account has what, 10 characters per server?

    What would be the optimal set up for making sure you had every profession? Ie would it be better to have 2 gathering professions on an alt or two crafting professions etc etc? or one craft/one gather etc

  5. The optimal setup is to have enough alts to cover every profession. You're going to want professions that compliment each other for making gold. Enchanting + Jewelcrafting, Mining + Jewelcrafting, Enchanting + Tailoring, Herbalism + Alchemy, Mining + Engineering... ETC.

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