Suggestion Box Friday (2/13/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes here (as long as it's about making wow gold) and I encourage new, creative ideas as well as any good old fashioned farming spots.

Hacking Status: I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! And rolling with 6k gold which my alt made while I was away. Unfortuneately Markco lost ALL his gold. I'm not sweating it though and I will continue to work on this blog every day while maintaining a 1-3k gold a day average from the auction house. This will allow me to spend a little time for arenas, yey! World first prot warrior to 2100 here I come (hey I can dream right?).


Thank you everyone for the emails regarding your success with using my tips, guides and farming spots on this blog. Always appreciated. I have added several to the testimonials on this blog's Post Directory page.

For those few of you still struggling, have faith! The road to success is paved with bricks composed entirely of blood, sweat, and previous failures. Ask questions in the comments section of posts and feel free to continue to email me with your requests.

If you are struggling with my old 22 Steps to Auctioneer guide, there really are only two things that changed for the resale search: You can now do a fast scan without typing /aadv getall and you can now right click on a button on the auction house tab which will redirect you to the appraiser tool for searching.


Regarding Auction House Psychology:
Aeryn said...
"You forgot to mention something important: don't be a jerk.I've paid six gold more for something than the cheapest item on the auction house just because I didn't want to help out the jerk. Did I waste money? Sure!Did I feel damn good about doing it? You betcha!"

Jhaman made a great observation on my #1 farming spot:
Jhaman said...
"Another interesting thing to note. When these guys die they don't auto give you the 50% move-speed buff. You have to walk into the cloud of dust left behind over their corpse in order to get it. These "clouds" stay active for about 10secs so its enough time for anyone to run in from range loot and get the buff to move onto the next one."

Jacob said...
Not really a comment to this post, but more of a thank you and a report :-) Thank you a LOT for your truly awesome guides and tips. You are the person who made me able to start making gold on the Auction House :-D We've talked some and on my (now) 33 Druid I've gained 820 gold in 2 days from tiny 3 gold from the beginning!! :D Thank you, love your blog, love your guides and tips! Have a really nice day Markco! Best regards, Jacob
To Jacob: Thanks and you too! Welcome to the blog, watch out for the wave of awesomeness that can overcome the weaker among us from reading posts here. If you experience awesomeness for longer than three hours, go see a doctor.

Regarding Frostweave Cloth Farming:
Anonymous said...
Seems the DR on Frostweave in general got dropped across the board. :( Has anyone found a new spot to farm?


Apparently you can't take advantage of being hacked. I was unable to keep any of the items/achievements/honor I received while playing on Echo Isles. Oh well, what a shame I couldn't give away the items to some random guy and make his day. I had about 4,000 - 5,000 gold worth of items that I had purchased for 1,500 - 2000 gold.

Also, can any of you guys help out with anonymous' question regarding the Frostweave Cloth farming spots? As you all know I've had very little access to the game and couldn't really check out places to farm. I'll be looking into low level instances as a possibility soon.

6 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (2/13/09)"

  1. i'm out about 700g from the damn AH. my server is too unpredictable and too many people mess with the prices for auctioneer to be accurate. im not giving up though! im sure there's got to be SOMETHING i can do to make money, am i right? lol. and gl with that 2100 rating. haha. it'd be epic if somehow you actually achieved that.

  2. @ Jose. Have you tried breaking eternal fires into crystallized and selling them? Eternals go for less than 40 on my server while I can sell crystallized for 7.25 each.

    Also, the tip that was given here abotu saronite bars is nice. A stack of saronite goes for about 26 gold, but I sell bars for 4.25 gold each.

  3. Good place for frostweave farming is in S.Basin. North side of the plateau northeast of nesingwary basecamp. The Venture camp to be exact. Provides tons and tons of frostweave cloth especially if you can aoe grind. In about an hour I collected 400+ if you can find some alone time there. I am a tailor and was a frost mage when I farmed this spot over and over again. As a matter of fact my hearth is set at the camp.

  4. I need to figure out a way to reset my data because a lot of my "resell" items that come up, I KNOW won't sell for what it says they're worth.

    I have used your trick for vendor items, but thats slow going so I've really only made 5-10g that way. Your thorium spot is money (when it hasn't been farmed already)

  5. @ Darraxus. i've tried just about everything. saronite bars on a saturday morning are really the only way i make money on AH. eternals have been farmed to crap and people are constantly undercutting prices for all eternals and crystallized stuff. im telling you, my server blows.

  6. Jose: Try openning yourself up to lower level markets. Diversify and find multiple big money makers in the lowbie department. If you can get enough markets (just like saronite) that pay you 30-50 gold a day then you should be able to play comfortably without worrying about gold.

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