Suggestion Box Friday (2/20/09)

Remember, Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Anything goes here (as long as it's about making wow gold) and I encourage new, creative ideas as well as any good old fashioned farming spots.

The poll results were very interesting. 60+% of those that voted believe it's ok to take advantage of a bug in auctioneer and fool the guy next to you in the auction house. I voted no because it's a pathetically small profit but maybe you'd like to justify your yes/no/undecided in the comments section?


Thanks to everyone on the support after I finally got my character back. I am ecstatic to get back to the vidoes I need to shoot, posts I need to write, and of course my guide. To those of you with blogs that emailed me please send me some kind of guest post so that I can review it and eventually post it or ask for a revision. I had some really cool emails from people with neat tips to share so I'll try to get those up soon.


HokieJayBee made his points on the "Carrot and Stick" posting method:
HokieJayBee said...
the point is, that he has a set price in his head, that he wants to sell his items at, at a margin he prefers, and at a specific minimum profit. if he just posts his items at that price, as you describe in your timeline example, you and others will undercut him and he won't sell. so, he sets a fake ceiling price. and you and others come in and undercut him. then he posts where he really wanted to in the first place and he sells more than he would have had he just posted at that price first.

To HokieJayBee: It's ok if there's negativity or dissagreement on this blog. I know that I am going to make mistakes (and I've made several in posts already) and therefore diversity in thought is always welcome. Having your ideas challenged also forces you to examine them further with the possibility of learning something new in the process!

Archangel brought up an excellent point in regards to 2 Nerfs from Just My Two Copper - Why aren't people making the Reinforced Chest Pieces as much?

Archangel said...
"It cost now less gold to make the reinforced items. Dust went up from 4g to 7g on my server. GCE same : who cares ? Dust wins. Cobalt price is below 1.5g when supply is present (weekends) but goes above 2g weekdays. Bottom line - you make more money now, with the new recipe changes. But you know what's curious ? People stopped doing it. They didn't quit making money, but they just stopped doing the reinforced thing (from 14 pages listed in the past down to 3 in the present). For me is to much waiting time involved (you make fewer items now, for the same amount of materials). The same competitors I had on dust and GCE business have moved on the enchant scrolls business (so have I). And it makes sens e : why bother selling dust and essences when I can make scrolls and sell them for the market price of mats + profit. Scrolls also don't take deposit fee. "

To Archangel: I too have seen the scroll market go up during the past week. It seems people are charging around 50% more for mat costs than individually selling them after enchanting a scroll. That's great profit!

Check out this great tip from Hisaac:
Hisaac said...
"An item I have found to be in low supply and high demand on my server (Korgath-US) is elemental water. There are only a couple places to farm these as they only drop from Water Elementals, the most efficient of which is a small island just Northwest of Grom'gol. I have been posting these at ever increasing prices (20g at this point) and they sell each and every time. There is very little market competition, and it's easy to farm 15-20/hour. For anyone level 40 and above, this results in profits of 300-400g hour. let me know how the markets are for elemental water on other servers, i'd be interested to know.."

Regarding my AOE frostweave farming spot:
Phizuol said...
"I have a Mage/tailor friend who I linked this post to. He confirmed that it was indeed very dangerous for a mage.We did learn, however, that this is an awesome spot for a Paladin+Mage duo. I ran in and grabbed agro, then healed through the damage while he burned the enemy down with AE. He was using two of the mana-back trinkets from Exalted Oracles rep so he had full mana the entire time. The slowest part of it all was looting the bodies!Not only did we get a lot of cloth, but also enough greens and greys to make us both happy. Thanks for recommending this spot!"


I think there's enough in here that I don't need to add more :)

Have fun guys! Talk it up!

11 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (2/20/09)"

  1. A quick comment about your poll. I voted "No" on it. It is up to the player to determine if the price is fair, not an addon. Caveat emptor! If the player gets burned once, and sees it, consider it an "educational expense." Otherwise, consider it a "Charitable donation" to your cause!

  2. Re: Carrot and Stick AH posting - I do this quite often with alts and find that it works well. Not 100% effective of course, but it never ever hurts.

    Re: The Poll - I never actually voted and while I don't really like the idea of taking advantage of an addon error, I am all for posting whatever you like on the AH for more than it is actually worth. I'm sure that all of us do it all the time as it is a rather effective way to make a tidy profit.

    Re: Hisaac and Elemental Water - Cho'gall's market is similar to your experience: High demand and low supply. I don't think our prices are quite as high as 20g yet but they are well over 10g and creeping higher all the time. I find myself on the demand side of that equation as I level up Jewelcrafting on an alt and consider taking it up on my main, so I will take a farming detour at some point along the way.

  3. So... this is my first post on my two copper, BUT I am a long time reader! I started following the blog about a month and a half ago, and have caught up with everything that Marcko has written. You are my hero. I'm still learning, but I have made plenty of gold, enough to make my DK (Elasesino on Baelgun) raid worthy in less than a week of being 80!

    I had this crazy dream last night to make money. What if you started up your own wow gold lottery? Kind of like almost ALL states do? I think it would be a crazy good way of making money. You could use the random number generator to generate 5 numbers and etc etc. They only things that I could see wrong with it are:
    1) Advertising
    2) Getting people to trust that you'll actually pay up.

    I was thinking of having like a 5g ticket. Pick 5 numbers, and have different breakdowns. Like I said, this was in a dream that I had last night so I have formulated it all, any ideas/thoughts? If you think it's completely stupid, please, let me know!

  4. To Anonymous: This would be a great way to make money however I remember reading in the TOS that you cannot 'gamble' in game using the roll system.

    When I was level 20 I tried selling unoppened clams but people thought I might be peeking into them before selling so it didn't last long.

    One strategy I tried was selling locked boxes for 8 gold a peice at level 70. Odds were that a peice of armor was gonna drop and I would make around 3 gold more than disenchanting the item. That's about the only 'legal' way to gamble in this game. It's fun too!

  5. With the addition of cooking achievements a fairly easy way to make money is to transfer faction specific recipes from one side to the other. While this can be done with only 1 account, having 2 or more allows you to do it on your own, and to be your own supplier and seller.

    I have been buyinh the Lynx meat recipe from the blood elf starting zone for 30 some copper, then transfering it to my alliance characters and selling them for 15-20g a piece. So far, posting 1 each time I check my AH alt I have sold them all with none returning.

    I have a horde alt sitting by the mail box/AH/bank in booty bay, and an alliance engineer on my other account with a Everlook teleporter. Post the recieps for a gold a piece, which gives my horde alts a bit of cash, and in the worst case scenario and someone grabs my recipe my horde alt still made money on it.

  6. I feel that there is nothing wrong with posting fel hides for higher, knowing that auctioneer has the wrong value. By selling it for higher, the benefits are twofold.

    1. I make more money than I would have if I had sold it to the vendor.

    2. The buyer, presumably using auctioneer, learns the mistake they have made, and is better for it. They also have the benefit on minimal losses to learn that auctioneer is not perfect.

    I learned my lesson once upon a time. I was relatively new to auctioneer and the game, and I saw a great deal on Rune thread. For those of you who dont know, you can buy rune thread for 50s from lots of vendors. Someone was selling rune thread for 3G 33S 33C. My auctioneer was saying that it was worth 35G and some change. There were only three of them posted, all by the same guy, so I bought them out as fast as I could click. I reposted and then went on my way, fully expecting my gold to be in my mailbox later. After the auctions expired I noticed the other guy was selling again, at the same price, and I found a vendor that sold them. I learned my lesson, and found a new source of income.


  7. -Beryllos
    That's a great way to make money. You can also expand upon it by getting the other Horde only recipes, and perhaps even bring the Ally only recipes over to Horde side.
    Most of the Ally cooking quest recipes are sold in Stormwind, above the cooking trainer in old town, by the vendor Kendor Kabonka.
    Just don't buy the Curiously Tasty Omelet recipe, since Horde can buy it from vendors too.

  8. I was planning to start getting at least two more horde only recipes transfered over this weekend, I already have an alt stationed in Brill, and plan to get one in Razorhill tonight. I am also trying to figure out ways to shuffle around my small pool of horde characters, and my nearly full two accounts worth of characters (damn altaholism) to pick up others quickly, and easily.

    At the moment I am focusing on making money Allaince side, as that is where my main characters are, and I am pretty new to doing anything with the AH other then dumping things I found while questing. Soon enough I will turn my eyes to the horde market and see what I can do there.

  9. On the poll, I have no problem posting things like this that take advantadge of auctioneer. One caveat about auctioneer (that I always make sure to tell people when I recommend the addon) IT'S NOT PERFECT.
    People mess with auctioneer all the time... so use common sense - if it looks like too good of a deal to be true... then make sure it really is - don't just assume.

    Also - for those talking about reinforced cobalt chests... check out the horned cobalt helm... same exact mats from disenchanting - but doesn't require the crystallized earth to make - only requires 8 cobalt bars... might let you make a little extra gold from this

  10. Hello all. My first post here.

    To put it short what makes money for me currently:

    - eternal belt buckles (they sell basically all the time)
    - thorium ore (steady income)
    - fel armamnets (slower than eternal buckles but steady income)
    - fel iron rods (weeknds are the best, many people leveling enchanting during weekends)
    + some stuff found on auctioner but nothing big really (i play on old establisheds server , I'd assue there is big comoetition already)

  11. Welcome Speeder! Thanks for your comment, it just goes to show that the best way to make money on an established server is to cater to your audience. On a packed server with lots of people, item upgrades are going to be awesome sellers. Thanks again for sharing :)

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