Suggestion Box Friday (2/27/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to become the blogwriter and get in on the discussions. Feel free to comment about everything related to making gold in wow.

Monthy Recap

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for being a part of this growing wow economic community. This blog has seen yet another month of record numbers in terms of visitors/subcribers/comments/emails/etc. I'm very thankful for every single contribution you all have made to help make this the best collection of FREE, helpful gold guides on the web. Literally thousands of people have benefitted from these strategies and tips, and I'm sure the beneficiaries of this blog are greatful for your help. Keep up the great comments and emails!

Page Views for the Month of February: 80,000+

Your Comments

Regarding Farming Meats in Borean Tundra:
Knife said...
I've never tried farming the rhinos for arctic fur, but the mammoths (W, NW and N of DELTA camp) are amazing to farm.Mammoth meat sells for 40g/stack on my server. Meals go for 50-ish and mega's go for 120. You can AOE pull TONS of mammoths in this area (the babies have an even higher meat drop rate imo). They hit like children and drop like flies.I spent two days farming there as a rogue, roughly 3hrs total just to test it out. I got: 4 greens, 3 arctic fur, 6ish stacks of meat and a ton of trash, worth well over 100g (not sure exact amount). Discounting the greens, that's 100g (trash)+ 3 fur (30g*3= 90)+ 6 meat (240g uncooked, 300g cooked, 360g megas) = roughly 500g / 3hrs. Not the best farming spot for money, but if it's furs/meat you're after then it's not bad at all.

To Knife: WOW... I had no idea the baby mammoths even dropped meat! That's an awesome tip, thanks for your comment.

Regarding PTR 3.1 Economic Predictions:
Speeder said...
Check this out fellows:Now i knew why i wanted top stockpile pristine black diamonds"
In 3.1 there will be a new FOF :Insane in the Membrane
Raise your reputation with the areas listed below (Title Reward: The Insane)
Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers
Exalted with Booty Bay
Exalted with Everlook
Exalted with Gadgetzan
Exalted with Ratchet
Exalted with Darkmoon Faire
Exalted with Ravenholdt
Exalted with Shen'dralar

To Speeder: Exalted with Darkmoon Faire??? I nearly feinted. You are absolutely correct about the diamonds... if you see them on the auction house it would be very wise to buy them.

Hisaac said...
Markco, similar to what you mentioned prior to patch 3.08 about the probable increase in frozen orb and dream shard prices, i'm going to venture a "wild" guess and say the price of icy dragonscales is about to shoot up.Currently, they sell for near vendor prices, but post patch 3.1, they will be required in all 8 of the new epic LW patterns (40 scales apiece!). Considering they are used in about 8 recipes currently (none of which have much use), the demand will skyrocket post-patch...i foresee some serious profit potential here...

To Hisaac: Excellent find! Thank you for sharing this. I know I'm going to start buying these out right away myself.

Regarding the 1.5k Gold Trinket:
Bill said...
They also drop a BoP jewelcrafting design. I wasn't sure if grinding these would be worth my time, since the design didn't drop, but now that I know that at a minimum the loot is decent gold, I think I'll head back.Of course saying that, the recipe will probably drop on the first kill. :)

To Bill: Thanks for pointing out the BoP Jewelcrafting design and in a previous comment you advised mages to spell steal the +25% crit and bonus damage from the mobs nearby. Nice find.

Markco's Gold Guide

My guide is hitting internet store shelves very soon! I am in the process of final editing and plan to release the guide no later than monday of next week. I want to thank those of you who have emailed me with words of encouragement as it's helped me survive the long hours between working full time, maintaining Just My Two Copper, and writting my gold guide. I can't wait to make a lot of players wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, and the secret to the guide is... no two players will use the same strategy!

I will be going live on Just My Two Copper by Monday morning, though ads for the guide may appear on several websites beforehand.

So far Markco's Gold Guide has received 100% positive feedback from testers of all character levels and I'd like to thank the select few I've asked to beta test for doing such a great job.

3.1 Discussion

Will Lower Level Crafting Professions become profitable?
What will black diamonds do to the economy?
Will epic gems cause blue gems to drop in price? Is it time to start mass selling them?

8 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (2/27/09)"

  1. In addition to the Pristine Black diamonds being needed for Shen'dralar Large Brilliant Shards are also needed for each of the Libram turn ins. While these are far more plentiful then the Diamonds an increase in their use may lead to an increase in their price.

    Also, don't forget the Librams themselves that are required. They are the Librams of Protection, Focus, and Rapidity. While these are unique you can put as many as you like in a guild bank.

  2. Great points, I do the same thing when storing eyes of shadow. Just grab one at a time from your mailbox and place them in your guild bank. Good tips Beryllos.

    Keep in mind everyone that the best place to farm these items is the auction house itself.

  3. Will Lower Level Crafting Professions become profitable?

    I've been a little stunned, having returned to the game after a few months away, to find that it;s possible to make some money levelling Inscription. I don't reckon I'll break even until after I max it, but it's not the complete money-sink I was expecting.

    There were items I was making around the 100 skill mark that were selling for 10g-15g on the AH, with no problem. Now around 250, I'm not able to make the same profits on the skill-up items, but I can obviously make and sell more grey items as I go.

  4. About your Gold guide markco, will you have a guide on auctioneer advanced settings and a step by step guide on how to use it?
    That alone would be worth the price of the guide (whatever that may be).

    I've been battling quite a bit with the setup.

    Looking forward to monday.

  5. To J8Fish: Yes, I think it's 20 steps with each section of auctioneer explained. I focus on what you need and try to stay away from some of the unnecessary options.

    Fast and efficient is the primary goal.

    I remember the first time I saw the updated auctioneer and it was a headache learning how the new features worked.

    I do apologize for the wait but I want to be absolutely sure that it is ready. There's so much covered in the guide that it will take me a while to proofread it. I don't want to have to 'patch' fixes and confuse my readers.

  6. you figured out if your readers will get a discount? i check your blog everyday since i came across it from zuggy's website. :D so glad i did. your saronite bar tip and farming both mammoth and worm meat has made me 1.5k easily over a week. to some of you that might not be alot, but for someone who's afraid of playing the AH, thats more than enough for me!

  7. A while ago (1-2 months) you posted an article about buying things from the AH for less than vendor value and vendoring them. This included netherweave cloth into heavy netherweave bandages and also Jaggal Pearls into Purified Jaggal Pearls.

    Ever since then I have been hording Jaggal Pealrs waiting untill I hit 80 and planned to level up Jewelcrafting. I leveled it up last week and had about 380 pearls. I was at first able to buy them very cheaply (20s each) but now the average is about 50s. So while I dont have any exact data I'm guessing I made atleast 150g from crafting these while I was able to be semi AFK. You can be completely AFK but due to the large amount I had I was restricted to standing next to a vendor and emptying bags every minute or so).

    For those that don't know you take the Jaggal Pearl and a Purified Draenic Water (buy from vendor in stacks of 5 for 64s minus rep discounts). You then craft a Purified Jaggal Pearl ( which vendors for 1g. So if you can buy a Jaggal Pearl for 87s or less you will make a profit. Now obviously your profit is much larger if you can find them for closer to 50s. Also this doesn't make that much money short term if you are just buying a few every day. But as I told you in the long run it can make a considerable amount of money for little effort.

    Now lastly I would like to say thank you to Markco! You put in a lot of time, testing methods and writing them up, but charge nothing for it. You have helped a lot of people (as shown by your numbers) and are just wonderful. I cant wait for your guide!

  8. After reading the Pristine Black Diamond suggestion I went and bought every single one on the AH for like 1g a piece. Then, I put only one diamond on the AH for 50g, follow by buying every diamond that was posted after mine for 1g again.

    After a few hours I saw the diamonds been posted for like 40-30g each; later that night all the diamond were bought by someone including mine.

    My guess is this guy tried to do the same thing I did only a little too late or the diamonds are going to be way more expensive that 50g each.

    I have one now for 102g in the AH will see what happens tonight, thanks for the tip.

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